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Andra Day - Rise Up - Cover by Rise Up Children’s Choir

Rise Up Children's Choir

Rise Up Children's Choir

Published on 2 months ago

Based on the song that helped inspire the name of our choir, watch the children of Rise Up Children's Choir sing and dance to “Rise Up” by Andra Day. “Rise Up” is the fourth music video by the new Rise Up Children's Choir based in Utah, USA. Music direction is by Scott and Ryceejo Shattuck. Video production and direction by Suzy Oliveira and Amy Oakeson.

See Rise Up Children's Choir’s viral cover of “Speechless” here: https://mp3download.xyz/watch/csmku3VHFS0
Subscribe to Rise Up Children's Choir: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCOa7boSHFG5dzpXhH27ikfQ?sub_confirmation=1

Soloists (in order singing):
Bryson Ripley https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCZ4Vz_VIHaIFIoPfAdVryqA
Ian Turner
Kate Killpack
Clara Hainsworth https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCpHIXPFeGjE9VRHhx2UsCmQ
Hannah Evans (Fire Queen) https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCjByUdAD45X93KSdHl-mDCw/
Bryson Ripley
Clara Mae (Phoenix) https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCLon2DemWlQQh9uTLLPyV2A

Ashes Dancers:
Alex Stringham
Asher Reynolds https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCzkGO_Phi4yuqYxhZSaOy2Q
Christian Ritchie
Colette Stringham
Danny Kenny
Isabel Rowley
Penny Widdison
Luke Widdison
Lydia Oakeson https://www.youtube.com/channel/UC-uUz-RfxiWrNAFSY5tu4oA
Reese Oliveira https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCrYMJKfl1yDIV-o9g6hZ4Aw

Fire Dancers:
Bella Tate
Eden Tate
Grace Oborn
Hannah Evans
Hannah Tate
Julia Collings
Livi Solomon
Lizzie Farnsworth
Lydia Kenny
Lyla Oakeson
Sarah Kenny
Stella Parry
Madelyn Thompson

Avery Johnson
Clara Mae 
Eli Reynolds
Elsa Perry
June Winkleman
Hannah Bailey https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCY8Uly1Sg5hArYcX343R4jw
Miles Jeppson
Rachel Farnsworth
Ruby Widdison
Rylie Oliveira
Sarah Farnsworth
Toby Worland

Audio Credits:
Music Arranged and produced by Becky Willard
Vox Fox Studios - Orem, Utah
Music direction by Scott Shattuck https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCrzTuQ42jo47RtVvePPYXCg

Video Credits:
“Rise Up” by Andra Day
Produced by Amy Oakeson and Suzy Oliveira, founders of Rise Up Children's Choir
Directed by Suzy Oliveira https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCac5Jm4vVsZ26dyQTiRI_CA
Cinematography by Brandon Young - 801-623-7133
Edited by Suzy Oliveira
Choreography by Amy Oakeson
On-site sound operators:
Gary Oakeson
Nadia Khristean

On-site child supervisor(s):
Saundra Farnsworth
Aimee Ritchie
Emily Widdison
Julie Tate
Debbie Oborn
Jenni Anderson
Melissa Clegg
Alicia Alba

Wardrobe & Prop committee :
Elizabeth Evans
Melinda Randall
Jenny Reynolds
Suzy Oliveira
Hannah Evans

Hair and Makeup:
Jenny Reynolds
Isabel Oakeson https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCbVH-JmuYwRW415aDtf56Ww
Chrissy Solomon

Additional production support:
Jasmine Turner
Emily R
Amanda Perkins
Amanda Biesinger
Marcie Alcorn
Amy O’Reilly
Deanna Herring
Amanda Perkins
Tami Thompson

Behind the scenes photographers:
Debbie Oborn
Jaime Ward
Gary Oakeson

A special thank you Billy Preston, ranger for Uinta National Forest and to all of our 2019/2020 Rise Up Children's Choir families who came and supported this project.

Rise Up Children's Choir is a brand-new advanced performance group based in Utah/USA that is comprised of children's ages 6 to 18 (first grade through senior year) with strong music and performance skills. Please like, share, and subscribe to help our channel grow! 

Connect with Rise Up Children's Choir:
Instagram @riseupchildrenschoir
Facebook: www.facebook.com/riseupchildrenschoir

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Comments :

Noelia Martinez

Noelia Martinez . 1 day ago

Beautiful 😙😭❤❤

Jessica Perez

Jessica Perez . 1 week ago


Megan Astfalck

Megan Astfalck . 2 weeks ago

Honestly I wish I could see this live.

Yohanes Iwanto

Yohanes Iwanto . 2 weeks ago

Like like like ,😘

Jordan Kons

Jordan Kons . 2 weeks ago

Wow I have never heard this song until angelica hale performed this song on AGT and OMG I love this song I love the message and most importantly I love this performance I also really liked the choreography as well and the setting


Faye . 2 weeks ago

I'm here because of Reese😊😊

leah pacleb

leah pacleb . 3 weeks ago


Ahmad Sigit AS

Ahmad Sigit AS . 4 weeks ago


Man About It

Man About It . 4 weeks ago

Something about Utah producing children's choirs...don't know what it is but I like it!

