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I quit sugar for a whole year | My life changed!!!

liz justine

liz justine

Published on 9 months ago

Ever wonder what it would be like to go without sugar? I quit sugar for a whole year and I am telling you everything about my experience! In this video, I share the benefits of quitting sugar and how to go one year without sugar!!

Thank you so much for watching and supporting my channel :)

I help body conscious women to gain confidence, become fat burning machines, and fall in love with their reflection in the mirror by becoming fat adapted, healing underlying health issues, and finding balance with fitness and food.

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This video is not meant to diagnose or treat any illness or medical condition. I am simply sharing my journey to health and what worked for me. Everyone is different and has different needs. Please do your own research on any supplement/food product mentioned before adding it to your own diet and consult a functional medicine doctor for specific health protocols.

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Comments :

Caiti's Fit Kitchen

Caiti's Fit Kitchen . 13 hours ago

I've been off sugar since March! A few slip ups, but always get back on track :) love the freedom it brings


daylily82 . 14 hours ago

ohhhh slow down.......good video just talking way too fast..... thanks for sharing.

Imene Boudraa

Imene Boudraa . 2 days ago

That moment when u are algerian and adore croissant 😐

A.R.T. Does art

A.R.T. Does art . 2 days ago

I always crave sugar while watching these videos😂😂

Rina Tuilefano

Rina Tuilefano . 2 days ago

I feel like I'm craving more sweets than usual like when I'm about to start my menstrual. Chocolate!

Danielle Baby Girl

Danielle Baby Girl . 2 days ago

im about to start this ❤❤❤💯




Jyuhii D

Jyuhii D . 3 days ago

I am going to start this...today. God help me. I can cut off sugar easily. Problem is when people around me end up giving it to me in some form or the other and I too end up consuming it and regretting later.

Sarabi Eventide

Sarabi Eventide . 3 days ago

You have the most perfect teeth I have every seen, wow.

Affluent Nerd

Affluent Nerd . 3 days ago

Thanks for sharing your journey and results. It would have been nice to see your after pic without makeup for better comparison, though.

Keana Allen

Keana Allen . 3 days ago

Yeah my taste buds are killing me.


TheUnkanny . 3 days ago

I cut off sugar for a year, was prediabetic 180lbs, High cholesterol, cold turkeyed it stuck with whole foods, unsweetened tea with stevia and carbonated drinks, iam now 144 lbs all Bruced Leed out, gut disappeared and been active at the gym non stop, never pulled anything like this before and what do you know,- shit worked and made the doctor shit in his pants no medications needed, no statin or metmorphin, no getting money from me 😀

Ahany ym

Ahany ym . 4 days ago

Are your teeth for real? 🤣😂😂😁👉🏼 Drop the tips sis


purdygoode . 4 days ago

1)Table (refined) sugar and HFCS is straight-up poison, its the devel's food, and public enemy #1 2) carbs are complex sugars, starches are mega-complex sugars 3)sugars are IMPOSSIBLE to avoid, glucose is the energy source for our body 4)EVERYONE likes sweets 5)Allow yourself one or two exceptions, refuse everything else, My exception is cheesecake 6)Use natural sweeteners like xylitol, honey, agave, real maple syrup, stevia, date sugar, coconut sugar, dolcedi

Debbie Davis

Debbie Davis . 5 days ago

I am not really concerned about the sugar that is in my food. My problem is eating sweets because obviously they have a lot of sugar when you are binging on cakes and pies every day.It is my challenge just to eat normal and not eat like a crazy person. I am trying the apple cider vinegar diet with the pills. just trying to eat the least calories every day until I at least reach the weight I was before I gained 15 pounds. I had stomach trouble so for a while I lost a little. Now my stomach is great and I can eat quite a bit, and I wish I still had stomach problems.

Debbie Davis

Debbie Davis . 5 days ago

stevia is the most horrible diet sugar I have ever tried.

Twinkle Babo

Twinkle Babo . 5 days ago

Honey is the best replacement, stevia is not good

Nessa V

Nessa V . 5 days ago

Well done! I would have liked to have seen more before and after photos.

sam samson

sam samson . 5 days ago

how stupid spending a hole vid advertising sweets and you clearly have make up on, in this vid. so stop being stupid and show a true comparison. i would have to say she is really stupid or getting paid to advertise the same way, no-smoking adds addvertise smoke.... KEEPING IT ON ones mind, like clockwork by flaunting it

Nad Lia

Nad Lia . 6 days ago

Guys I just want to say that while lessening your sugar intake is a good thing it's also a bad thing. Just don't completely discard sugar plz. It is one of the many things *needed* for the body. One cookie wouldn't hurt!!!

