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Jillian Michaels: Don't Do the Master Cleanse!!! | TMZ



Published on 8 years ago

The Master Cleanse is a popular crash diet among Hollywood celebrities... but that didn't stop Jillian Michaels from absolutely trashing it!
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Jillian Michaels: Don't Do the Master Cleanse!!! | TMZ

Comments :

Arturo Castelo Jr

Arturo Castelo Jr . 3 months ago

She doesn't make any money off of healthy people but there are enough unhealthy, overweight people to go around in the fat loss industry. Master Cleanse is great to detoxify. If you want to lose weight caloric deficit works.

Tony Montgomery

Tony Montgomery . 4 months ago

Done it ~18times the last 17years, if ya don’t wanna do it then don’t. But for me it’s a no-brainer: every 9-15mos or so I feel like a break from eating and want to do it, I feel mostly good on it (clear mind, decent energy as long as I’m getting ~1,000-1,500calories/day from it), I feel badass after it, food tastes amazing again, and I continue to drink and party all I want (like I have been for 3 decades), I can drink/party way more&better thanks to the cleansing, my digestion is solid, no more getting the shits from heavy drinking like before I did my first master cleanse, I eat all the sugar and fast food and anything else I want in addition to the healthier/organic type foods I love the most, I eat lots of meat and full-fat dairy, I don’t “work-out” other than being active doing what I feel like doing, I’m lean, fit, and weigh the same as I did when I was 20. Good health, no big issues, etc etc, what else can I say. I’m not a weird cleanser/vegan-psycho/health-preacher or none of that shit, just a semi-normal, open-minded dude doing what makes obvious sense and actually works for me. So to all the haters u can suck it. 😁 (I love ya anyway.) And to all those who know what I’m sayin....well....ya know. Peace ✌️


TheIdiotChallenge . 1 year ago

irony of the whole thing is neither is the biggest loser diet THEY ALL gained their weight back AND had loose skin.


747t . 1 year ago

Did it for 10 days as a mail man and gonna do it again as a UPSer! Had great energy, mental clarity. No weight lost (no weight loss was needed! I stay in great shape!)


PandaBear_Keto . 2 years ago

Says the woman who practical starves the people on the biggest loser and works them out for 6hrs a day. She is a hypocrite. How about help those people lose weight they can maintain once they leave the show.

Zanel Camielle

Zanel Camielle . 2 years ago

I get advising against the cleanse by what did no meat do to her???

Essential Oil Sistas

Essential Oil Sistas . 2 years ago

Master Cleanse is just for cleansing.....it's not a diet but a detox so don't get it twisted. What's healthy after the detox is to eat a plant based diet....eating meat is acidic and toxic. Don't take her word for everything. If you wanna get rid of allergies and other ailments, do the Master Cleanse detox then eat a plant based diet.


OutlanderVideo . 2 years ago

Listen to your body do research and use common sense. Don’t listen to celebrities... Ever, there usually talking out of there ass!

harmony 1226

harmony 1226 . 2 years ago

Been doing it since 1992. Not just for losing weight It had helped me in many ways Love it


Shakuri . 2 years ago

The master cleanse is not a diet. It is a cleanse. Cleans your body

kiki guion

kiki guion . 2 years ago

the master cleanse is not a diet, it's intended to cleanse toxins and waste out of your body, also to get help with bloat and constipation, it's safe to do this for 7 to 10 days, anything more than that is risky. a noniodine salt water flush should be done every morning on a empty while on the master cleanse 32 of water and 2 tsp of non iodine salt., do not eat or drink anything other than water after drinking the mix. it's meant to be used for eliminating the bad things out your body before a weight loss journey, like a kick start. it works, but please mentally prepare your self, such as weening yourself of your food intake , slowly reduce the amount of food you eat each day until you are eating nothing, then start your cleanse, diving head first will result In quitting and/ or putting your body In stress. do your research. I agree with j. Micheal's about eating clean, but the master cleanse helps prepare for a weight loss journey, kicks out all the cravings of carbs and sugary food and drinks.

Chad Alan

Chad Alan . 2 years ago

great.. bimbo Jillian says don't do it.. so that means you should def use the cleanse properly. got it.

Ebony Antwi

Ebony Antwi . 2 years ago

well..Jillian doesn't know it all after all...did the Mcleanse last year ...felt great lost some weight..skin was looking great...people who know me well noticed the change and were impressed. ..I didn't do the green tea part so was running to the toilet. .I rather detox slowly on fruit and vegg 3 days prior to cleanse so the colon had already been well cleansed...detox doesn't alwys mean using the restroom it actually cleanses all toxins from liver as well..

