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Every Credit One Credit Card Is A Scam (Proof)

Credit One Credit Cards...Are the absolute worst credit cards out there. When it comes to credit cards for rebuilding credit, Credit One credit cards are often thrown around. This is not for good reason. Credit One credit cards charge fees. And lots of them. Heck there's even a $10 fee just to pay your fees. Here is my (kinda biased) Credit One credit card review. Enjoy.

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Comments :

Apple Crider - Young Smart Money Podcast

Apple Crider - Young Smart Money Podcast . 1 year ago

qotd: What is the worst credit card experience you have had?

Stephen Csoma

Stephen Csoma . 5 days ago

Credit One is a sub prime credit card. They target people who will need this


LithiumMeltdown . 1 week ago

They are trying to fool people into thinking they are capital one, I think it is really shady. Otherwise, credit one is the only one to give me a card, and I am ok with the fees, I always pay early by bank so I avoid the $10 fee


RICKYSER TV . 3 weeks ago

Great video but wtf are you wearing 🀣

Trista Love

Trista Love . 3 weeks ago

I literally just got this card in the mail an hour ago, opened it and and I owe them $94.


SaiNaEffct . 4 weeks ago

This dude is dumb πŸ˜‚ really it's not like that at all , this card is easy to use and if I was y'all pay a week earlier so you don't get late payment charges πŸ˜‚ , plus the 75 gets pull out once from it card you can pay it off and have the full 300 , I use this card to rebuild my credit score and of boy it works fast! This kid is a retard

Epic Revolution

Epic Revolution . 2 months ago

Hi whoever you are i don't really fucking care but this is my advice for you, if you are fucking dumb ass n don't know the facts don't comment on it

Queen Fussy

Queen Fussy . 2 months ago

I signed up for a Credit One Bank card when I was at the vet and desperately needed money for my cat to have a procedure that I couldn’t pay for at the time. Fast forward about two years later, I still owe about $400 on that card that I never spent.. all in fees 😏


phenixboy1 . 2 months ago

I keep receiving pre-approved cards for Credit one. At first I thought this was fron Capitol One because there logo is identical!..Red flag! . I wouldn't touch this card with a ten foot pole!. Go with Capitol one!!! Thank you for informing us!. Great job!.

Luke Bronco

Luke Bronco . 2 months ago

Woo sah bruh! Appreciate the info though.

Chris Pielacha

Chris Pielacha . 2 months ago

You'd be way better getting a secured card to build your credit. Don't fall for the credit one trap.its horrible. And will put you in a no win situation. Get a secured from a legit company and then transfer to something better. Just avoid credit one at all costs


Rhsims . 2 months ago

Yep, fuck Credit One.

Sneak Thief

Sneak Thief . 2 months ago

Yea dont even do ANYTHING regarding them, I go to see if I prequalify and now Im getting endless spam mail & email for their shitty and super vague offers. Like seriously if I can screenshot it, it literally said my annual fee was $39 but in the bold boxes $0 then in the fine print "up to $99" then says confirms annual fee based on approval , like what? Also like how he talks next to a whiteboard but doesnt use it lol :P

Cheyenne Pete

Cheyenne Pete . 3 months ago

I have capital one and when I got this offer in the mail at first glance I thought I was capital one offering me another card , almost identical!

Bmore Hemi

Bmore Hemi . 3 months ago

Literally just got done with arguing with them...I called because of these wierd i had on my statement...so I said β€œhow do I go about closing the card??” ...the dumb ass cancelled it, with a balance ..so they can report it to the credit agency’s with a closed card with balance. They are a SCAM!!


BOONIQUE . 3 months ago

This is the credit card that Chuck Norris uses.

