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Rob Lowe’s High-Protein, Low-Carb Diet



Published on 5 months ago

Rob Lowe emphasizes how his high-protein, low-carb diet and daily workouts keep him in amazing shape and boost his energy. Then, he shares how he likes to make his morning granola.

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Comments :


lucaboden . 5 days ago

But Atkins focused so much on Bacon and Cheese and also promoted their own processed line of supplements and protein bars and shakes. I think all successful diets should start with a base of whole foods regardless of the macros. (A ribeye is a whole food. Cheeseburgers and Fries dipped in Peanut oil are not)

Notes From The Man Cave

Notes From The Man Cave . 1 week ago

Look at all those oxalates! Yikes!


IndyMode . 2 weeks ago

I’m in the process losing weight and I was suggested apple slices or strawberry slices, dipped in yogurt and covered in granola then freeze them on a tray. I’m gonna make this granola and give it a shot.

Bobbie Jz

Bobbie Jz . 4 weeks ago

Thoughts Scarsdale was before Atkins


Rhythm . 1 month ago

Having Rob Lowe "give it to ya". omg...lol


EVOLVE FREELY . 2 months ago



Timi . 2 months ago

Eating nuts and berries like Yogi bear!

Southpaw Hammer

Southpaw Hammer . 3 months ago

It's about time somebody gave Dr Atkins some credit.

Ryan Deffley

Ryan Deffley . 3 months ago

It isn't low carb. It is avoiding high amounts of sugar. If you stick to complex carbs with lower sugar you'll be fine.


realbeckfan . 3 months ago

What a douche ball Teenage rapist Nice he eats well


Televisionarchives . 3 months ago

Rob gets paid to endorse the Atkins program

Umar Din

Umar Din . 3 months ago

why do they look the same?

Jenny Gibbons

Jenny Gibbons . 3 months ago

Cinnamon is high chromium for pancreatic support - not liver.

Rei mend

Rei mend . 3 months ago

Peanut butter, cinnamon and vanilla extract...... nice

rick lulu

rick lulu . 3 months ago

Atkins diet is making everyone fatter except for a few its because of.their activities. Look at the numbers idiots.

Bryan Le Duc

Bryan Le Duc . 3 months ago

wtf...a grown man using the word " yummy"? he is definitely gay

slim shady

slim shady . 3 months ago


anofi berry

anofi berry . 3 months ago

Rob Lowe the ONLY cat in Hollywood that Tom Cruise is trying to catch up to..

Lainey Wright

Lainey Wright . 3 months ago

You forgot to say how big the portion should be.

Beny Penzoil

Beny Penzoil . 3 months ago

I found this video also important... https://youtu.be/D5gSoS07eZo

dommy mac

dommy mac . 3 months ago

Dr oz u look fucked mate!


BIG T . 3 months ago

Doctors oz cinnamon helps your pancreas deal with sugar not your liver .


BearPapa1990 . 3 months ago

Looks like kitty litter with undigested pecans


C K . 4 months ago

Rob is so hot! Millennials, take note!!


MyEnemy . 4 months ago

I like how Rob Lowe has had so many beautiful women that he completely looks through the gorgeous blond in the light plaid dress, ha ha.

Marcillio Ficino

Marcillio Ficino . 4 months ago

Didn't Dr. Atkins die from heart disease?

Martial Artist

Martial Artist . 4 months ago

I eaten a high protein diet my whole life, I thought it was genetics but it's not. 30 mins of hard core exercise daily and a wonderful tasteful(I eat steak every day) diet will do the job.

Kathleen Povey

Kathleen Povey . 4 months ago

Since when is fruit with yogurt low carb?

B wynn

B wynn . 4 months ago

How could I get the measurements for this, can anyone help

Ultraman's Inspirational Recipes

Ultraman's Inspirational Recipes . 4 months ago

Rob Lowe was blessed with being unusually attractive which lead to him being extraordinarily wealthy. When you get to that point, life is a drop in the bucket.

Arsene Wenger

Arsene Wenger . 4 months ago

atkins died of a heart attack lol educate yourselves people

spire Outpost

spire Outpost . 4 months ago

Wow, an Atkins plug. Why not say low carb

Phillips Mom

Phillips Mom . 4 months ago

The blond chick was way too weird.

Poet Victoria Hunter

Poet Victoria Hunter . 4 months ago

So on this or adding the ingridients to my yogurt

Wordsmith 430

Wordsmith 430 . 4 months ago

Rob Lowe is naturally lean and skinny. He probably couldn’t gain fat if he tried. He’s filled out a little but if you look back in the 90’s he couldn’t have weighed over 145lbs. He has a high metabolism. So he could probably eat whatever and never worry about his waistline

C Delorean

C Delorean . 4 months ago

I noticed how men that are very good looking like Rob and/or doctors like Oz aren't the typical country music listening types. It's very plain and clear that the types of guys that listen to country music are always of the low IQ variety. The men with class and intelligence aren't of the "do you think my tractor is sexy" variety.

Matt Scott

Matt Scott . 4 months ago

Hot chicks sit down front and the uglies up the back.


Flowerdoodle2 . 4 months ago

Dr. Oz is clearly on Adderall

John Stemberg

John Stemberg . 4 months ago

Remember Oz making fun of Atkins. Don't never liked this guy.


robertk2007 . 4 months ago


Frank Lange

Frank Lange . 4 months ago

Go Rob Go

Ray Rocco

Ray Rocco . 5 months ago

Rob Lowe is aging normally like most people ! I don't see anything special !

Phil Tate

Phil Tate . 5 months ago

CLAPPING for pouring things into a pan?!


USMC 2MSU . 5 months ago

The second blonde looked like she was ready to eat Rob.

Wayne Jeez

Wayne Jeez . 5 months ago

Who's Rob Lowe kidding? He's just naturally beautuful! Lol!


farimato . 5 months ago

tried this lincover.com/app/ygy2A it doing well so far ..


Iceman0113 . 5 months ago

They are correct. Dr Atkins was killed for his beliefs. He was a modern day Galileo. Now today there are variations of his diet plan popping up everywhere.

Isabella Joseph

Isabella Joseph . 5 months ago

that’s awesome. said some things that rang true for me. years ago, I was exercising plenty, but I love to eat! I was not good at portion control. personally, I had to start intermittent fasting. I’ve lost ten lbs in the first few weeks, but have hit a plateau. What I am doing now is going more paleo, modified paleo. I also need to have more discipline in staying the course on exercising, which I love to do, but work often gets in the way. I came across a fitness /diet routine that is one of the most popular in the country, at the moment https://tinyurl.com/y6qwvn5u , looks pretty good. Really it’s not rocket science, although we in the west make it hard. Eat whole foods in moderation, get enough rest, reduce stress, and exercise, not insanely, but regularly. Aerobics and some form of weight-bearing exercise seem to be the best combination.


superstarrr121 . 5 months ago

Rob Lowe sucks he doesn’t use it. Whoever pays him is what he says he uses

Mystery KetoGirl

Mystery KetoGirl . 5 months ago


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