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Atkins induction phase meals for a week

Sara Hernandez

Sara Hernandez

Published on 6 years ago

Here is a look at all the goodies that you can eat during the induction phase. I take a couple of hours one day a week to shop and cook do the rest of the week. I package and freeze (if necessary) meals so that they will be ready to go. Most of these recipes can be found on the Atkins website or on food.com
I'm on a journey to lose some weight and am excited that Atkins is not as scary or severely limiting as I originally thought. Please feel free to leave a comment. Please no nasty comment (in particular in regards to my pronunciation of salmon, lol!)

Comments :


pleiades . 3 months ago

Splenda is poison

JP 2099

JP 2099 . 6 months ago

Now what about mission low carb tortillas?


71160000 . 11 months ago

I've been on the atkins diet a while now and only need to lose a couple more pounds to be where I want to be. I take issue with the menu in the article. True it's mostly low carb with a couple of exceptions. Even now after months of slowly losing weight I'd stay away from the spagetti squash except in a very small serving. Instead fill up on mustards, collards, turnip greens, spinach, lettuce, cabbage, celery, artichoke hearts, green beans, mushrooms, eggplant,summer squash,asparagus, cucumbers, cauliflower, broccoli. That's one part of your meals. The second part should be meats and seafood for the protein including eggs and cheese. Third part, small servings of radishes, peppers, tomatoes, onions, garlic, beets, turnips, winter squash, avocados, berries, nuts. Although I prefer mostly fresh foods on occasion you can pull most canned goods and look at the label. You'll find that many foods are acceptable if you keep the portion size down to a quarter to half cup serving. In honesty I'd find it hard to stay on the foods shown above for two weeks. I'd suggest that for most people interested find an older version of the adkins diet books and read it several times before starting your diet. My favorite food now is a pizza made with a mozzarella cheese crust then lots of pepperoni, sausage, mushrooms, olives, small amounts of peppers, onions, tomato sauce, sprinkled with Parmesan cheese and olive oil. You can have a good serving as long as you watch the toppings. I avoid sugar, grains, corn, potatoes, rice in all forms. If you get desperate buy some sharataki ,sorry about the spelling, noodles and use it to make chili and rice or any of your favorites served over noodles like a smothered steak or stroganoff. Many of my favorite foods are easily converted to low carb with a few food swaps. Of particular interest is the fact that after eating low carb for a few weeks your appetite will normally decrease making it easier to lose weight because even with low carb meals you still have to reduce your calories to be successful.

Raven Whitechapel

Raven Whitechapel . 11 months ago

if it wasn't for dr. Atkins there be no keto diet cuz that's exactly what it is except for the fact that they give you too many vegetables and that's why a lot of people have a hard time staying in ketosis because you're eating too many vegetables. And they all have carbs in them I just found out that I'm using gold standard whey protein and I just looked on it and found out that it's got two sugars in it now why the yogurt companies and body building companies allow sugar in their products I don't know cuz it defeats the purpose of protein. I'm having a very hard time staying in the kinosis or losing weight. I lost 167 lb 12 years ago and I lost another 50 to 70 pounds.. I'm 220 I still want to get down another 30 pounds maybe 40 but no matter what I seem to be eating my body is not dropping the weight.yes I do find that it was an expensive diet and you can't use their frozen meals I don't even know why they make them because the amount of sodium in them like 2400 just for a meal or so would absolutely make me have a stroke or a heart attack. Induction phase I would like to say I had no vegetables it's only like a two or three-week I think induction so if you really want your body to get into ketosis stop eating all carbs vegetables have carbs. Natural occurring sugars.

Tobz 4uHuni

Tobz 4uHuni . 1 year ago

So this video was like 4 years ago. Curious as to how much weight you lost. I did this diet back in 06, i lost 50 lbs. I was very strict with the diet, did cardio and worked my butt off. Your food choice looks great. Hoe did the diet go for you? Hoe much did you lose and have you kept it off since the video?


