Exploring Alternatives

Exploring Alternatives

Published on 2 years ago

L.J. has been living in her vintage 1977 GMC Vandura camper van conversion for 3 years while working a 9-5 job in HR. She bought the van for just $500 and enjoys the van life because it allows her to save money and live on a budget, but mostly she loves the freedom of parking wherever she wants, and of being able to travel on weekends.

She's recently quit her job and is planning to travel for a year in the van, and overseas to the Philippines and Indonesia.

We love how simple L.J.'s van is — no power, no heat, just the basics like a bed, a swivel seat, a cooler, and some books. She makes the lifestyle look easy although she does splurge during a couple of the coldest winter months to sublet an apartment.

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Mat & Danielle

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Comments :

Michael Ashcraft

Michael Ashcraft . 2 days ago

Taking "tiny home" living to an enjoyable level is an interesting option. Doc Mike USN

Denise T

Denise T . 5 days ago

Did I miss where she explains how she will be financially responsible for her healthcare?


VANBEAR SLOTS . 5 days ago

Awesome video


LD R . 6 days ago

I love that old van!! Be careful with the noise. Ive been stopped for noise before. One officer was actually angry about the noise 😳


Msbuddy08sej . 6 days ago

U can be a homebody in the van. That's her home. Duhhhhhh. Smh

George Bobb

George Bobb . 1 week ago

I had a 78.If you changed the oil at 3,000 mile intervals they would easily run for 300,000 miles.Mine did.

Linda Sanders

Linda Sanders . 2 weeks ago

I'm interested in doing the same sort of thing. My question is about taking showers, using the bathroom, etc. How do you manage these things?

Jimmy Rodas Molestina

Jimmy Rodas Molestina . 2 weeks ago

You look 50

Sarah Evelyn Tan

Sarah Evelyn Tan . 3 weeks ago

Thanks for sharing her life living inside her own van. I live in a city life and I am curious to know does her van has any toilet facilities inside of it?

Anthony Butler

Anthony Butler . 3 weeks ago

Good luck to her I’m seventy and the plan is to do the same thing in eighteen months because I love driving and there are so many places I’ve not been to and so many i want to see again

Richard Williams

Richard Williams . 3 weeks ago

Live your life girl for real more power an much luv to u

Richard Williams

Richard Williams . 3 weeks ago

Nice plan to get my own rv too God spare my life an just venture out in to the world of the RV lifestyle

Paul Lewis

Paul Lewis . 3 weeks ago

You go girl!

M. H.

M. H. . 3 weeks ago

Hippy !!!!

Thomas Moran

Thomas Moran . 4 weeks ago

I would love it.

Thomas Moran

Thomas Moran . 4 weeks ago

You’re amazing.

Xanatos Wolfe

Xanatos Wolfe . 4 weeks ago

I bought a piece of land and have been doing this for the past year on my own land. I installed a small stove for the winter. I plan on building a cabin soon though. I've opted out of society, except for a few close friends, and I've never been happier.

om sa

om sa . 4 weeks ago

Like it

john giants john

john giants john . 4 weeks ago

We should all have experience this just once in our life


ZO AR . 4 weeks ago

I need to find me a lady just like her.

Delaney Rose

Delaney Rose . 4 weeks ago

Happiness is living your personal dream Not fulfilling the expectations of others. ..this seems so relaxing and stress free


onefatstratcat . 4 weeks ago

Now that's a van!!

Mike Harrison

Mike Harrison . 4 weeks ago

She needs to have kids? 😁

Mike Harrison

Mike Harrison . 4 weeks ago

She needs a guitar? Hang out, and jam 😁

Mike Harrison

Mike Harrison . 4 weeks ago

The van, It's got a women touch? 😁

Mike Harrison

Mike Harrison . 4 weeks ago

It's a classic van? I want it, with her? 😛

Mike Harrison

Mike Harrison . 4 weeks ago

She needs an r.v. more room, with bath? 🤔

zombie fartz

zombie fartz . 1 month ago

I did it for years, it sucked.

Kendra Smith

Kendra Smith . 1 month ago

Love to see this video... Sounds great to me. Would not work for me as I am lots older than 32. But I say to this young woman... Go for it!!

Gerald Merkel

Gerald Merkel . 1 month ago

Love your Van love your life just keep doing it your way The non believers will be clueless their whole life

Jay Calix

Jay Calix . 2 months ago

Oh, I'm happy that you're considering the Philippines. I'm from the PH and been planning to do Vanlife and didn't expect that our country will be mentioned in any of the Vanlife vids. That's so kind.

Rama Ram

Rama Ram . 2 months ago

I spy Still Life with Woodpecker

Jason Fromi

Jason Fromi . 2 months ago

Thank you so much you are amazing


MissAshten . 2 months ago

I liked that she's living in an older van. I like these videos because I can live vicariously through them but it's not imaginable if they live in a camper or sprinter valued over 10k. Im too frugal to imagine myself in something expensive

j j

j j . 2 months ago

Awesome love ur van

Dick Johnson

Dick Johnson . 2 months ago

Another philosopher? Probably a Vegan in a rusted out old van. Give me a break!

Roger Pollard

Roger Pollard . 2 months ago

What do you do if it rains several days in a row?


Sam . 2 months ago

Where do you go to the bathroom at?

Isaac Idicula

Isaac Idicula . 2 months ago

how does she take a shower

Rob Fitzsimmons

Rob Fitzsimmons . 2 months ago

Couldn't go without a bathroom! I prefer a private potty!

Monkey In A Dress

Monkey In A Dress . 3 months ago

I wanna live freely and not be tied down by the man! ✌ No, really. I wouldn't mind living in a van. Seems like something I'd do, honestly.


jaegordon25 . 3 months ago

What you do when it breaks down?

Devin Alex

Devin Alex . 3 months ago

Will you marry me?

No worries Mate

No worries Mate . 3 months ago

Don’t worry about other people mate!

Joei Sanford

Joei Sanford . 3 months ago


Zachary Shoop

Zachary Shoop . 3 months ago

Wow! There is a girl out there I could relate with thank God.

Colton Loberg

Colton Loberg . 3 months ago

Mines a 79 and was 600 😎

Kay DeBerg

Kay DeBerg . 3 months ago

No one should judge you for how you chose to live tour life. It's your life... being safe is important... but.... I agree.

Don Lipski

Don Lipski . 3 months ago

Beautiful soul , everything about you is just beautiful ..I'm inspired


talona17 . 3 months ago

So smart! She works for 5 years, saves money to take 1 year off to enjoy life! Sounds like a much better idea, than waiting for retirement. Live and enjoy now while you are young, strong and healthy.

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