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How to Lower Cholesterol: LDL vs. HDL- Thomas DeLauer

Thomas DeLauer

Thomas DeLauer

Published on 2 years ago

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How to Lower Cholesterol: LDL vs. HDL- Thomas DeLauer...
Good vs. Bad Cholesterol:
LDL cholesterol is not bad. HDL is not cholesterol and neither is LDL. “High” and “low” refer to the relative proportion of protein to fat in the bundle. HDL stands for High Density Lipoprotein. LDL stands for Low Density Lipoprotein. (There are three other lipoproteins; chylomicrons, VLDL and IDL) Cholesterol and fat are not water-soluble so they need to be carried around the body in something to do their vital work. The carriers of such substances are called lipoproteins. (4)
Lipoproteins travel round the bloodstream and act as transporters. So LDL and HDL are carriers of cholesterol, as well as triglycerides and phospholipids and proteins. LDL is the carrier of fresh cholesterol and HDL is the carrier of recycled cholesterol.
The liver is central to the regulation of cholesterol levels in the body. Not only does it synthesize cholesterol for export to other cells, but it also removes cholesterol from the body by converting it to bile salts and putting it into the bile where it can be eliminated in the feces. Chylomicrons and VLDL deliver TAG to cells in the body. Two types of lipoproteins are triglyceride-rich: the chylomicrons and VLDL. Chylomicrons are synthesized by enterocytes from lipids absorbed in the small intestine. VLDL is synthesized in the liver. The function of these lipoproteins is to deliver energy-rich triacylglycerol (TAG) to cells in the body (pink pathway). TAG is stripped from chylomicrons and VLDL through the action of lipoprotein lipase, an enzyme that is found on the surface of endothelial cells. HDL is involved in reverse cholesterol transport. Excess cholesterol is eliminated from the body via the liver, which secretes cholesterol in bile or converts it to bile salts. The liver removes LDL and other lipoproteins from the circulation by receptor-mediated endocytosis. It travels in the circulation where it gathers cholesterol to form mature HDL, which then returns the cholesterol to the liver via various pathways. LDL delivers cholesterol to cells in the body. As VLDL particles are stripped of triacylglycerol, they become more dense. These particles are remodeled at the liver and transformed into LDL. The function of LDL is to deliver cholesterol to cells, where it is used in membranes, or for the synthesis of steroid hormones. Cells take up cholesterol by receptor-mediated endocytosis. LDL binds to a specific LDL receptor and is internalized in an endocytic vesicle. Receptors are recycled to the cell surface, while hydrolysis in an endolysosome releases cholesterol for use in the cell. LDL is what we call a carrier protein, and one of its important jobs is to carry a fundamentally important chemical to every cell in the body. This chemical is a critical component of cell membranes, serves as a brain antioxidant, and is the raw material from which your body manufactures vitamin D, cortisol, estrogen, progesterone, and testosterone.
Study - The British Medical Journal (BMJ):
The research team — comprised of experts from seven different countries — evaluated data collected from 19 studies on a total of 68,094 older adults. The team was seeking to determine if LDL cholesterol is associated with death in the older adults. According to the cholesterol hypothesis, it should directly relate. According to the BMJ study, it doesn’t. Researchers say almost 80 percent of the participants in the studies who had high LDL cholesterol did not die because of their cholesterol level. On the other hand, researchers discovered people with low levels of LDL cholesterol, or LDL-C, had the highest rates of death related to cardiovascular disease, the leading cause of death for both men and women in the United States.

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5) Why Cholesterol is Not Bad | Paleo Leap. (n.d.). Retrieved from https://paleoleap.com/cholesterol-is-not-bad/

Comments :

jose martinez

jose martinez . 6 days ago

My doctor told me not to eat bacon


elviraknoll . 6 days ago

My goal should be to have my cholesterol to go lower from 245 to 199, the least, with the use ofthis cholesterol guide “Hοzantο Axy” (Google it). Fortunately, in just a few weeks, I have it lowered to 216. I achieved it without doing significant modifications on my diet regime. .

