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The Perfect UNDERWEAR + My Go-to Everyday Outfits! || LOOKBOOK



Published on 10 months ago

My Go-to, Everyday Outfits! || LOOKBOOK
Shop CALVIN KLEIN Invisibles: http://www.macys.com/Calvinkleinlingerie4

FTC: This video is sponsored by Calvin Klein. The views and opinions expressed in this video are 100% my own.

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Comments :


S.Grant . 2 months ago

Is it too early to say "still watching" #2019? 😍

Jnell P

Jnell P . 6 months ago

I'm feeling these outfits! Love the vibe...😊💕👍🏿


Brayann . 7 months ago

Style queen ! Love your style ! You are very inspiring and seem to feel really good in your skin ! ❤️❤️

Cynnamon Ré

Cynnamon Ré . 7 months ago

can you do more videos on your nails, eye makeup, and these video transitions? you out here killing me softly!!!!

Victoria Myung

Victoria Myung . 9 months ago

OMG you are so beautiful!

Melissa Grant

Melissa Grant . 9 months ago

Your hair is everything. It always looks so juicy and moisturized!

alicia dortch

alicia dortch . 10 months ago

I'm late but where did you get the shoes from outfit 1? They seem awesome for work.

Tiffany Nichols

Tiffany Nichols . 10 months ago

Thank you for sharing. You are a beautiful person.

suzette, Ralls

suzette, Ralls . 10 months ago

OMG love those jeans with the black blazer💕💕💕💕

So Gee

So Gee . 10 months ago

Black, brown or grey turtleneck makes any outfit classy. Love how you represent your style.

N White

N White . 10 months ago

Love! I havr all similar pieces in my wardrobe. Thr first look is my fav.

Jennifer T

Jennifer T . 10 months ago

Love this!! Would also LOVE to see a video where you show how to style different styles of jeans, like skinnies, straight legs, wide legs, etc. You have such a great eye and I would love some pointers on how to work with different types of denim.

Naturally Nicole

Naturally Nicole . 10 months ago

Your style is soo edgy chic 😩 I love it. I remember meeting you in person like 3 years ago and omg I’m so happy for your growth and you’re still killing these looks.

Sierra Alexis

Sierra Alexis . 10 months ago

NO PANTIE LINES ❕make people have to ask if your wearing underwear 😭

Sierra Alexis

Sierra Alexis . 10 months ago

NO PANTIE LINES ❕make people have to ask if your wearing underwear 😭

Loreal Alford

Loreal Alford . 10 months ago


Kimani Whitsey

Kimani Whitsey . 10 months ago

You have great personal style! I love it!

Stylistic Future

Stylistic Future . 10 months ago

Fly shit

Alisha Kitchen

Alisha Kitchen . 10 months ago

Your make up 😍

Neff Kelly

Neff Kelly . 10 months ago

Sis can you link us to all the shoes and the black pants in fit #1? 🙏🏾

Paulette's Life Of A Working Mom

Paulette's Life Of A Working Mom . 10 months ago

Hey I been watching you for a while I was wondering what program do you use to make your videos

Bengali Girl Kabita

Bengali Girl Kabita . 10 months ago

Wao, Mam I am a big fan of you..

lavinia castellan

lavinia castellan . 10 months ago

Kia Kia Kia girl you killing it 😍😍💕💕


Ka . 10 months ago

Do you have any tips on finding high waisted trousers? Whenever I come across any they are too form fitting and it’s so aggravating!


akarixify . 10 months ago

This is the type of sponsored content I'm here for 🙌🏻 #leavepantielinesin2018

Jezrie Marcano-Courtney

Jezrie Marcano-Courtney . 10 months ago

Looks two and three are my absolute favorite, thanks Kia you just gave me an idea on how to wear my Docs and jeans where the leg is a tad too long, but I need the length to keep out the cold. New England winters are soul-draining.

Lauren McCoy

Lauren McCoy . 10 months ago

curls are on point!👌🏽 clothes organization video please!👀

Crazy Crystal Sea

Crazy Crystal Sea . 10 months ago

That black T shirt and and brown belt with the trouser OMG ♡ And I love your hair with skinny jean!

Dr. Dawn Weddington

Dr. Dawn Weddington . 10 months ago

I adore you and your content!!!! Giving me all the effortless Thandie Newton vibes! 💕

Julianna Nichols

Julianna Nichols . 10 months ago

I liked instantly because the vibe in the first 5 seconds was EVERYTHING! LOVE!

sade watkins

sade watkins . 10 months ago

i loved your makeup. can you give us update on how you do it ?


roweleven . 10 months ago

you are so beautiful and I love your outfits xx

shannon kim

shannon kim . 10 months ago

God I love your hair


Melissabeeth . 10 months ago

Like you style. Buen video.. felicidades.. 😉

Arthuria Rossi II

Arthuria Rossi II . 10 months ago

Perfect! TY👍🏽👌🏽👏🏾💋

Tamia. Hamilton

Tamia. Hamilton . 10 months ago

girl what lip product are you wearing???! i need to know


Kristiniqua . 10 months ago

I love your style and your hair is so beautiful ❤️

Simply Zee

Simply Zee . 10 months ago

How do you find these perfect fitting mom jeans 😩


easyensemble . 10 months ago

Ugh YOU ARE AMAZING. Loved everything per usual

Nay G’loir

Nay G’loir . 10 months ago

Kia is not playing for 2019 heard u !

Rishaa Mariee

Rishaa Mariee . 10 months ago

I swear Kia should get way more love than she gets. The effort, quality, and content is impeccable. One of the most unproblematic, creative content creators out there!! Legit the best 🥰🥰

Nakia Ajae

Nakia Ajae . 10 months ago

Ok sis just hit us with a what you eat in a day video ASKING FOR EVERYBODY! 😍😍😍


LuxurCre . 10 months ago

Girl yes commando before a pantie line I need that body suit n ur style is everything

Cosmic Qveen

Cosmic Qveen . 10 months ago

Girrlllaahhhh 2 seconds in I paused this video to say how breathtaking you are! Just glowing. Okay let me push play.

Sawyerrs' House

Sawyerrs' House . 10 months ago

I only wear Calvins for bras and have done for years. Including for sports/fitness wear. Expensive but last for years and well worth the investment. I don't wear pants and haven't done for years. No shame in saying it. Yes TMI but true.

Ms. Shayla

Ms. Shayla . 10 months ago

Okay everyday outfits, and had how to be on point underneath! 💛💛

Abiyah Yisrael

Abiyah Yisrael . 10 months ago

Yasssss love these looks!!

Big Zaddy Nique

Big Zaddy Nique . 10 months ago

Your style is like what I've always dreamed about dressing like 😭😭


Angelica . 10 months ago

If I could, I would wear black everyday . I really enjoyed this video 👏


joycy . 10 months ago

Love the look with the blazer & jeans. Simple yet looks so chic 💖

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