Alex Libby

Alex Libby . 4 months ago

Review the First PREMIER credit card and Credit one will seem amazing

Jose Muniz

Jose Muniz . 5 months ago

I have a Credit One card. I haven't had any problems with them. They have like 20 different card agreements. You can go on their website and see all of them. Not all of their agreements don't a have grace period. I have a normal grace period 24 days. The only way you will pay the fee for making a payment is if you do Express payments with a debit card. If you pay a normal payment from your checking account there's no fee. Sure it's not the greatest card. Mine does have an annual fee but it's only $39 not $75 or $99. Also my interest rate is about the same as my capital one secured card around 25%. But if your smart you don't pay interest, just pay your bill in full every month. If you really want to see a really bad credit card. Look at the First Primer Gold Card. That card is truly the worst of the worst. 36% interest, $99 annual fee, monthly membership fee, $95 application fee, and several others.

chi chi

chi chi . 5 months ago

Interest charge is calculated every start of the billing cycle until end of cycle meaning your interest is calculated based on the total average balance every month.

Luis Ruiz

Luis Ruiz . 5 months ago

The 52 dislike must be from the board members and higher up

Matthew Robinson

Matthew Robinson . 5 months ago

How to cancel this card?


mixwell1983 . 6 months ago

They are preditory yes but a scam no.. If you have shitty or no credit you are going to get bottom of the barrel offers.. I have this and a similar card with an annual fee. I also have a secure card and am re uilding my credit.. The thing I dislike is instant interest and no grace period.. I do plan to auto pay a utility bill with it and then pay off the entire cc each month so I use it as a middle man sort of. I will not carry it in my wallet. Just to get activity on multiple cards while keeping my overall usage low. Use these as a stepping stone and 86 them once you up your credit score and get better offers. I had good credit and like 10 year history and fucked up by paying em all and closing them except for 1 and then maxxing it out and not being able to pay and goin to collections.. Lesson learned. I cant really bitch about having to eat the $75 fee under my conditions. At least I have a way to kickstart my credit again as I said screw it and did nothing since I own my car and house and said "Fk it I don't need credit now anyways" dumb way of thinking back then.


someonesomewhere . 6 months ago

Your opinion is fucking retarded...they are a subprime creditor, of course their shit sucks.


KimChew . 6 months ago

Credit one never sue capital one for copying their logo. Lmao.


GINO MASCIA . 6 months ago

You're so annoying and childish

Lily loveswine

Lily loveswine . 6 months ago

Hi, credit one is the worst I thought I could build my credit but they literally just ruined it for me.

phillip bobbitt

phillip bobbitt . 6 months ago

how do you cancel this card, they keeping me on hold. I have 3 cards

EnglishBabe 67

EnglishBabe 67 . 6 months ago

Thank you for stopping me from making a huge mistake! ❀❀❀

Anthony Rose

Anthony Rose . 6 months ago

Beggars can’t be choosey play the game and you will succeed in the credit game

Anthony Rose

Anthony Rose . 6 months ago

It’s a credit card to establish it’s not a major credit card never cancel them tour score will dropped

Anthony Rose

Anthony Rose . 6 months ago

Hey buddy never cancel any credit card you are throwing history regardless if you don’t like them. Remember they are cards to establish your credit

Subscribe Charity Channel

Subscribe Charity Channel . 6 months ago

I applied for credit one card for a mistakes since I thought it was capital one and they send me email that they approved my card and i receiving the card soon, I dont want to activate it do I have trouble with it

Sarah Herbert

Sarah Herbert . 6 months ago

First off, I agree that they're total scam, and anyone with a pulse either has one or been offered one! But the one thing I got to correct you on is that Credit One Bank actually had that logo BEFORE Capital One did...πŸ€·πŸΌβ€β™€οΈ


axe2grind911a . 6 months ago

I'm sorry i have trouble believing they can charge a fee to receive (not collect) a fee - it sounds illegal.


Ragnarok . 7 months ago

Life must suck if must of y’all can’t do better then a credit one card lmao πŸ˜‚

Liezel Lagman

Liezel Lagman . 7 months ago

How to close it

Michelle Hall

Michelle Hall . 7 months ago

Ehhh I have credit one and have none of these issues. As long as you are being responsible, you are fine.