Kelly Clover

Kelly Clover . 1 week ago

LDL IS BAD if too much of it is small dense LDL. Genetics and other conditions influence how much LDL is the dangerous small dense LDL. People please don't accept what Thomas DeLauer says without first getting either a Cardio IQ test panel thru Quest Diagnostics or a NMR lipoprotein test panel thru LabCorp. Diets that cause high LDL cholesterol are quite acceptable for some people and totally disastrous for others. You can't make a sweeping generalization that saturated fats are harmless. There are multiple types of saturated fats and they don't all have the same effect on the body and the same ones don't affect everyone the same way. Very common saturated fatty acids include stearic acid, palmitic acid, myristic acid, lauric acid, caprilic acid, and caproic acid. Each has a somewhat different effect on the body.


elviraknoll . 1 week ago

It is my own objective to drop the bad cholesterol and also improve great ones. I accomplished my target owing to this cholesterol manual “Hοzantο Axy” (Google it) . I have utilized it for several weeks now and my cholesterol has enhanced. It’s really works with this yet i am going to claim my vigor and also positive thinking has improve. .

Sherri Wolters

Sherri Wolters . 2 weeks ago

I am currently fighting my doctor with this, i started paleo 3 months ago, feeling good , lost 35 pounds, but had blood check 4 days ago, nurse called said i needed to come for appt with doctor for medication for cholestrol , i said no i will discuss it with her on my wellness check in may. Shes has also fightingme about throid, but its not bad enough for medication at yhis time. Im on no medication, so doing fine, but getting fed up with the medical feilc. Been figting dentist about floride treament, said no way, but every checkup have this problem

William Owens

William Owens . 2 weeks ago

For my high cholesterol, I have been applying this unique cholesterol guide “Hοzantο Axy” (Google it) . Have been employing it for couple weeks and also have witnessed my Cholesterol level numbers decrease enough that I usually do not fight with my Dr. any longer. Stalin has unwanted side effects, thus i ought to prevent taking it. I am looking forward in getting positive final results with this therapy. .

Amy Kolstee

Amy Kolstee . 3 weeks ago

Thomas, Thank you for taking your time to make these extremely important videos! It is greatly appreciated!


mydoc4000 . 3 weeks ago

I acquired this extraordinary cholesterol tutorial “Hοzantο Axy” (Google it) for my Papa and also he`s got much better cholesterol readings and also reduced blood pressure readings. This is a high-quality method, he tried out several other treatments yet this unique one provided him far better cholesterol and also sugar numbers, he’ll adhere to them in the future. .

William Owens

William Owens . 1 month ago

Low-priced and good quality cholesterol tutorial “Hοzantο Axy” (Google it). Because of the help and advice of my personal medical doctor, I followed this unique guide and so I can get my blood cholesterol to go lower. I got it for over Two weeks. NO doubt, this helps quite a lot! I experienced much less suffering and started to be a lot more lively everyday! I am acquiring better results on my examination. .

Dee Dee Brewer

Dee Dee Brewer . 1 month ago

Who paid for the study?

beryl bishop

beryl bishop . 1 month ago

I have refused to take stations but now after having a mini stroke my consultant insists that I must take them plus a blood thinner, after losing two stone with keto, I am so confused after the weight loss my blood pressure was down and my diabetes reversed I don't know what to do

Berniece Briggs

Berniece Briggs . 1 month ago

I started to utilize this particular cholesterol solution “Hοzantο Axy” (Google it). This exclusively thanks to an advice created by my medical doctor therefore I can have the cholesterol reduced. Daily, I have to have a caplet. This should be completed for just two months. It has dropped my cholesterol level to Thirty points. There’s no doubt I would highly recommend this one to my very own relatives. Certainly, I`m going regularly apply this. .


mydoc4000 . 2 months ago

An associate of mind has been having meds due to the cholesterol level clinically determined on him. Seafoods are not on his diet plan therefore a decision to be in this way is straightforward for him. Having this particular cholesterol tutorial “Hοzantο Axy” (Google it) is the best alternative for him. Right after 2-3 weeks his cholesterol level have reduced as well as the capsules are super easy to take on. They don`t leave an aftertaste. .

