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Drop - Passions lead here.



Published on 9 months ago

Find and fuel your passions. Discover more on Drop.com #PassionsLeadHere

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Dane Fuller

Dane Fuller . 4 months ago

I've spent a bit of money with Drop (massdrop) over the years, but I'm not allowed to see the site due to my browser.  I hope Drop is making good money from the browser companies because you just lost all my money requiring me to upgrade my browser even though my browser works with EVERY OTHER WEBSITE ON THE INTERNET!


NightlifeSux . 4 months ago

bruh that nitecore isn't even on half-full brightness, great advertising there

gang gang

gang gang . 8 months ago

0:10 ok now that is epic


Kevdog . 8 months ago

Was that a woman gamer ew when did I make this comment

Arctic Kore

Arctic Kore . 8 months ago

0:10 holy shit the cringe


qtry . 8 months ago

she was playing with a mouse on a glass table oh my lord help me

Kutake Sukato

Kutake Sukato . 8 months ago

00:09 Better craft some fuckin wingsticks then.

Kutake Sukato

Kutake Sukato . 8 months ago

the cringe, OH the cringe.

Light Dancing

Light Dancing . 8 months ago

This has got to be one of the dumbest, most meaningless commercials I have ever seen! YUCK!!

Johnny Cox

Johnny Cox . 8 months ago

"I've never washed these and I'm not planning to". So you're selling used denim jeans? No thanks I'd rather just have your dick.

Angie Jara

Angie Jara . 8 months ago


Iris Rivera

Iris Rivera . 8 months ago


Iris Rivera

Iris Rivera . 8 months ago

Iris Rivera

Iris Rivera . 8 months ago


Barbie Girl21

Barbie Girl21 . 8 months ago

I hate adds I mean adds

Perk Crew

Perk Crew . 8 months ago



MICHAEL DUKES . 8 months ago

This commercial has the highest amount of pretentious douchebags I’ve ever seen.

Susand Rodriguez

Susand Rodriguez . 9 months ago

Ppppp I'm? N in M.


Sohel TALUKDER . 9 months ago


Kane Smith

Kane Smith . 9 months ago

Everything is as expensive as buying it on eBay

Toxic Can

Toxic Can . 9 months ago

Make a budget keyboard in the $30-$50 range that is minimalistic and black with relatively no compromises. (Not barebones)

Chenshilong Sun

Chenshilong Sun . 9 months ago

Not a fan of name change. Massdrop sounded so much more authentic. Longer explanation belong. Do you guys even notice that when searching drop on google, our site don't even appear on first page anymore. What does that mean? More than 90% people never click past the first page, so chances are only people that will visit Drop.com are old fans and some new fans that are introduced to Drop by old fans. Nothing again the new products that come rolling out with the name change, they look sick. As for the slight price premiums, it is to be understood. Prices can't stay low forever

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