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Hardgainer Eating Plan (FULL DAY + TIPS!)



Published on 12 months ago

If you are skinny and find it difficult to pack on muscle then you are going to definitely want to watch this video. Here I am going to break down how to eat to build muscle and give you strategies on the best ways to approach your meal plans to give you the best chance of success. Too often, the overly simplified advice of “eat big and get big” is not enough. Here we are going to see why this can lead to an abundance of low quality gains (i.e. fat) instead of defined muscle.

If you have been lifting for any length of time you have likely heard how important your nutrition is to the way your body looks. Pack a bunch of low quality foods into your diet and even though you may pack on some mass through training, it is going to look bloated and non-aesthetic when it is composed of mostly increases in body fat. This is not the look you should be going for especially if you are going to need to perform at a high level as well.

Instead, the goal should be to build lean muscle without unnecessary or excess body fat. In order to achieve this you must first realize that simply eating more food indiscriminately is not the way to go. You would be better off learning how to make smarter food selections and opting for high quality nutrient dense foods.

There is a problem with this approach however, and it can be a big one if you don’t manage it properly. That is, often times the nutrient dense foods are not calorically dense. Meaning, the healthier the food option becomes the fewer calories it has. When you attempt to simply cram more food into each meal to compensate for the sparser calories you often find that you get too full too quickly and cannot sustain it.

This is where the approach to eating more frequently throughout the day comes in helpful. Now there is nothing magical about eating 6 times per day rather than 3. However, when it comes to hardgainers, it is especially helpful and a much more successful approach to eating since meal frequency is always an easier ask than increased meal volume when the stomach is used to eating a certain amount per sitting.

Next, it is important that you chronicle your meals for about 2 to 3 days. This forces you to assess how much you are truly eating in a day. Often times, this is eye opening to those that actually take the time to do it. It becomes abundantly clear that they are not eating enough food to amount to any kind of muscle protein synthesis. Higher protein intake can help to lower the demand for calorie excess however in both instances, your body still needs enough high quality food to help you to build muscle.

It is here that liquid calories and making the more calorie dense foods like avocados, natural peanut butter and nuts your staple foods, becomes most helpful. Adding a few protein shakes or smoothies in to your existing meals and not forgetting to opt for these more calorie compacted food options for snacks is a great way to quickly increase the intake throughout the day.

A sample day of eating is included in this video towards the end to give you an idea of how you would want to structure your meal plan if you were looking to put on more size and were struggling with being too skinny at the moment.

If you are looking for a complete 90 day meal plan with every meal laid out in detail, be sure to click the link below to get your ATHLEAN-X Training System. It comes with your meals, workouts and strategies in a step by step fashion to ensure your success.

For more videos on what to eat to build muscle and the best hardgainer workouts to build muscle mass, be sure to subscribe to our channel here on youtube and turn on your notifications so you never miss a video when it’s published.

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ATHLEAN-X™ . 12 months ago

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babbisp1 . 7 hours ago

255 340

Complex Ez

Complex Ez . 1 day ago

Drink your calories

Danny Grajales

Danny Grajales . 1 day ago

Cool video

Ahmad Raza

Ahmad Raza . 2 days ago

i reapeated the 1:39 part nearly 20 times to see all the differences... such a huge tranformation... BTW I'm skin on a skeleton... how much time did it take him to transform to that?


CodeMcRed . 2 days ago

Sucks when you’re a broke 21 year old. I still try. Go to gym everyday. I just increased my calorie intake. I seen some progress and growth for sure!!! But I hit a wall. It’s time to shock the muscles and increase calories!!!!


skate_rat . 3 days ago

I’d be eating more if Mrs. Obama hadn’t ruined my lunch meals. I swear the stuff they have at my school is filling, yet extremely low in calories. If I want more food they triple the price of the second meal. It makes me want to scream. My profile picture is not related to what I actually look like.

Intelligently Stoopid

Intelligently Stoopid . 4 days ago

Impossible for me to eat even half of that meal plan. Your snacks alone are heavy meals as far as im concerned

Sara Miller

Sara Miller . 4 days ago

its hard to have a good diet because i eat what my family eats in meals

colton williges

colton williges . 1 week ago

Welcome back JESSIE!

Mariq Koirushka

Mariq Koirushka . 1 week ago

Hi guys, im 28 years old and im 138lbs/63 kg, how many calories i need to gain weight? Im working construction job and i move a lot.


Toylo . 1 week ago

lactose free GOMAD is the way!

Michael Johansen

Michael Johansen . 2 weeks ago

im 180cm and 57kg! So before i start at the gym. Im just gonna try to expand my stomach and eat a lot of shit! I dont even care if i get bloated and fat.. So i doubt i need to LEAN Bulk


Zetsuke4 . 2 weeks ago

Jessie with glasses??????


