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HCG Diet Lose 15lbs in 3 Weeks | Studies

Paul Revelia

Paul Revelia

Published on 2 years ago

The HCG Diet makes some profounds claims and has a drastic approach to weight loss and fat loss. This diet consists of hormone shots and starvation level calorie levels.


Comments :

Olga Saienko

Olga Saienko . 1 year ago

I actually tried the HCG diet myself and lost around 35 pounds in one month. I was able to keep the weight off for about two years but then gained it all back due to poor eating habits. I feel like it really did work for me since I didn’t feel hungry most of the time. I honestly think that without the hormone it would’ve been impossible for me to eat 500 calories per day. I would definitely never do it again though, only because it’s way too restrictive and obviously not sustainable.

rick storzy

rick storzy . 1 month ago

Not great advice

Amanda Logue

Amanda Logue . 4 months ago

I did it. She binge ate, that’s on her. My doctor made it clear that after the 4 weeks I need to maintain a healthy life style and go back to working out to keep it off.

Araceli Kopiloff

Araceli Kopiloff . 5 months ago

I lost 50 pds 5 yrs ago w HCG and kept it off no problem. I had tried everything, working out, low cal, low carb and I lost very little before. For me it was great. I eat healthy now and go to the gym. BTW I did NOT do 500 cals I did around 800-1000.

Steve Gamble

Steve Gamble . 5 months ago

I am very disciplined eater so if someone doesn't cave in and binge then can HCG be better for them? I can't get lean enough on my own through cardio and weighing my macros. Single digits seems impossible without sups for some ? Not doing stupid diet of pure starvation when building muscle and training every day. Set point for me seems 16% every % below that is a furious battle of LOTS of cardio and carb depleting.. which is not sustainable. I want to eat a potato with my chicken and Cardio 2X a day for ever and ever is not sustainable. Maybe 10%-12% is simply not sustainable for some without spending more time at the Gym that your home.

Paul Montalvo Sr

Paul Montalvo Sr . 7 months ago

High Concentration Gestational diet.

skate dd

skate dd . 8 months ago

She hasn't got disciplined... she's changed her mind not her body...

skate dd

skate dd . 8 months ago

Great way to slow your metabolism down.. then when you start eating again.. normally. Guess what disaster.. not rocket science

skate dd

skate dd . 8 months ago

anyone on a 500 calorie diet lose weight... it wouldn't have to take anything at all... doesn't make sense


Luv-Truth . 8 months ago

It worked, and still (keeping off 38 pounds lost 7 yrs ago) working...VERY well for me. It depends, like most things, on the person. ☺❤


Annspiration . 9 months ago

lol..."disagreeance"" ......new word....lol.

tamila cochran

tamila cochran . 10 months ago

Thank you so much for this information! Very helpful.

yalis torres

yalis torres . 10 months ago

Not good👎

Tony Gonzalez

Tony Gonzalez . 10 months ago

I did HCG 4 years ago lost 124 pounds since then lost other 50 on my own eating right and exercise kept of so no complaints on the HCG loved it

keith carlough

keith carlough . 11 months ago

Good info. So my set point was at 178-180. Not I’m at 190. Gotta get things moving. Walking more and hanging at 1600cal a day. Hope to see results soon

Martin Peniak

Martin Peniak . 11 months ago

Thanks Paul, very educational

HCG Diet Miami & HCG Near Me

HCG Diet Miami & HCG Near Me . 12 months ago

Best hcg videos for information: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UChR0Ts3rAJ-ynMMJbsky1Uw/videos

Cetrulo Trifecta

Cetrulo Trifecta . 1 year ago

This is an excellent diet !

Laura Neeson

Laura Neeson . 1 year ago

Also the diet recommends light resistance training but not aerobic exercise and there is a scientific reason for that.

Laura Neeson

Laura Neeson . 1 year ago

Plenty of people use the HCG diet and keep the weight off for life once they ease into the maintenance phase. The HCG hormone doesn’t cause the weight loss- it doesn’t claim to- it stops your body going into starvation mode on the 500 calorie diet. That’s what it’s sole purpose is. I’ve used it successfully and it’s been years and I haven’t put the weight back on.

Heaven Marie

Heaven Marie . 1 year ago

To all that say they lost the weight and gained it all back. Then that wasn’t any diets fault. Even after you lost the weight you wouldn’t have to stick to 500 calories. You could eat maintenance calories and not gain weight. If you gained weight back it’s because you started eating like you did prior to the diet. And so that’s the way the big ball bounces. If you consume more than you spend in calories...you gain weight. Can’t blame any diet on that.

jason onajobi

jason onajobi . 1 year ago

Hcg also prevents muscle loss on a low calorie diet

Taylor Amanda Arnoux-Prost

Taylor Amanda Arnoux-Prost . 1 year ago

I've been on 500 cal a day. Was to kick start my bikini prep. Wasn't healthy won't be doing it again. I never took the shots but I did still lose 20 pounds in 3 weeks. It's seriously not sustainable though won't attempt again and The refeed during a prep was just horrible. I didn't stop training though no way.

Backinto Balance

Backinto Balance . 1 year ago

I’m a ND DOC paul talks sensible!

hyacinth garrote

hyacinth garrote . 1 year ago

Thank you!