TimeRider762 . 7 months ago

I'm with him. Credit One NOT Capital One, but Credit One is a SCAM!!! I've tried to find some clarity on them, and just can't. If their hiding things, that's the 1st red flag. If they have to copy Capital One logo to trick people into signing up, that's the 2nd red flag. Look hard at the logo, and make sure it's not Credit One and is Capital One. I have Capital One and they are wonderful.

Jason Voorhees

Jason Voorhees . 7 months ago

Credit one sucks fat cocks

johnathan stith

johnathan stith . 7 months ago

Credit one is the devil


561neko . 7 months ago

If yall wud of handled your Business tnen u wudent be complainingπŸ˜€

Rastafari Jah

Rastafari Jah . 7 months ago

I got this card thinking it was a Capitol One , I didn't notice till after I Activated it . But I haven't used it yet , so looks like it would be smart not to .

Anthony Rose

Anthony Rose . 7 months ago

I never had any problems with a starter card I just pay on time. I’m glad they gave me an opportunity to prove myself so now I’m leveraging my credit to get in to the Real Estate game and get passive income I need it


Crash33 . 7 months ago

Ok, a little education here. These cards, not just Credit One, are for those folks in a hurry to get credit because they want to blow money they don't have or for those folks that have TERRIBLE credit from drum roll..............NOT PAYING FOR THE STUFF THEY BOUGHT IN THE PAST. Yes it is a terrible card but by having a terrible credit score, you do that to yourself by not paying past cards or loans. You will have to jump thru hoops to get your score up so you don't have to take these crappy cards. In this world of I want the new $900 cell phones, people are getting these things and STILL not paying the bills. It's personal money so they can pretty much charge you what or how they want, just like Pay Day loans. They live for those who are stupid enough to not check up on them or just want free money with zero intentions on paying the bills. I know, I had to file bankruptcy years ago and it's taken me a LONG time to get it up again. Once you file, you almost have to give away your kids to get good decent cards or loans again. Until then, you have no choice but to get cards like this. Is it a shit card, YES. If you have terrible credit, you don't have choice but to get cards like these to rebuild some decent credit to move onto better options. It's no different than used car lots that are buy her pay here. Your interest is INSANE but again, you did that to yourself by not paying previous loans or cards and if you don't have a co-signer, your options are even lower.

Anthony Rose

Anthony Rose . 7 months ago

Sure but I’m heading to better terms my credit score is excellent

Anthony Rose

Anthony Rose . 7 months ago

And to add credit One, First Premier, Inigo and so many more are starter cards so I would think they would have High interest rates because your establishing a credit history and I don’t care how bad the card is never closed your accounts your throwing so much history for yourself

Anthony Rose

Anthony Rose . 7 months ago

At least Credit One is gibing you a chance to establish credit history. Beggars can’t be choosy

Brooke Simons

Brooke Simons . 7 months ago

If you have very bad credit, the best way to use this card is to just use it to pay off the fees. If approved for $300, you will be billed the $75 start up fee and any interest. Your first month you will have a $35 minimum payment. Pay $40 and pay ON TIME! Your credit score goes up because of good credit utilization. Meaning if you have $300 available to you, keep your available usable credit around $200. Over the next 3 to 4 months, make the minimum plus a little extra until you have paid down all the initial fees and charges. each month your payments will be reported to credit agencies and your score will go up. Keep a balance due of around $25 to $30. On month 5 or 6, change to a capital one card and cancel the credit one card. The key is discipline. DO NOT purchase anything with your credit one card. Just paying off the fees over the next 3 to 4 months will do the job. Trust me.


kid582120 . 8 months ago

Omg......your hand movement is so annoying....lol

Veronica Key

Veronica Key . 8 months ago

Yesss they are a mess my balance is 250.00 and every time I check my credit it always show my old balance why is that

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