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Selena Gomez - Lose You To Love Me (Lyrics)



Published on 1 month ago

» Download Selena Gomez - Lose You To Love Me (Lyrics): https://smarturl.it/LYTLM
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Comment “where’s my wig” If you’re reading this!

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Lose You Too Love Me

Comments :


ArianaGrandeFan . 1 month ago

🔔 Turn on my notifications for clear skin 🔔 I hope you guys don’t mind I post Lyric Videos for other artists!

Brandy Neal

Brandy Neal . 2 days ago

This song actually based on my last relationship 😭💔💔

Aryan Shetty

Aryan Shetty . 3 days ago

If you're an Ariana Grande fan... why did Selena Gomez?? JK

Kim Harvey

Kim Harvey . 5 days ago

#Nuffsaid..... 😢

Daisy Tejeda

Daisy Tejeda . 1 week ago


Nevaeh Goodwin

Nevaeh Goodwin . 2 weeks ago

This girl keep looking at me


Y Z . 2 weeks ago


Kayla Gilmore

Kayla Gilmore . 2 weeks ago

I went through with my ex and I’m still going through with it becuz even tho I have a boyfriend I still need to be held by my ex he was my best friend and boyfriend for 5 years

Shawn Molupe

Shawn Molupe . 2 weeks ago

Who wants Justin to answer this song .

hollie thomas

hollie thomas . 3 weeks ago

My ex fiancé replaced me in 2 months 🙃 till this day I still can’t get over it and won’t even let anyone near me 🙃🙃🙃 imma die alone

Susan Ray

Susan Ray . 3 weeks ago


Glecia Duarte

Glecia Duarte . 3 weeks ago

Arrasou 💜

Ricky Contreras

Ricky Contreras . 4 weeks ago

There back



i made it auto fill just fucking roll them all turn it on leave it on

Asher Shomari

Asher Shomari . 4 weeks ago

A girl got to do what she got to do .PERIOD - Love you Queen Selena

Sarah Kolpack

Sarah Kolpack . 4 weeks ago


daphne altena

daphne altena . 4 weeks ago

i saw the sings and i ignored it i need to lose you to love me 👊

Lhundup original

Lhundup original . 4 weeks ago

Plz check my cover of lose you to love me🙏🙏🙏

Markie Hazelwood

Markie Hazelwood . 1 month ago

Why are people saying wheres my wig

Julia Jimenez

Julia Jimenez . 1 month ago

No thanks need to go to the gym

kyna matthewson

kyna matthewson . 1 month ago

What a song, what a voice. About an undermining relationship and self preservation. Perfect.

Nanjiba Tasnim

Nanjiba Tasnim . 1 month ago

It's just the same situation of mine

Joanne Perks

Joanne Perks . 1 month ago

Glad she as now closed that chapter an said goodbye her love will come

O. key

O. key . 1 month ago

I just wonder if Justin already understood what he lost...

H-Quality Audio

H-Quality Audio . 1 month ago

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=hPeVkq7GYH0&t=13s (Lyrics)


Lulu . 1 month ago

Wasn't a big fan of Selena until now. Her two singles hit home and is helping me....It's on repeat 💓

Selena Gomez ʍ STAN

Selena Gomez ʍ STAN . 1 month ago

where’s my wig

Rachel Gallagher

Rachel Gallagher . 1 month ago

Omg what a song! Absolutely beautiful 💖

Dato Davituliani

Dato Davituliani . 1 month ago

Listen to my saxophone cover https://youtu.be/BBGCnxVeh3E

king Shaw

king Shaw . 1 month ago


Kübra Atilgan

Kübra Atilgan . 1 month ago


Marinel Tabali

Marinel Tabali . 1 month ago

Where's my wig?

Casey Rehberg

Casey Rehberg . 1 month ago

My heart breaks for her, thinking of Selena sad hurts my soul

Dominika Staniszewska

Dominika Staniszewska . 1 month ago

Where's my wig ?????

Precious Molatedi

Precious Molatedi . 1 month ago

This song is dedicated to Justin Biber

Trap Animal

Trap Animal . 1 month ago

I'm making a remix available on my channel. If you like a remix, check it out =》https://youtu.be/0lx6eRueZhE Estou disponibilizando um remix no meu canal. Se você gosta de um remix, confira =》 Https://youtu.be/0lx6eRueZhE

legit boss

legit boss . 1 month ago

Sara of Isla

Sara of Isla . 1 month ago

*this song makes me all emotional* 😩 i made a cover of it, pls help ya girl out and give it a listen if you have some time

Shikadai Nara

Shikadai Nara . 1 month ago

Why the fuck is this song so relatable.. not that I’m mad... but I wrote a song just like this... way before this came out... N I know it’s not believable because I’m not out there, well at least not yet... 🥰

Adam Baruell

Adam Baruell . 1 month ago

i made a cover and the emotion is just too much for this song :(

M & S

M & S . 1 month ago

Hailey answered to that with a stupid story on IG. Embarrassing. Selena is amazing 💕

rozy hutaso

rozy hutaso . 1 month ago


Veronica Perales

Veronica Perales . 1 month ago


Lyric Video Official

Lyric Video Official . 1 month ago

Love your video <3 come and watch mine

Trap Animal

Trap Animal . 1 month ago

I'm making a remix available on my channel. If you like a remix, check it out =》https://youtu.be/0lx6eRueZhE Estou disponibilizando um remix no meu canal. Se você gosta de um remix, confira =》 Https://youtu.be/0lx6eRueZhE

Luis Santiago

Luis Santiago . 1 month ago

This song was made for Justin Beaber and it's true Love Selena

darn its the vivian

darn its the vivian . 1 month ago

I’m here because I have VMP homework. Hello.


22Sofia22 . 1 month ago

I relate to these lyrics so much!!! Loveee this song ♥️ When I sing it myself I feel every word!!! I made an acapella cover of it on my channel, if you would lime to check it out I would really apreciate it 😍


Ari . 1 month ago



RAMATU IBRAHIM . 1 month ago

😭😭😭 saddest

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