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Queen - We Will Rock You (Official Video)

Queen Official

Queen Official

Published on 11 years ago

Taken from News Of The World, 1977 and Greattest Video Hits 1.

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Queen - We Will Rock You (Official Video)

Comments :

Eddie Saucedo

Eddie Saucedo . 19 minutes ago


tomas44z58 f

tomas44z58 f . 34 minutes ago

Alguien buscando un comentario en español

Jutuber feki

Jutuber feki . 2 hours ago

Why is here Brian's guitar white?REALLY WEIRD!

Dena Hamman

Dena Hamman . 2 hours ago


Dab Police

Dab Police . 3 hours ago

Your opponent when you accidentely pull Sissors in Rock Paper Sissors

Jose Antonio

Jose Antonio . 3 hours ago

Feliz 2020 ( ^ -^ )7

Benigno Huata Aguilsr

Benigno Huata Aguilsr . 4 hours ago

Hola ser humano vengo del futuro y si tú no me crees lo único que te voy a decir esque todos los humanos se están extinguiendo y gracias por este sonido llamado canción nos está salvando de la extinción

1k subcribers without videos challenge lol

1k subcribers without videos challenge lol . 4 hours ago

We will we will entertain you

Arafat Hasan

Arafat Hasan . 5 hours ago

we will rock you

Mariahann Gray

Mariahann Gray . 6 hours ago

i heard my sisteer doing the clapping through my headphones so now im here


Daddy_Francisco . 6 hours ago

0:41 his teeth

Dungeon Master

Dungeon Master . 6 hours ago

Who is here after watching bohemian rhapsody??

Shannen David

Shannen David . 6 hours ago

No one realise true music these days

Anola Riediger

Anola Riediger . 6 hours ago

Queen is the Best

Sofi TV

Sofi TV . 7 hours ago

Doctor: you have 1 mins for live what you will do Someone: listen to we will rock you Doctor: but it’s 2 mins long GOD: never mind I agree


2fast4ulsr . 8 hours ago

Go Blackhawks!

Amina Tomety

Amina Tomety . 8 hours ago

the best music

Ketellyn Almeida

Ketellyn Almeida . 9 hours ago


Magic Jewel

Magic Jewel . 9 hours ago

!? 2020 😻❤

tomy saldias

tomy saldias . 9 hours ago

We Will Rock You (1977).

Thang Hoang

Thang Hoang . 9 hours ago



AssembleLuka . 9 hours ago

Me: play this song loudly everyday Neighbor: calls police Police: arrests a neighbor

Jason Overmeire

Jason Overmeire . 9 hours ago


Andrea Gaitan

Andrea Gaitan . 10 hours ago

I love Queen


878發明家 . 10 hours ago

We will fuck you

Bao Đại Nhân Gamer

Bao Đại Nhân Gamer . 10 hours ago

Việt nam be like

cᴅɴ᭄ Yᴀнιʀ

cᴅɴ᭄ Yᴀнιʀ . 10 hours ago

Esta madre se hace en los bancos de la skul

It's working or not

It's working or not . 10 hours ago

Who is listening this in 2019 Like

Heihidu Trò Chơi

Heihidu Trò Chơi . 11 hours ago


Finn Declan

Finn Declan . 11 hours ago

i felt little offensive when i saw those chinese use this song for their stupid tiktok videos

h h

h h . 12 hours ago

חקי חיון , האזנתי לשיר הזה בעבר.

No Tan

No Tan . 12 hours ago


MP Genz

MP Genz . 12 hours ago

피 온 4👏


ぞひぃー . 12 hours ago



STRELL WALKER . 12 hours ago

When i play this in my class tables break..

Eylül Elvin Ela

Eylül Elvin Ela . 13 hours ago



Z K . 13 hours ago

2019 near 2020

paulina 23

paulina 23 . 14 hours ago

I auditions and I got in the musical!! I can’t wait for the first rehearsal!!!


Ro_Mike . 14 hours ago

Mobs in minecraft be like:

SonicBoss 1991

SonicBoss 1991 . 14 hours ago

When you start smacking the desk and the other kids start clapping. *This, does put a smile on my face*

Jacob HD

Jacob HD . 15 hours ago

My class Love this Song and i am too

Bala Murugan

Bala Murugan . 15 hours ago

Rock You🔥🔥🔥🔥😎😎😎

Bala Murugan

Bala Murugan . 15 hours ago

Rocking yooooo🤩🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥😎


夏梦洁 . 15 hours ago


Filip Milić

Filip Milić . 16 hours ago

My class just goes crazy when someone does the melody its like a chain reaction and then our best singers sing and shit goes wild

Xmmxx Xnxkkx

Xmmxx Xnxkkx . 17 hours ago


Ecem Demir

Ecem Demir . 17 hours ago

İngilizce ödevim bunu soylicem 😂

N Santos

N Santos . 17 hours ago

Cool song


ALPHA KARAN . 18 hours ago

Listening on 2018 December,?

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