YipTic . 2 weeks ago

Hey man, could you make a video on how to eat all of these while you’re at school? Currently I am not home most of the day and I can’t scarf down that much food in the 2 hrs I have before work

love parker

love parker . 2 weeks ago

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love parker

love parker . 2 weeks ago


love parker

love parker . 2 weeks ago

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MannyGTV . 3 weeks ago

What's really killing my gains is the budget lol

Max aka

Max aka . 3 weeks ago

Another thing I just missed is chewing really good food so your body gets the nut´s more efficiently.


gamma8gear . 4 weeks ago

#3 Calorie counter app

Blinker 182

Blinker 182 . 4 weeks ago

what if i am lactose intolerant? Is almond milk good enough?

Jason Janowiak

Jason Janowiak . 4 weeks ago

Yea I was a hard gainer eatting 5000 calories a day, went from 155 to 180 then it suddenly stopped and couldnt eat anymore, started adding gomad and it restarted up again, 3 weeks later I blew out my appendix and lost 40 pounds in 7 days so be VERY careful with gomad, it can actually hurt you

I Am The Marble

I Am The Marble . 4 weeks ago

Of course Jesse has the big ass gummy bear in the thumbnail

Idris Salik

Idris Salik . 4 weeks ago

eating is the hardest thing. Honestly!!!

Pinnacle Roofing

Pinnacle Roofing . 1 month ago

Mackerel! some people who aren't fish lovers find it too fishy but talk about super food

Bing Bing, Bong

Bing Bing, Bong . 1 month ago

man the "Antonio brown's go to snack" thing didn't age well


FlowXC . 1 month ago

I had a hard time gaining weight and stayed at 75 kg for almost a year. I started drinking much more sugar free fruit water. I drank over 5 flasks of 200 mili liter everyday and that got me a good apitite for food and helped me eat more. After 2 months I ad gained 2 kg and was up at 77 kg. The water drink helped me a ton and I would really advice everyone to drink more.

Dusten Cross

Dusten Cross . 1 month ago

If i get 20 concussions can i have a beard that grate??

Arnab Chowdhury

Arnab Chowdhury . 1 month ago

Sir we have to eat every 2 to 3 hours even m not hungry??

The Jovial Brit

The Jovial Brit . 1 month ago

I'm 6ft4 and slender built. I actually started to set reminders, on my phone, to even drink water every 4 hours. On top of that I'll do some stretches and a little exercise. It really helps to have reminders set!

christian blake

christian blake . 1 month ago

Look how much more sociable he is and confident in himself than in the first video where he didn’t have a beard. ❤️that’s crazy cool

christian blake

christian blake . 1 month ago

2:23 that’s exactly how I feel after eating in every meal. I try to push myself to eat more in every meal, but it just leaves me messed up

christian blake

christian blake . 1 month ago

If I can’t get over 130 pounds no matter how much I eat what do I do? I work out consistenlu everyday. One day I choose to do upper body then the day after I work on legs and abs.

Icommentrudestuff stt

Icommentrudestuff stt . 1 month ago

I'm a 14 year old boy and I'm in power lifting are my gains different then a guy your age or Jesse's age? I am in power lifting too... suggestions?!


jeetv1411 . 1 month ago

Can anyone help me to increase my weight, I am a vegetarian and my age is 29 years old, my height is 5 feet 7 inches and my weight is 52 kg. Please help me

Brandon Dye

Brandon Dye . 1 month ago

My problem is I always forget to not eat.

Jimothy j

Jimothy j . 1 month ago

Can't I just eat 6 chicken breasts a day?

Bartas Bogdevic

Bartas Bogdevic . 2 months ago

What do I eat when I go to school??

Danny Karagic

Danny Karagic . 2 months ago

I am a hardgainer 6.ft 6. I have made good progress. Please be sure to check out my new fitness videos.❤💪👌

kill ua

kill ua . 2 months ago

i just buy oatmeal o yeah!


TraceguyRune . 2 months ago

GOMAD is asinine. That's a sh*t ton of lactose (sugar) to be in taking per day. Want to trade abs for a fat belly? bulk with GOMAD.


baconheadass . 2 months ago

lmao i tried this and i can't eat even half the food on here in a day without throwing up


F . 2 months ago

Tbh eating over your hunger is much worse than being hungry

Idan B

Idan B . 2 months ago

Peanut butter isn't a good source of fat... (no omega 3, a lot of omega 6) eat it with moderation

Ice Bear

Ice Bear . 2 months ago

Jesse's like a completely different person. The confidence and self-security I'm feeling from him has gone through the roof!

Female INTJ

Female INTJ . 2 months ago

Jesse is the best.

JacobLance Tucker

JacobLance Tucker . 2 months ago

My only problem is my diet and when I do eat it’s not good for you.


Jaak . 2 months ago

I did not hear the word 'surplus' through the whole video. Is a caloric surplus absolutely necessary?


dsc8672 . 2 months ago

i need 2500 cal a day to maintain. yesterday i knew i was gonna train so i ate a lot... i burned 1700 cals by the end of the day but only ate 1800 cals, by the end of the night i needed another 2400 cals. this is damn hard.

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