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I LOST 15 POUNDS IN 7 DAYS || lose weight fast || EGG DIET // Cat Rowan

Cat Rowan

Cat Rowan

Published on 11 months ago

I know In the video I said I recommend it but I was stupid very stupid. Everyone can lose weight on a calorie deficit but this one is way to low. Only adults should do this diet.

Hiiiii, I'm Cat, im 17 and i like food. I'm new to youtube so leave some love !

I felt a little chubby so i did the egg diet and lost 15 pounds.

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Comments :

Nirjona Jonsson

Nirjona Jonsson . 57 minutes ago

Annoying af editing... Couldn't even watch more than a minute 🙄

Lois Ereve

Lois Ereve . 2 hours ago

I tried this and lost 3 kilos, still good I guess...


arianah . 3 hours ago

To much editing. Very annoying 😒

My cat butters my nuggets

My cat butters my nuggets . 6 hours ago

Guys for what she said about not eating too many eggs for cholesterol, ignore that, it’s good cholesterol which fights and breaks down the bad cholesterol

My cat butters my nuggets

My cat butters my nuggets . 6 hours ago

1:37 I have that mug!!

Whitney Schuebel

Whitney Schuebel . 7 hours ago

There is no fricken way I’m going to buy 42 eggs for one week


eatmybubbles . 8 hours ago

The sound effects made me cringe

Kiran Bhamra

Kiran Bhamra . 12 hours ago

As soon as u eat ur gonna gain it all back don’t do this diet u loose water weight at first anyway

Annie Vang

Annie Vang . 16 hours ago

I would do this if i wasn’t eggtose intolerant (it’s like being lactose intolerant but when I eat eggs, my stomach hurts and I have to go to the bathroom)

Nidene Pillay

Nidene Pillay . 20 hours ago

Hmm...I think your clothes also add/removed weight

XJaraly X

XJaraly X . 20 hours ago

What kind of green tea do y’all drink? Mine is a dieters tea aka helps boost metabolism aka makes me shit all the waste

john miller

john miller . 22 hours ago

Im 5'3 and 125 and uou look so much thinner then me ( yes im a girl using hubbys acct.). Ahout to try this.

sheola bríd lane

sheola bríd lane . 1 day ago

When I stand up: ( ) ( ) When I sit down :( ) ( )

Classic Claire

Classic Claire . 2 days ago

Praise the chickens do ya have to drink the tea?!! I can't have tea

Briten Eldridge

Briten Eldridge . 2 days ago

A cold sore is apart of the herpes strand so🙃🙃 also I dont think it's funny to dog on people with it..

Nicole Chamberlain

Nicole Chamberlain . 2 days ago

After seeing the results I'm eager to try this...the only hindrance is, I'm vegan....so what do you think I should replace with the eggs? I suppose anything whole since I think what really helped the weight loss is the tea...

naina khan

naina khan . 2 days ago

Can't we have 2 eggs for each meal..as 3 seems quite more

naina khan

naina khan . 2 days ago

Can we replace barriers with banana?

Beth Is not okay

Beth Is not okay . 2 days ago

I weigh like 61kg and I am soooo fat

kai xin

kai xin . 2 days ago

15 pound in 7 days Damnnnnn i wish i could do it ><

Nina Dakin

Nina Dakin . 2 days ago

I love your editing lol, it makes the video hilarious and relatable.


MechaniCat . 2 days ago

Excuse me but what happens when you leave apple out

Gizem G

Gizem G . 2 days ago

Morning - 3 hot boilled eggs (or cooked) - 1 cup green tea Lunch - 3 hot boilled eggs (or cooked) - 1 apple - 1 cup green tea Snack - 1 apple - 1 cup green tea Diner - 1/2 cup of oats - 1/2 cup of milk - 1/2 cup of water - 1 ts honey - as much cinnamon as you want - one cup of frozen berries - 1 cup green tea

Anna Sophie

Anna Sophie . 3 days ago

The weight you lose after this diet does not last. Eating this many eggs everyday will cause acne too

Christy Brown - Lose Weight Loss That Works!

Christy Brown - Lose Weight Loss That Works! . 3 days ago

I lost 10.5 lbs in 3 days.

