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Angelica Hale - Andra Day's "Rise Up." Audition AGT

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Published on 2 years ago

An adorable 9-year-old delivers a powerful rendition of Andra Day's "Rise Up." See her surprising performance in America's Got Talent.
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Comments :

Edina Rogado

Edina Rogado . 1 day ago


Tete A Fanai

Tete A Fanai . 4 days ago

i va han thiam bawnturu rapthlak ngai ve le...love u anelica😍

Lilly Perez

Lilly Perez . 2 weeks ago

Angelica is so talented keep up the good work Angelica 🎶😁

Yuberkis Deaza

Yuberkis Deaza . 2 weeks ago

La humildad de esa niña resalta por encima de su voz.por eso me encanta escucharla

Reanne Gadduang

Reanne Gadduang . 3 weeks ago

Angelica hale it so very very good

Zeynab Abbass

Zeynab Abbass . 4 weeks ago

I love you

Amador Vale

Amador Vale . 4 weeks ago

Natawa ako sa huli eh huling huli hahaha

Jessica Oxendine

Jessica Oxendine . 4 weeks ago

Should have gotten the golden buzzer

Jessica Oxendine

Jessica Oxendine . 1 month ago

She is amazing!! She should have gotten the golden buzzer!

Beth Gordon

Beth Gordon . 1 month ago

She makes me cry when she sings!!!😢😢😢😢😢😢😢😢😢😢🤗🤗🤗🤗🤗🤗🤗

Ryann Seese

Ryann Seese . 1 month ago

OMG!I'm literally crying

ryszard klara

ryszard klara . 1 month ago

Angelica Hale 9 Top 5 Rise up Andra day singers 1080p klara

Melissa Perez Garcia

Melissa Perez Garcia . 2 months ago

But how did the the mom survive with her sick kidney

Dishon Ross

Dishon Ross . 2 months ago

Oh my gosh your song is amazing I love it you are the most talented girl in the world I think you can be a superstar I love you song so much love yo❤❤❤❤❤

Maggie X

Maggie X . 2 months ago

Me: okay another singer... Later: OH MY GOD YES QUEEN!!!!!!!!!!

Flora Macasaquit

Flora Macasaquit . 2 months ago


SkeemSaam Savage

SkeemSaam Savage . 3 months ago

I couldn't stop crying, I really felt the meaning of this song


Zeetex . 3 months ago

thinking about a Naruto amv ehile watching this

cj Hugutero

cj Hugutero . 3 months ago

A Filipino blood.


KITTEN LOVER XoXo . 3 months ago

Her mom cried then I cried


KITTEN LOVER XoXo . 3 months ago


Tintin Malinao

Tintin Malinao . 3 months ago

We love you Angelica Hale whooooooo

Alfa Vt

Alfa Vt . 3 months ago

Alguém BR é em 2019?

Marianne Bernales

Marianne Bernales . 3 months ago

I wish I can be like her but I can't,I can't because all of they said that I have ugly voice 😔😔😔😔😕

Yenkhom Gitagyani

Yenkhom Gitagyani . 3 months ago

Daneliya Tulesova is better

fanta fofana

fanta fofana . 3 months ago

tu as une jolie voix

k M

k M . 3 months ago

Beautiful! What a perfect little sweetheart!

Angelo Cabrera

Angelo Cabrera . 4 months ago

Who's watching 2019

Andrew Victi

Andrew Victi . 4 months ago

im here after i watched danaliya's blind audition in the voice kids ❤️

Brandon Cox

Brandon Cox . 4 months ago

Real life Moana

Nitzie Valle

Nitzie Valle . 4 months ago

We Filipino people are very talented and any ways. I don’t know, maybe genetics I guess....or maybe bcoz of the melting pot of races we’ve been colonize many times by foreign. Invaders by Chinese ,Indians ,Spaniards ,Americans,Japanese but we fought back to them ,we are a strong people in diversity! Viva! Malayo- Polynesians stock Filipino islanders.

Vanessa Jahn

Vanessa Jahn . 4 months ago

You sing so got ❤❤❤❤

Gyo Roxy

Gyo Roxy . 4 months ago

1:19 The Face LOL hahahahhahahhaha

Vern Goddard

Vern Goddard . 4 months ago

What an adorable & amazing child! You can see love & pride in her parents eyes & on their faces!

Nickie Chan

Nickie Chan . 5 months ago

anyone seen Tyra's face when she started singing?

______M & M______

______M & M______ . 5 months ago

Then puberty hits.......... Please trust me I’m not that cruel hearted 😂😂😂

Meg L.

Meg L. . 5 months ago

This is amazing! She is a true blessing!

Hafsah Ahmed

Hafsah Ahmed . 5 months ago

Makes me go in tears 😭 I love you Angelica Hale

Chenna Mertalla

Chenna Mertalla . 5 months ago

so beautiful

Eris Luttrell

Eris Luttrell . 5 months ago

I get the chills everytime I watch this

Диляра Бекнурова

Диляра Бекнурова . 5 months ago

Ойбай бир де бир казак барма

Haiden Anderson

Haiden Anderson . 5 months ago

Angelica Hale😍😍I am so grateful that you are able to sing

Haiden Anderson

Haiden Anderson . 5 months ago

Angelica Hale 😍😍 God has made you a beautiful girl and this song makes me sad cause when you were born your kindyes stop work and your mom give hers to you to give you this beautiful voice

All things -Grace Vanderwaal

All things -Grace Vanderwaal . 6 months ago

*I wanna be the next Whitney houston* Girl u better than her! Nah their both great!

Anah Vitoria 13

Anah Vitoria 13 . 6 months ago


amaya .nicole

amaya .nicole . 6 months ago

She looks just like her mom😊

Promhel Galman

Promhel Galman . 6 months ago

Wtf! I don't know why I'm crying

Dream Cardigan

Dream Cardigan . 6 months ago

I still cry every time I watch this performance. There's something about this video/performance that gets to me... maybe her pure, unadulterated determination? Her genuineness? It's just such an emotional video

Tehia Taylor

Tehia Taylor . 6 months ago

Did anybody else she was a cute little girl with a sweet voice and acted like Tyra when she started singing!

Rafidah Sabli

Rafidah Sabli . 7 months ago

Press Here ---> 1:05 To Hear Angelica Sing Again.

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