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What is Selvedge Denim?



Published on 2 years ago

NEED FEEDBACK! Leave a like on this video if you'd like this series to continue, my plan is to compare both Indigo and black Fear of God denim to the same colors of MNML. Thanks guys!

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Today's Video: Today we will be starting the highly requested comparison between MNML.LA and Fear of God denim. MNML has been on Jerry Lorenzo radar for a minute now as he is quoted commenting on instagram "THOSE.ARE.OUR.JEANS". Tons of forums, threads and comments were birthed as this was highly controversial. Since then, MNML has quickly become a staple in denim streetwear and their low prices and stellar quality dont hurt the cause at all. I personally am a major fan and supporter of MNML as they have excellent customer service, great value you because of the low prices and awesome quality. I own Fear of God's selvedge Indigo denim as well as in black fourth collection. Next round, ill be looking at them and comparing and contrasting the two. For now, let's answer the question:
What is Selvedge Denim?


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Comments :

Jose Mendoza

Jose Mendoza . 6 months ago

You look like a man child lol. Cool vid tho

Rafael Cruz

Rafael Cruz . 2 years ago



ThaJoka98FTW . 2 years ago

Could you do a video/explain what the difference is between M1 stretch denim and M1 denim? Obviously the stretch restricts movement less, but I own the stretch denim and they are super tight and form fitting around the thighs, and I was wondering if the regular M1 is less tight. I'm not necessarily a bigger guy, just have been working out for a little while now

Jake Tuckner

Jake Tuckner . 2 years ago

Still would love an in depth comparison, but great vid man, very educational ๐Ÿ‘๐Ÿ‘


tylerd1ify . 2 years ago

I really don't understand the point of selvedge denim for destroyed jeans. The whole people of selvedge is that it's stronger than regular denim. People do all they can to AVOID holes and blowouts.

Xpert 18

Xpert 18 . 2 years ago

Hey Paul could you make a back to school video about jeans and boxy tees layering all that stuff that would be awesome

Xpert 18

Xpert 18 . 2 years ago

Good job Paul content is always entertaining and informative keep it up bro

Fashion Knows Me

Fashion Knows Me . 2 years ago

hey paul when is mmml going to drop those red and black track pants ?

Lewis Dakin

Lewis Dakin . 2 years ago

Love the video man

A Created Human

A Created Human . 2 years ago

"Due to the fact that"

Parker Vidmar

Parker Vidmar . 2 years ago

This was very interesting and informative! Would you make a video comparing the mnml and Fear of god denim side by side please? Thanks man!


EFK . 2 years ago

nice video bro, i just posted a new video on my channel it would be dope if u could check it out for me:)

Matt Csiszar

Matt Csiszar . 2 years ago

my fave youtuber hands down

Zeph Pascasio

Zeph Pascasio . 2 years ago

Where has Neemzzz been? :(

Coffee Milk

Coffee Milk . 2 years ago

This video was great!! Super informative and to the point, thanks Paul!!

Brandon Lira

Brandon Lira . 2 years ago

Anybody know the perfect alternative to fear of god's fifth collection vintage wash selvedge denim? Like that exact wash? ๐Ÿ™๐Ÿผ


gloryboychief . 2 years ago

I bought mnml S1 jeans and the knee blowouts are about 2inches below my knee I'm 5'5 and went true to size ):


christian . 2 years ago

MNML for me ๐Ÿ–ค

r a

r a . 2 years ago

Fear of God died years ago. How do people still dress like this

Eddie Win

Eddie Win . 2 years ago

Nice breakdown homie ๐Ÿ‘๐Ÿผ

so hype

so hype . 2 years ago

Great video,greetings from greece!

Rick Chavarria

Rick Chavarria . 2 years ago

Paul fire vid but when can I move in the new place? You said I could so like when.


DavidisBaevid . 2 years ago

How does mnml look on a short guy like me lol. I'm about 5'5. The size 30 has an inseam of 34, and I usually wear a 30 inseam ;-;

Kerem Omurtag

Kerem Omurtag . 2 years ago

Great video!

Jordan Nguyen

Jordan Nguyen . 2 years ago

Paul dropping knowledge for all of us! Great video brotha! ๐Ÿ”ฅ๐Ÿ”ฅ

T Shmurda

T Shmurda . 2 years ago

In my opinion, Levi's makes damn good Denim and they keep it at a low cost. Especially there Vintage collection taking styles and practices from many years ago

jesse Johnson

jesse Johnson . 2 years ago

How much do you think it cost for FOG to make a pair of jeans? Wondering how much profit they make from a pair of denim

Arasp Jarahzadeh

Arasp Jarahzadeh . 2 years ago

amazing video as always my man! fuego and such a nice way to make people understand the difference. actually learned a new thing or two!๐Ÿค˜๐Ÿค™๐Ÿค™


Rasmus . 2 years ago

Please do a Mintcrew vs. Fear of god video. Cheers as always bro

Taylor Bailey

Taylor Bailey . 2 years ago

i thought you were gonna be comparing fear denim vs mintcrew denim?

John Vito

John Vito . 2 years ago

"Denimhead" that a real thing?!

Solaris Darcos

Solaris Darcos . 2 years ago

I would personally go with the fear of god one ,we only live once


Eikรณn . 2 years ago

You're awesome dude


acefaaace . 2 years ago

Love your content. As a "denimhead" fear of god isn't worth it compared to other selvedge brands.


ELLIOT SANKEY . 2 years ago

What editing software do you use?

Simon Nguyen

Simon Nguyen . 2 years ago



streetziswatching101 . 2 years ago

Where's the video comparing the difference we don't want the miseducation of denim video

Andrew Long

Andrew Long . 2 years ago

Thanks for the break down fam! Do you know when they will restock the vintage m1s and tanks?

R 24

R 24 . 2 years ago

great video paul! have a good day brotha!

Hanzo Shimada

Hanzo Shimada . 2 years ago

Great vid! Thanks Paul

Jake Paps

Jake Paps . 2 years ago

Production quality on point lol good job Paul

Alex Alvarez

Alex Alvarez . 2 years ago

We need neemzzz

Luciano Blanco

Luciano Blanco . 2 years ago

I bought a 31 in the black m1 stretch, will a 30 be okay in the M1 vintage?

Alobo aka Mathys

Alobo aka Mathys . 2 years ago

Why did you need to put the MNML vs. Fear of God in the title if you are not going to talk about it at all? "What is Selvedge Denim?" should have sufficed in my opinion but thats just mel.

Luciano Blanco

Luciano Blanco . 2 years ago

Do you know any alternatives to the cream drawcords? or does mnml have an actual date they're restocking them?

My Beautiful Dark Twisted Fantasy

My Beautiful Dark Twisted Fantasy . 2 years ago

Man u should do a video with both fog and mnml side by side and compare them.


XOWASTED . 2 years ago

great vid ๐Ÿ‘ŒโœŒ

Raymund Tenorio

Raymund Tenorio . 2 years ago

Where mintcrew at ๐Ÿ‘€๐Ÿ‘€๐Ÿ‘€

vlone carti

vlone carti . 2 years ago

U talk hella weird it's makes me mad idk y

Jacob Ruiz

Jacob Ruiz . 2 years ago

Do mintcrew next

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