JOE . 1 year ago

no  artificial sweetener   bad

carol kitteral

carol kitteral . 2 years ago

Nothing sweet on induction I hear, also don’t adkins call for a lot of fried foods?

linda meanbean

linda meanbean . 2 years ago

so how much weight did you lose ?

HT logistics3434

HT logistics3434 . 2 years ago

And drink plenty of water

Mc Christopher

Mc Christopher . 2 years ago

too much sugar intake

Angel Whitney

Angel Whitney . 2 years ago

I ate an Adkins bar it kicked me out of ketosis

Sherry Saunders

Sherry Saunders . 2 years ago

I did this Atkins in 2003, and lost 120 pounds. So guys if you have some skepticism that's understandable. However you will never feel hungry and it works. The experts in the past were not correct - these people were paid big bucks to deceive us in the past and get us hooked on "sugar" which is the biggest killer to our bodies. This is not a diet, this is a life style change and you have to remain eating this way or you will gain it all back plus some! They have rolled out a new trend called the keto diet, which basically is a mirror of the Atkins.

Vasya Yatsenko

Vasya Yatsenko . 2 years ago

Nice movie. However you can learn about diet much more. Just google for 'Woo&Pep'.


FloridaWriterPhyllisBerry . 2 years ago

Recipes for Turnip Fries, Spaghetti Squash with mushrooms and turkey, and the mini-cheesecakes; these can get me through the Thanksgiving and possibly the Christmas holidays. I'm not the greatest cook, but if you can guide me step by step, I can do it.


FloridaWriterPhyllisBerry . 2 years ago

Hi Sara. I only just now watched this video. Did you ever post your recipes? Hope to hear back from you; thank you.


natdiamond . 2 years ago

Do NOT buy an Atkins book printed after 2003. That's when he died. The corporate leeches changed his diet that he changed the world with. Now it's not as good :(. Atkins was very firm on counting the TOTAL carbs, not just the net carbs. The TRUE Atkins diet is the way mankind has survived and thrived since the dawn of time right up until the past few hundred years since refined sugar & flour have come into our bodies.

Christina Rios

Christina Rios . 2 years ago

So, you can have sweets on this diet; I didn't think you could but I see the whip cream in the background.

Broken Ghost

Broken Ghost . 2 years ago

I stayed on this for a week and lost about 12 pounds,it was kinda hard but so worth it!

Aliisa Kalma

Aliisa Kalma . 2 years ago

stevia is better than splenda

Swan Queen

Swan Queen . 2 years ago

Too many carbs for induction!

Karen Quick

Karen Quick . 2 years ago

Thanks for your good video and good tips. I have a question though. Why eat turkey bacon when you're eating high fat everything else? I love real bacon and then with the sausage you made. Ground turkey with pork instead of ground beef with pork? I don't understand why people eat this way when it's low carb, high fat. Just wanting to know why.

Gina Poudrier

Gina Poudrier . 2 years ago

your chicken looks amazing can you give us the recepie please thank you

Jason Miller

Jason Miller . 2 years ago

Lovely Video! Excuse me for chiming in, I would appreciate your initial thoughts. Have you considered - Taparton Burning Fats Takeover (google it)? It is a great exclusive guide for discovering a very fast fat loss program without the headache. Ive heard some pretty good things about it and my work buddy after a lifetime of fighting got great success with it.

Evgen Patotskiy

Evgen Patotskiy . 2 years ago

diet are simple, Just go to WooPep website.

Rosirena 310

Rosirena 310 . 3 years ago

Hola disculpa no tienes algún canal en español? sobre esta dieta? gracias


JIF . 3 years ago

Can you have Helmans mayo on induction phase?

Jerry Gerard

Jerry Gerard . 3 years ago

im guessing its eat proteins and some fats all u want as long as I stay within the 10-22 Carb guidlines correct

Tosha T

Tosha T . 3 years ago

Thank you so much


CASTLE . 3 years ago

Why don't people know how to pronounce salmon correctly?