Emily Dalton

Emily Dalton . 4 days ago

shes like the prettiest person ever what does she meaaannn


Eda . 4 days ago

Everyone is like „Don’t do it, I don’t recommend it“ but why the fuck are you posting the video then. You know people will do it because they wanna lose weighhhhtt! Obviously you do recommend it by posting the video.

Leah Kartsonakis

Leah Kartsonakis . 4 days ago

I’m doing this right now and I’m actually gonna give updates unlike everyone else in this comments section. I just finished day one and I am blowing through my eggs lol. My problem is the green tea, I absolutely hate that stuff so I do a quick chug during the day and then I gag a lot and almost through up but I survived lol. I’m not really craving any other foods like I normally do because I feel so clean on the inside😂 I’ll update in 6 days

Laura Jonuzi

Laura Jonuzi . 4 days ago

Do you drink tea with sugar?

Rosie Cheeks

Rosie Cheeks . 4 days ago

Are the results for this permanent or temporary?

Michael Petty

Michael Petty . 5 days ago

Great video. My wife and I are going to try this. Don’t ever worry about cholesterol in eggs. Eggs lower cholesterol. Been studies done where people eat 30 eggs a day for 30 days. Cholesterol always goes down. May sound stupid to most people but excessive carbs and sugar is what causes high cholesterol. Causes your liver to over produce coenzyme A which causes cholesterol to go up.

Anisa Ullah

Anisa Ullah . 5 days ago

Me getting motivated to this a whole month and then When she said "don't do this more than 2 weeks" because it has F***in cholesterol - - - - - -> Anisa left the chat

Ximena Dávalos

Ximena Dávalos . 5 days ago

Did you add sugar to the green tea?

Eun Mi

Eun Mi . 5 days ago

Sooo I’m super late here buuttt starting tomorrow morning (12-05-19) I’ll be trying this diet for 2 weeks straight along with my workout videos I have hopefully I see a change but I’ll come back in 5 days to edit this~ My current weight is 141.2lbs (64kg) My height is 5’4

Freaky Creepy

Freaky Creepy . 5 days ago

Lmao am I the only one who tried this diet for a week and didn’t work? No one? Ok


KPOP Stan . 6 days ago

I wanna lose weight just to see my thigh gap again. 😂😂

pamela garcia

pamela garcia . 6 days ago

I can not believe that at 150 and 160 that’s what you look like !!! I weight the same and I look like a potato 😂😂!!!!

Lilli illiL

Lilli illiL . 6 days ago

what do you do when you get hungry tho

Feno Dream

Feno Dream . 6 days ago

Did u exercise

ALT Insidious

ALT Insidious . 6 days ago

Just watched it cuz the girl looks hot😂 and also I need to get fit

Wizard titties

Wizard titties . 6 days ago

I wonder if you could also include meal replacers with this??

Hello Hehe

Hello Hehe . 7 days ago

Do u have to have green tea or can u drink water ?


Tea . 7 days ago

How tall is she cause I'm 73 kgs 5'7 and I'm literally overweight like my doctor told me SHE LOOKS SKINNY TF

bahira saleh

bahira saleh . 7 days ago

Please do not try this diet, I have tried it before yes I do lost weight and gained wieght more than what i lost btw and I had a severe hair lose so please don't do that.

Kaye Paradise

Kaye Paradise . 1 week ago


moosa Mohammad

moosa Mohammad . 1 week ago

What if someone has allergy with eggs

Lol Yo

Lol Yo . 1 week ago

It actually worked for me. I got intoxicated because of eating eggs, so😂 I had to throw up all day lmao Don’t try it if u have sensitive stomach

Grace M

Grace M . 1 week ago

I did it for 5 days because my body couldn’t hold up without meat I lost 7 lbs thank you for this but please I do not recommend eating regularly and working out at a healthy pace is much better for your body so please try something else that is healthy for your body

Rirri Mor

Rirri Mor . 1 week ago

cold sore is caused by herpes😏😏

Alise Hoffman

Alise Hoffman . 1 week ago

Im gonna try this and then tell y’all does it actually work, so like it to remind me 💗 my weigh: 54 kg DAY 1: ✅ It was kinda hard, I added a tangerine instead of berries in my oatmeal, and actually Im not sure that’s gonna work DAY 2: ✅ Now I weight 53 kg 😮 Buuut I ate some extra yogurt 😆

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