Sy Shelton

Sy Shelton . 4 weeks ago

I love itttt 💖💖💞

Leila McGrath

Leila McGrath . 1 month ago

Can you please post more frequently

Philo Ashraf

Philo Ashraf . 1 month ago

Why did you stop continue

John Payne

John Payne . 1 month ago

Powerfully innovative using pure imagination, creativity, innocence, purity, love. Everyone who made this happen is an inspiration to our beautiful World, as well as what can happen when incredible magic and love and purity touch the hearts of genius, and incredible preformers. I wish to make a request. It is a request that at this present moment, you may turn down. I wish to say if you do, I understand. However, it is a request I wish you to remember as time moves into the future. Many people understand that something is wrong with our world and mankind is responsible. It is actually today and in the future becoming a crisis. And as time moves into the future we will see this crisis take hold and unfold. Our world needs help. Our world needs hope. I have dedicated 2 decades of my life, to a powerful serious study, of our planet and mankinds relationship and self destruction of it. In 2013 and now 5.5 Terabytes of information collected, I put my study findings inside of a Word document and sent it world wide to Boy Scout and Girl Guide Groups all over the world. I will share it and its possible solutions with anyone who is willing to email me at theeagleandcougar2@gmail.com My request song, perhaps for the future someday or now is by John Denver and it is called Rhymes and Reasons. One of the solutions I have is for the Children, teens and adults around the world to pray for our Earth. This song demonstrates this. Below is what IS possible with this song. Yet it does not exactly fit my idea. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=EXgk0imKlIA

Brittney music

Brittney music . 1 month ago

Omg they sing so wow .great job guys

Anna Banana

Anna Banana . 1 month ago


Allie O'Brien

Allie O'Brien . 1 month ago

If you get on agt after all do this with dancing you would blow the judges away

Wonderful Service to God

Wonderful Service to God . 1 month ago

You should participate at America got talent cause this is so perfect

Wonderful Service to God

Wonderful Service to God . 1 month ago

Nice cover

Beckythechallenger aka Rebecca Pearson

Beckythechallenger aka Rebecca Pearson . 1 month ago

Great 👍🏼 job guys xx 😘

Leris Shu

Leris Shu . 1 month ago

I like them so much ... Suka sekali ..🇮🇩 😍

Christy Higginson

Christy Higginson . 2 months ago

Great job, Rise Up Children's Choir!!!

its djmigz

its djmigz . 2 months ago

My family loves your work awesome

its djmigz

its djmigz . 2 months ago


Suse Fink

Suse Fink . 2 months ago

Very beautiful choir,i enjoy watching your videos😍♥️

Carolina Ribeiro Costa

Carolina Ribeiro Costa . 2 months ago

Fantástica you are realy cool! I love your songs! Keep going! You are the bests!


RESTI MARXELINA . 2 months ago

Woww... Cool, amazing.. Keep give and do the best One Voice. Gbu

Taninya Dunham

Taninya Dunham . 2 months ago


Dintei Colney

Dintei Colney . 2 months ago

you guys are really talented

Lentel Allaert

Lentel Allaert . 2 months ago

One word beautiful ❤️


Fantheastic101 . 2 months ago

Nice voices! All of you make my choirmates inspired. 💙

Jhun Caven V.Binatara

Jhun Caven V.Binatara . 2 months ago

It was beautiful and fashionable one

Dwi Ratna Karim

Dwi Ratna Karim . 2 months ago


rahman rahmawan

rahman rahmawan . 2 months ago

It's so graceful

Roxy Cañete

Roxy Cañete . 2 months ago

Its reminds me how the amazon fire burnt our forest and through our help we can rise up again

Poonpol Chitra-dhara

Poonpol Chitra-dhara . 2 months ago

Truly beautiful. Love. May Buddha bless you and your families, always.😊🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏❤💛💚💙💖💟


가롤carol . 2 months ago

Amazing this song!! I love a song

funny elephant

funny elephant . 2 months ago

Man Everytime I watch a lot of your videos I get goose bumps. You guys are Soo good.

Robert Meloy

Robert Meloy . 2 months ago

There is an immense amount of talent in these kids. Just love this video and can’t wait to see more. This is the best of the 4!!!!!

theresa shook

theresa shook . 2 months ago

The word AMAZING isn't enough! Gotta get another tissue....

Jejja Bäst

Jejja Bäst . 2 months ago

Love to be an member i am living in the wrong country I think. I’m living in 🇸🇪 Sweden

Kizito Peterson

Kizito Peterson . 2 months ago

Beautiful! Beautiful!! Beautiful!!!... I will rise up

Lize-Mari Treurnicht

Lize-Mari Treurnicht . 2 months ago

They are so amazing

Adam Yudistira

Adam Yudistira . 2 months ago

WOW! Love this so much, very cool and amazing.

Taninya Dunham

Taninya Dunham . 2 months ago

Taninya up good 💝💝💝💝💝💝💝love

Tintin Leyes Quejada

Tintin Leyes Quejada . 2 months ago

Very beautiful 😍

Wilma Hüpscher

Wilma Hüpscher . 2 months ago

This is so beautiful! Amazing voices, beautiful choreography, the filming and editing just perfect, inspiring message!

Mathilda Royer

Mathilda Royer . 2 months ago

Waw c'est juste magnifique 😏... Vos talents, c'est magnifique 😏...

Bitterness Lady

Bitterness Lady . 2 months ago

Love the voices 🧡🧡

Jaime Manchik

Jaime Manchik . 2 months ago

This is such a beautiful song and I feel like you guys mastered it. I literally got goosebumps to the voices mixing together. ❤️

Stephanie Mullins

Stephanie Mullins . 2 months ago

Beautiful video

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