Ruth Rankin

Ruth Rankin . 6 years ago

She's a dumbass

eBuy Sri Lanka

eBuy Sri Lanka . 6 years ago

My coworkers laughed when I told them I was going to lose weight with Fat Blast Formula, but then I showed them the results. Go google Fat Blast Formula to see their reaction. (It was epic!)

Rhenric Santos

Rhenric Santos . 6 years ago

Have you experienced Skinnimaker Diet? (look for it on google) It is a quick way to melt fat fast.

Evil Mona

Evil Mona . 6 years ago

If you desire to shed fat, you should do a google search Fat Blast Blueprint. They can guide you and help you get the body you deserve.

kamalbikram Garamja

kamalbikram Garamja . 6 years ago

If you desire to get rid of fat quickly, you should look up on google "Swift Fat Loss". You are bound to get the body you deserve.

Andriy Rusetski

Andriy Rusetski . 6 years ago

Nah! .I did -15 lbs last one month.Go to hawght.so\#Tcj95dh GwmexA98hkkzhuBRE

Igor Kadimov

Igor Kadimov . 6 years ago

Seems interesting, but .I did -15 lbs past 30 days.Open hawght.so\#bA659Cj

Vova Zahirov

Vova Zahirov . 6 years ago

Hello! I'm Alyssa.I did -35 lbs last two months.Visit hddiet.gs cDqp6U4avAy2sgS


42Johney . 7 years ago

people go over 40 days, and its perfectly fine. You're detoxing your body, it's not just to lose weight quick


Ariya . 7 years ago

RIGHT , if everyone went vegetarian and did the cleanse once in a while she wouldn't have enough fat "losers" to yell at and make money out of their misery


VictoryFire88 . 7 years ago

Don't go vegetarian. haha


sososebuk . 7 years ago

Master cleanse for 10 days is enough. Dont go more than that..

Haute Glam

Haute Glam . 7 years ago

The master cleanse is not a crash diet its a cleanse, hence the name geniuses


lovepeacebliss . 7 years ago

Just presenting the other side of the coin: I've done the master cleanse a total of 7 times. First time i did it it was for 42 days. I did it because I had horrendous migraines. Nothing to do with weight loss. Although I did lose lots of fat. Every time I did it I tried to eat better after the cleanse was over. I absolutely did not gain all the weight back. This is the leanest Ive ever been in all my life. My migraines have improved quite a bit but are not quite completely gone. A+ rating fromme

Nick Hall

Nick Hall . 8 years ago

does harvey have aids???

Nick Hall

Nick Hall . 8 years ago

does harvey have aids???

Savannah Coon

Savannah Coon . 8 years ago

Change the ad already! This song gives me a headache!


sheena . 8 years ago

I tried the master cleanse and I lost 17lbs in 8 days but gained it all back after 2 days off it.


marijaunnaz . 8 years ago



kissmeimcontagious57 . 8 years ago

does the master cleanse really work?

Abigail Duguay

Abigail Duguay . 8 years ago

ahah I know! she's amazing!!!


brattysub . 8 years ago

I always thought she was a bitch on the show. Got one of her DVD's. There's a reason she's a bitch. It's motivating. Love her.

Rosa Magalhães

Rosa Magalhães . 8 years ago

i love her


jenova000 . 8 years ago

oooo you hear that soyboy??? 1:14


scorpionkings . 8 years ago

She's full of crap...Well she obviously hasn't tried the Master Cleanse!!! LMAO

Jessica Ayala

Jessica Ayala . 8 years ago

I'm an equal opportunity eater.

Hélder Marinho

Hélder Marinho . 8 years ago

Full of crap. i know she loves a piece of meat, but i dont.


CanadianRM4 . 8 years ago

Luv Jillian so much!! We need more tough girls like her.


MrLittleJa . 8 years ago

Soy boy XD


enemay . 8 years ago

in your face Soy Boy, and fyi ie I'm typing this in firefox!

CB Fall

CB Fall . 8 years ago

LOL!! Diet war against Harvey & Jillian!!

Jack Gray

Jack Gray . 8 years ago

Soy boy hahahahahahaha


IraHayesIraHayes . 8 years ago

Can you please put at least one masculine male on tmz? Please?


HOW CLIP . COM . 8 years ago

you people made my comment top comment? what is wrong with you people


Waldi . 8 years ago

Herbalife works too. My homeboys dad used it for like a week (the cleansing diet) and exercised and he lost a shit load of weight. And trust me, this mothafucker was faaaaaaaaat. But yeah its a lot of work tryna keep weight off. So good luck


WeepingAngel . 8 years ago

Vegetarians everywhere, offended...


thisisawasteland . 8 years ago

Don't go vegetarian??? The hell kind of adivce is that??? How is it bad for you???

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