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Published on 2 years ago

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Who would have thought you could make HEALTHY pasta.... let alone with just these TWO simple ingredients!

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Comments :

Wade Allen

Wade Allen . 5 months ago

In love the honesty. Its good but chewy. Normally youtubers will make a low carb treat and act like its as good as peanut M&Ms.

Kara Tio

Kara Tio . 12 months ago

the beginning of this video is so cute and funny!!

Rachel Clack

Rachel Clack . 1 year ago

This is gorgeous

Salvador Flores

Salvador Flores . 1 year ago

mine came out too soft. I like al dente pasta. The only thing i did different was roll the dough with a rolling pin into a thinner sheet and sliced narrower strips. It was hard to remove and stuck to the parchment paper. Anyone have any suggestions on how to give the noodles more firm texture?


Nikki . 1 year ago

Looks like your noodles were too thick, I would've rolled that dough more thinly


angel115ify . 1 year ago

Why don't you use the whole egg?


misanthropicbyday . 1 year ago

Honestly just take some mild cheese string, pour some sauce, parmesan, Italian seasoning over it and bam what took you 4 and a half hours took me 2 mins.

Kaylen Payne

Kaylen Payne . 1 year ago

Cheese isn’t healthy at all 🙄

Kamille Fields

Kamille Fields . 1 year ago

I am so glad you did this I was wondering how it tasted. have you done it again? would you cook it longer or less under the water? what did you decide

LA Bressett

LA Bressett . 1 year ago

Mine came out great and my family even loved them. Thanks for share!

john balogna

john balogna . 1 year ago

You lost me when you added Kraft wood shavings( cellulose )  that they pawn off as grated cheese plus it doesn't need refrigeration what real cheese do you know of that doesn't require refrigeration ??.  Surrender your Italian card lol




Pete C

Pete C . 1 year ago

Something I have to try, thanks. And I think it is almost zero carb without the sauce la... ;D

Jesse Garza

Jesse Garza . 1 year ago

what gets me is that it yields so little do all kinds of work and the return isn't that great

Renee Miles

Renee Miles . 1 year ago

Seems like it would work better for lasagna


ItalianCurls . 1 year ago


Jewelyn Goode

Jewelyn Goode . 2 years ago

Let me try this 😉

Doughnut Spaghetti

Doughnut Spaghetti . 2 years ago

I gotta try this. Would it be possible to bake in on low heat vs refrigerate it to speed things along?

Adriana Perezz

Adriana Perezz . 2 years ago

Well this did not work AT ALL

Juan Lopez

Juan Lopez . 2 years ago

It would be nice to give credit to tasty for the recipe

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