Will Bloch

Will Bloch . 2 months ago

Thomas I did the cardio advanced LDL blood test, but I need someone in the keto community. My cardiologist wants me to double up on statins. Quest shows my numbers as "at risk" for some results. Though my LDL total is normal as well as my tyglercidedes. Thoughts?


farangdee . 2 months ago

I agree triglyceride is what you must keep low ,lower sugar and carbs foods,no processed foods.

Peter Glenn

Peter Glenn . 2 months ago

A friend of mind have been having medications because of the cholesterol diagnosed on him. Seafoods are usually not on his eating plan therefore a choice to be in this direction is straightforward for him. He began using this unique cholesterol manual “Hοzantο Axy” (Google it). Several weeks have passed and also the effects are all favorable, He have his cholesterol level to go down. This prescription medication does not give you a terrible taste. .

Peter Glenn

Peter Glenn . 2 months ago

To be able to raise the existence of the “good” cholesterol and decrease the “bad” cholesterol I got, I tested applying this cholesterol manual “Hοzantο Axy” (Google it) . I do not know if it is completed yet; I haven`t had virtually any another blood examination since I have started off applying it. I am incredibly excited for 30 days to come in order to get my cholesterol level screened. I am hoping this can assist me. Therefore I`m believing positively based on just what I’ve read through. .


elviraknoll . 2 months ago

I have been using this extraordinary cholesterol tutorial “Hοzantο Axy” (Google it) for high Cholesterol. Have been utilizing it for approximately couple months and have witnessed my Cholesterol numbers lower enough that I do not argue with my own Medical professional. any more. I cannot acquire Stalin due to sight problems. I am looking forward in obtaining good outcomes using this treatment method. .


justgjt . 2 months ago

So how do you reduce the triglycerides and the LDL inflammation atherosclerosis ?


CHLOE HAMMOND . 2 months ago

My dad had two strokes within one year of each other and he had the “perfect cholesterol levels”. He eats a SAD diet high in processed sugars, grains, and high in vegetable oils that contain omega 6. His body is riddled with inflammation. I tried to show him keto for his small intestine issues but he wouldn’t listen to me. My LDL is slightly high and my doctor said as long as HDL and triglycerides are good then there’s nothing wrong with LDL being high and can benefit the body. I love my doctor so much, just wish I could convince my dad to switch diets because he’s literally dying and doesn’t care.

mary nguyen

mary nguyen . 2 months ago

I am glad to hear your explanations on LDL as a cargo to deliver new cholesterols FROM THE LIVER TO TISSUES. This reconciles what I understand of LDL. On the flip side, I m totally confused by the fact that my LDL goes way up when I fast. This phenomenon was observed and explained by Dave Feldman ( the well-known self- experimented cholesterol guy), that LDL does go up while fasting because it deliver triglycerides from adipose tissue to the liver to be utilized for fuel, as the body run on its own fat now. This kinds of explains the phenomenon, but it contradicts the very fundermental role of LDL is to deliver stuff ( cholesterol, triglycerides, etc) from the liver to cells, not the other way around!!! Plus, prior to fatty acid oxidation, lipolysis in the adipocytes have already turn triglycerides into free fatty acids before releasing them into blood stream to be delivered to the liver or other capable cells of directly metabolising free fatty acids for fuel, therefore , triglycerides detected in the blood should only be coming merely from either dietary fat, or from fat syntheised in the liver via the process neolipogenesis. This agrees with the explanation from professor Ken Sirakis that high LDL is present in those on a higj carb diet. My point is what you said is in line with what I learn on LDL, and observations on thousands of patients by professor Sirakis, but it is contradictory to my blood work as well as what Dave 's observations. Now I m still confused! Thanks Thomas!