What did you say?

What did you say? . 3 years ago

Please tell me she didn't just say cheese cake.

Falcon Trek

Falcon Trek . 3 years ago

I don't see any follow-up videos. how have you been since this induction?

Scott Jackson

Scott Jackson . 3 years ago

insted of spenda use steivia

patrick munford

patrick munford . 3 years ago

OK I am very new to this whole Atkins shit! only lost 7 pounds in 2 weeks I just started September 2nd and I don't know what's going on but last week I had the biggest sugar craving of my life and I never really been into sweets like that ate 1 gallon of pistachio ice cream in one sitting what is this introduction mess and Phase 1 Phase 2 phase 3 phase for crap I don't think I can do this I AM STARVING! and for the past two weeks straight I have been eating a zero carbs every single day am I supposed to do that?

Daniel Sahagian

Daniel Sahagian . 3 years ago

Good presentation

Crystal Woodson

Crystal Woodson . 3 years ago

yess no atkin supplements with carbs on induction!

Yessica Castillo

Yessica Castillo . 3 years ago

i cant drink corn flakes or milk

The Potato

The Potato . 3 years ago

I wonder if the diet works for you. These aren't really good meals for weight loss. Not to mention the quantity of them. It might take you there but might take more than a year. Better go with a healthy diet if it takes that long.

Pl Graeme

Pl Graeme . 3 years ago

Turnips? On induction!? Quelles alors!!! Absolutely not. No root vegetables - those are the epitome of carbs/starches. I stopped watching when I heard "turnip." Go for the original Atkins diet revolution. The "new" Atkins is food industry crap. Dr. A would NOT approve.


casgarth . 3 years ago

I know this video is a couple years old, but I'm just now reading the book and I'm trying to slowly get into the diet. I can't 100% start yet until I go grocery shopping. But I was curious about how much you spend for just one week of all this? Because I shop and buy groceries for two weeks. At least I try.

Adam Reber

Adam Reber . 4 years ago

people love to hear good news about their bad habits thanks for the video!

robert justus

robert justus . 4 years ago

You sure eat alot  to be on a diet.


1bigimpact . 4 years ago

I do believe its 18-20 carbs in order to get into a ketogenic state right?

Jennifer Vasquez

Jennifer Vasquez . 4 years ago

can you please write down the list of items bought, it would be very helpful thanks :)

Arlene Dennis

Arlene Dennis . 4 years ago

Great video for a newbie like me tfs!

Marsha barrett

Marsha barrett . 4 years ago

i went on the original 1972 induction, for one week i ate two small salads a day made up of leafy greens, cucumbers and radishes and some kind of meat, and for breakfast, i had either bacon and eggs or sausage this was all you were allowed, then you added other vegetables, i stayed on week one for a month and lost 40 pounds, you must be on the new atkins for a new you, which is not atkins, atkins went bankrupt in 2005 after dr atkins passed away ibn 2003, the company that owns the name also owns carvel ice cream and cinnebon, if you want to really do atkins,get one of the diet revolution books actually written by dr atkins

marly howell

marly howell . 4 years ago

But daisy sour cream has sugar in it which can stall you, right?

Geanine Nelson

Geanine Nelson . 4 years ago

wow love this video thanks

Dreaming Tree

Dreaming Tree . 4 years ago

I don't recommend eating Atkins bars or really anything from the franchise. the old school Atkins diet would've forbade it. they stall your weight loss and they're just not very good for you. It's best to keep it fresh and stay away from the packaged foods.

Maribel Martinez

Maribel Martinez . 4 years ago

another great sweet tooth calmer for me was sugar free jello .... and I would add whipped cream on top too lol

Kittenpurrrs whenLoved

Kittenpurrrs whenLoved . 4 years ago

omg i don't eat that much all week at all... I wonder if I'm not eating enuff ..

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