Μαρία Καλογ

Μαρία Καλογ . 7 days ago

Oh my God you are obsessed with your body image do something else it's not healthy this lifestyle

Amna R

Amna R . 7 days ago

You are so inspirational!!! Oh my gosh girl you made a SMART decision when you got rid of all your snacks at the start cause if it's there you eat it! Unfortunately I can't do that cause I live with my brothers and there is chocolate in every drawer in my kitchen 😂😅😢😅😅

Jane Gutenberg

Jane Gutenberg . 1 week ago

I stopped eating sugar when I read a book called Sugar Blues. I knew sugar was bad and all but we don't have all the information about what sugar really causes on our system. Most of fatigues and diseases are caused by sugar and other stuffs they put into processed foods. Since it's in the supermarket we find it okay to eat it. That's such a lie, do your research and find whats best for your body. Transition can be tough of course, but it pays off in the long term. Nice vid btw, thanks for sharing :)

Katie Faith

Katie Faith . 1 week ago

Read ..The Inflammation Syndrome

Katie Faith

Katie Faith . 1 week ago

Thank you for speaking quickly & clearly without all the blah blah blah trying to be funny & rabbit trails..you are smart beautiful easily understood & helpful..I'm in girlfriend♡

Sushant rai

Sushant rai . 1 week ago

I hate sugar . I love this channel

Rst Acr

Rst Acr . 1 week ago

Good job! ♥️

Caity and the Universe 13

Caity and the Universe 13 . 1 week ago

Stevia is weird and over processed too. Coca cola produces most of it. Look up food babe article on stevia.

Maria Teresa Villafan

Maria Teresa Villafan . 1 week ago

Sugar is my weakness 😭

Mackenzie St. Laurence

Mackenzie St. Laurence . 1 week ago

I'm an addict. It has ruined my life. Sick most of the time, very low energy. I am sick of the struggle... Quitting and then falling off the wagon.

Daniele m

Daniele m . 1 week ago

But what about pasta? Lol I am asking cause I am italian and I eat a pasta all days at lunch... Is that bad?


YURIN ゆりん . 1 week ago

That’s such a great experience! I want to cut sugar because it doesn’t makes me feel good at all and eating sweet is something I really dislike.. I cut cola and all unhealthy drinks for months and I eat less snacks than before But it’s very hard to find food with no sugar at all that’s I don’t think I’ll be able to cut sugar

Gandham sony Sony

Gandham sony Sony . 1 week ago

Your story and my story is same I am already faced it these two weight and skin problems 💕💕💕

Leonard Wong

Leonard Wong . 1 week ago

Good for ya miss. Take a little for your digestion.

Vietnam California, yeah?

Vietnam California, yeah? . 1 week ago

Peace. Sam Gerrans pointed me in the direction of here

Queren M

Queren M . 1 week ago

I live with my parents and it's so hard to cut things. They don't understand how bad is this all and don't even WANT to understand...so for start I'm going to decrease the amount of sugar...


lalagonegaga . 1 week ago

What a sad thing to do.

Sandy Asad

Sandy Asad . 2 weeks ago

I love your calm ...everything. So easy to follow. Subb’d


Rayne . 2 weeks ago

Thank you for the wonderful testimony. You have encouraged me. I definitely need to cut back on sugar. I have bursitis in my shoulder and also sleep issues. Gonna try this out!


KETO REVELATION . 2 weeks ago

You're a good content creator. Thank you for discussing an important topic in a constructive way. Good luck!

Shyla Hardekopf

Shyla Hardekopf . 2 weeks ago

What do you mean autoimmune tendencies? Do you have autoimmune disease

Herman Battiste

Herman Battiste . 2 weeks ago

Honey and maple syrup is the same as sugar. It still spike your insulin.


433Boomer . 2 weeks ago

You can train your body to live without sugar, I know , because I have and you can too.Just substitute sugary foods with fat laden foods. Don't believe the miss info about saturated fats,protein and carbs. Cut down on the insulin and turn off that fat cell KEY Now

Tonya Preston

Tonya Preston . 2 weeks ago

Thank you for taking the courage to expose the truth. Good Bless you Dear, will be your subbie for life. Please keep helping others.

Tonya Preston

Tonya Preston . 2 weeks ago

I'm totally addicted, it's a family thing passed down from my ancestors. Really enjoyed your ci

Towfiq Islam

Towfiq Islam . 2 weeks ago

Don't be complicated your life...you can eat once in a week or a months...you just need to control eating sugar...

Linda Jakub

Linda Jakub . 2 weeks ago

Why in the world would you go back to sugar? That is so good you quit.

Laurence Clark Crossen

Laurence Clark Crossen . 2 weeks ago

Potassium is crucial for the liver to handle sugar but 98% of Americans do not get anywhere near their daily requirement of 4700 mg. There are some great tasty foods high in potassium like cocoa, dates...

Laurence Clark Crossen

Laurence Clark Crossen . 2 weeks ago

Cheddar cheese has probably the least lactose of any cheese and is extremely little.

Gunter Severloh

Gunter Severloh . 2 weeks ago

Aside the taste, addiction, and anything else for sugar, biologically some cravings for sugar can also be parasites, fungus, and usually for those who are having issues with your teeth cravings are usually the body's need for calcium as calcium is actually sweet.

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