L Dio

L Dio . 3 months ago

Forgot to mention that I’m a new fan of your videos!

L Dio

L Dio . 3 months ago

What if total cholesterol is >300 with LDL hitting 200? What do these numbers really mean?

Jasmine TRIPP

Jasmine TRIPP . 3 months ago

I'm going to go to the hospital for my cholesterol blood test, I've been eating butter, cream, and cheese for the first time in my life trying to start a keto lifestyle, I've been eating about 1,400 calories (I'm sure this will go up as I go back to work next week), I am currently doing IF 16:8 and I'm 158cm tall and 74kg with waist measurement of 89cm, what do you think the results of my blood test will be?

mama_ dallaire

mama_ dallaire . 3 months ago

So how do you lower cholesterol? Lol

Peter Glenn

Peter Glenn . 3 months ago

My own mate had been identified as having quite high cholesterol level and also had been put on meds. He does not want to eat seafood thus this was a fairly easy choice for him. He began using this unique cholesterol manual “Hοzantο Axy” (Google it). After a couple of months his cholesterol level have reduced and also the pills are really easy to get. This prescription medication does not give you a bad taste. .

Dee Elstrod

Dee Elstrod . 4 months ago

just got my high cholesterol lecture. Wishing I could find a doctor here in Central Arkansas to support my new life of keto and consuming good fats.


LabwaMiau . 4 months ago

My aim is usually to get my cholesterol level to go down from 245 to 199, the least, with the use ofthis cholesterol guide “Hοzantο Axy” (Google it). Fortunately, in just a matter of 3 weeks, I have it reduced to 216. I accomplished it without making significant modifications on my diet. .


FitRican . 4 months ago

Hi Thomas, greatly appreciated of your videos. I definitely promote your supporters. Please help with this question: I have heard that a good indicator of health is your ratio of Triglycerides over HDL. Can you add any details and what is your ratio? Regards - Phil - NJ USA. Scale : 0.5-1.9 Optimum, 2.0-3.0 Low Insulin Resistance >3.0 High Risk.

Urveen Vyas

Urveen Vyas . 4 months ago

Thanks buddy.... Really good information

LeeAnn Orozco

LeeAnn Orozco . 4 months ago

Five months on keto? Total cholesterol down, hdl up, ldl down, triglicerides from 147 to 77 and trigliceride to hdl ratio down from 2.6 to .87. Take that!!

Sunshine Daydream

Sunshine Daydream . 4 months ago

Very great video, thanks for sharing. This new doctor I went to and not to be but he was extremely overweight, gave me lots of labs and now I've always been in good shape, eaten well, exercised lots, etc. Now first time in my life I get a call from doctors offices saying all labs were well but cholesterol was high and doctor wants me on nystatin 10mg daily asap., I asked wow that's strange what were the number and she couldn't tell me. NOW DO NOTS ONLY THINK IS HAVE BEEN TAKING LIKE 5TSP. DAILY OF RAW COCONUT OIL, IS THIS MAYBE NOT GOOD AFTERALL? ANYONE S OPINION, DONT WANT TO TAKE THE DRUG SIDE EFFECTS ARE CRAZY. STATINS

Kleine Fluchten

Kleine Fluchten . 4 months ago

I happen to be making use of this extraordinary cholesterol guide “Hοzantο Axy” (Google it) to help decrease my own negative cholesterol level and also bring up good cholesterol level. I have employed it for several months at this time and also my cholesterol has improved. My energy is consistently developing and also my positive mind is so much clearer now. .