Sevin Ronak

Sevin Ronak . 2 years ago

Good thing I saw this video before I buy the HCG

Dircilene Souza

Dircilene Souza . 2 years ago

HCG diet can cause very serious and life threatening health problems. My sister did two rounds of the HCG diet under doctor supervision and had pulmonary embolism. I lost my dearest sister to such a seemless thing. I’m writing this comment to bring awareness to the public about the risk of this diet and maybe save some lives. Go read about all contraindications and possible side effects of this diet. Fatal complications of the HCG diet are rare but very real. Unfortunately, my sister was one of this rare cases and lost her life. Big tragedy!

Alpha Saiyan

Alpha Saiyan . 2 years ago

You said there was no such thing as starvation mode

Wild Roses

Wild Roses . 2 years ago

Since following the advice to eat 1200 calories a day, I haven't been able to lose weight. This last week I set a goal of reaching 6,000 steps per day, 5 days of 30 mins of cardio, and switching from upper and lower body strength training. Hoping these new goals will get me to my goals. So done with the calorie counting!

Katarína Jurčiaková

Katarína Jurčiaková . 2 years ago

I am sooo thankful that I am from small, god-forsaken Slovakia and shits like that hasn´t reached us yet :D And I hope that they will not :D This is the first time I´ve ever heard about that and it sounds crazy!

Carissa Bluth

Carissa Bluth . 2 years ago

I have a level of respect for doctors, but they’re pill pushers with limited time and they have a fixed response for every symptom, and typically a fixed prescription! We need preventative medicine or as some say “functional medicine”. We have to take control and be the experts of ourselves.

Bree Meyer

Bree Meyer . 2 years ago

This made me CRINGE!!!! I can’t believe they would recommend that!

Kendall G

Kendall G . 2 years ago

My doctor put me on Phentermine after a plateau. I was 10-15lbs from my goal I was on it for 6 months Eating 900 a day and hardly losing and ended up restricting terribly I’m Reversing and lifting now and losing weight

Johanna Livingston

Johanna Livingston . 2 years ago

I work around doctor's and I've seen many obese and over weight doctors IJS

Ken W

Ken W . 2 years ago

British doctor named Albert Simeons first proposed HCG as a weight loss tool in 1954. His diet consisted of two main components: An ultra low-calorie diet of around 500 calories per day. The HCG hormone administered via injections. 500 Calories a day...no wonder they say stop working out...temp fix that is not healthy elevated blood levels of HCG may also be a symptom of several types of cancer, including placental, ovarian and testicular cancer

Genny K

Genny K . 2 years ago

There are 4 phases, where you even reverse diet to bring metabolism back up but it is still wonky. There's a book the doctor wrote and there's few access to it online, I can't even remember where but this is how my problem started. I am currently on a reverse and have an additional 35 lbs so far, sigh. So ready for all my work to show ... wish I was in a place to work with you right now! Trying to absorb as much info from you as I can over the last few months!!


Royaltybrand11 . 2 years ago

The hcg shot will also grow cancer tumors rapidly


Royaltybrand11 . 2 years ago

I did it best I ever looked, gained all that shit back plus some

joseph domingue

joseph domingue . 2 years ago

Why would any intelligent person go to a doctor to lose 5 to 10 lbs...??? Why would anyone go to a doctor for fitness advice...??? She sounds like someone who would do anything anyone will suggest to her, she is more of her own problem than any method she is using... smh.

Tori Maxwell

Tori Maxwell . 2 years ago

I did this diet and managed to keep weight off for three years. I did experiment between just doing 500 calories and doing Hcg ( naturopathic drops). And I couldn't lose it with just the calorie method. So there is something in it. How ever over time the weight went up and I tried it again, lost a bit but then couldn't cope with it and couldn't reverse out of it so gained weight back. Now I'm doing things sensibly, gym and a healthy diet and I'm in a much better place weight and body wise!

Bella Fernandez

Bella Fernandez . 2 years ago

I did this three times every time gained weight back after 2 months after +more started off around 157 got to 138 next time I was 160 got to 145 the last time 165 got to 155 now I’m 170 and can’t lose the weight the healthy way 😩

Angela Trinidad

Angela Trinidad . 2 years ago

I did it and I losted 11 pounds I was 147. Honestly I lost more weight after the diet because I just trained and lift weights. I am 118 now and kept it off for 3 years and counting


IronMeds . 2 years ago

how to attack fat while obese, eat at a high deficit or low deficit? I've seen some folks say its ok to lose more then 2 pounds a week if your obese, this would mean eat around 1500 calories from maintenance, any thoughts? got any videos of this topic?

Alwin Reid

Alwin Reid . 2 years ago

Can you check out the snake juice diet? A lot of my friends are doing this, all female. I try to talk about it but I don't know enough of the science to be factual. Would love to hear your thoughts from the scientific point of view you have.


Mark . 2 years ago

Just one reason to do your own research before listening to anyone including someone you should be able to trust

Life Unfiltered W/EVIE

Life Unfiltered W/EVIE . 2 years ago

Great info, always helpful with information 🤘🏽

Alicia Schmidt

Alicia Schmidt . 2 years ago

That’s pretty much what happened to me. I did HCG years ago and my metabolism was never the same. I can’t get below 160 to save my life and I am 5’2.

Jenni Liberty

Jenni Liberty . 2 years ago

That's so unfortunate what happened to her 😮

Colin DeWaay

Colin DeWaay . 2 years ago

Ugh. Yeah I had someone reach out saying they had been on this too, and I had to look it up and was appalled (but not surprised.) Unfortunately she didn't like what I had to say about reversing and I never heard back.


Ted . 2 years ago

Shaking head in disbelief, if a doc prescribes this as a treatment they should be suspended at least. Thanks for the vid.

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