Jan Andy

Jan Andy . 5 months ago

This amazing cholesterol solution “Hοzantο Axy” (Google it) is the latest medication I lately did start to consider. Particularly, I began employing it to lessen my cholesterol level at the advice of my MEDICAL PROFESSIONAL . I had taken a single caplet each and every day for two months well before I got my check-ups. It has dropped my cholesterol level to 30 points. I will unquestionably keep utilizing this product and also encourage it to my very own loved ones. .

Jason tradinghigh

Jason tradinghigh . 5 months ago

Good on you for telling it how it is !!! ...Finally the truth is coming out from year's of BS 👌👍

Ksh Avinash1

Ksh Avinash1 . 5 months ago

Dear sir I m 25 now but I have high LDL (above 300) please tell me what should I do

Lauren Hilbert

Lauren Hilbert . 5 months ago

Guess what?! Some us us let the Dr. take out our gallbladder and now we have an ever lasting issue with no bile for the liver to metabolize! Great, now what? H E L P!

Russell Williams

Russell Williams . 5 months ago

So what’s the immediate solution if you have a high LDL reading but have all the excellent keto and IF benefits?

Kelly Clover

Kelly Clover . 5 months ago

The body uses cholesterol to repair damaged blood vessels. Cholesterol is not and never was the cause of atherosclerosis. Another YouTube site I found very helpful is Dr. Philip Oubre.

K. C. Pryor

K. C. Pryor . 6 months ago

So how do you lower Cholesterol? The video headline said, How to Lower Cholesterol.

Josephine Nakamura

Josephine Nakamura . 6 months ago

Great info !

Taffin Le

Taffin Le . 6 months ago

hey thanks for let us know, i just came back from my dr. his said my ldl so high i need asap atorvastatin . but when i look at the my blood report it said my ldl is 144 over 99 . is that correct . if you said my ldl is not a bad thing then why i need to take this medication ?? please let me know your common thanks.

reyna salinas

reyna salinas . 6 months ago

Your video is even more informative than what I've been following. THANK YOU!💗. My Dr just told me I need a statin to treat my cholesterol. I refused. I'm on D3 5000 and 4 days ago started k2-7. I'm praying it works for me. ✌

Helen Ndow

Helen Ndow . 6 months ago

I believe you before I believe any doctor, except dr. Mandel of course.

Boris Kolar

Boris Kolar . 6 months ago

Bravo bro 🏋🏻👏👏👏

Ernesto Caamano

Ernesto Caamano . 6 months ago

((QUOTE)) April 4, 2016 Washington (AFP) - An experimental drug that greatly increases levels of "good" cholesterol has no effect on heart health, a comprehensive clinical trial found, leaving researchers shocked and disappointed. It is also a blow to patients who were hoping for an alternative because they cannot or will not take statins, which can cut low-density lipoprotein (LDL), or bad cholesterol. The study involving more than 12,000 patients at high risk for serious cardiovascular problems found that evacetrapib had no benefits, according to research presented Sunday at the American College of Cardiology conference in Chicago. Manufacturer Eli Lilly stopped the trial in October when the drug was found to be ineffective but now experts have given a comprehensive explanation of what happened. Two other drugs in the same class as evacetrapib, known as CETP inhibitors and designed to raise levels of HDL cholesterol -- high-density lipoprotein, the "good" type -- have also failed, presenting experts with a quandary. "We have a paradox: here we've got an agent that more than doubles the levels of good cholesterol and lowers bad cholesterol and yet has no effect on clinical events," said lead author Professor Stephen Nicholls. "We were disappointed and surprised by the results," added Nicholls, of The University of Adelaide in Australia and cardiologist at Royal Adelaide Hospital. On average, patients taking evacetrapib daily for at least 18 months lowered their LDL cholesterol by 37 percent and increased their HDL cholesterol -- high-density lipoprotein, the "good" type -- by 130 percent compared with patients taking a placebo. However, there was no difference between the two groups in terms of the primary "endpoint" of the research -- including the amount of time until cardiovascular death, heart attack, stroke or coronary artery bypass surgery. "As we close out the trial, we're trying to understand how a drug that seems to do all the right things in terms of blood cholesterol levels doesn't then translate into reducing clinical events," added Nicholls. Steve Nissen, chairman of Cardiovascular Medicine at Cleveland Clinic, attempted to put a positive spin on the disappointing outcome. "These findings illustrate the importance of performing large, high-quality outcome trials," he said. "Just looking at the effects a therapy has on cholesterol levels doesn't always translate into clinical benefits." However, Nicholls cautioned that evacetrapib could potentially benefit patients with low risk of serious heart trouble, although that was not part of the study. The findings could challenge conventional thinking regarding the benefits of HDL cholesterol in protecting against cardiovascular problems, he said.They also suggest that existing treatments, such as statins, are already so effective that they cannot be improved upon. However, some people with high cholesterol were hoping for an alternative to statins because they complain about side effects such as muscle pain and weakness. ((UNQUOTE)) [[[SUMMARY The failure of a study on the cholesterol-lowering drug evacetrapib was reported in April 2016 by its manufacturer, Eli Lilly, after spending $90 million of research and development costs. “The drug, evacetrapib, was pulled after it FAILED TO PREVENT one single case of heart attack, stroke, by-pass surgery, or angina—even though it successfully doubled levels of ‘good’ cholesterol and lowered ‘bad’ cholesterol. These results were presented to the American College of Cardiology's in April 2016, recounting that researchers found that drug did not demonstrate any clinically meaningful cardiovascular risk benefit, despite a 130% increase in “good” cholesterol, or HDL cholesterol, and a 37% reduction in “bad” cholesterol, which is called LDL cholesterol. In the meantime, Pfizer pharmaceutical famously spent $800 million on a large trial combining its blockbuster statin Lipitor with torcetrapib, a CETP inhibitor; the combination of the two drugs was ultimately found to RAISE THE RISK OF DEATH and heart problems in patients. In 2012, Roche also scrapped development of its CETP inhibitor, dalcetrapib, due to a “lack of clinically meaningful efficacy.” “This is a a blow to the cholesterol theorists.” Evacetrapib is the third CETP failure. The first, torcetrapib, actually increased the rate of CARDIOVASCULAR DEATHS and disease despite lowering bad cholesterol levels. Conclusion: the use of Lipitor and torcetrapib, dalcetrapib, and evacetrapib increased the good cholesterol while decreasing the bad cholesterol, however; it surely resulted in an increase of cardiovascular deaths.]]]]]]]]]]]]]]]]

Jannet Simms

Jannet Simms . 6 months ago

This is interesting I love it. I’m trying not to take statin because when I do my leg muscles ache. Im now drinking garlic tea and starting to exercise more. This to get down the overall cholesterol which is 7. Mg help


moonspir . 6 months ago

Great video Thomas and it totally makes sense but you MUST know your messing with one of the most profitable business models in medicine today I.E. big pharma and the drugs they push OOPS I mean prescribe through a doctor who of course has no profit motive . You might want to get an armed personal body guard as you are threatening their VERY lucrative multi BILLION dollar business model and I am only half joking here as this kind of talk will probably really P's them Off..

Samomar Saimou

Samomar Saimou . 6 months ago

Thank you for very clearly clarification you deserve to be a doctor. The doctor who gives their patient Lipitor with out supplements not deserve our respect

Redcoat‘s Return

Redcoat‘s Return . 6 months ago

This is a shattering discovery by the authors of that BMJ publication. If true, the Pharma industry and Medical profession have been poisoning us and worse.....harming us....unnecessarily!! Unless you count their greed as necessary. Thank you for this critical information. There will be a Tsunami of class action lawsuits because of this and rightly so, the doctors out there are Zombie greed monsters who would prescribe cynanide to get rich if they thought they could get away with it. The Pharma industry has lost their ethical purpose and is even greedier. Being over 60, I will stop taking my statin now.

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