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Why You Can't Trust Nutrition Science & Health Claims

After Skool

After Skool

Published on 3 months ago

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The information in this video comes from Michael Pollan's book, "In Defense of Food". Over the last 2 centuries, humans have studied nutrition, but has all that science made us healthier as a species?

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Comments :

After Skool

After Skool . 3 months ago

Thank you so much to everyone that supports After Skool on Patreon. It's been a big help! https://www.patreon.com/AfterSkool I am also so grateful for all the interesting video ideas that are being sent my way. Much appreciation!


JCG . 18 hours ago

Short answer: nope. I've been experimenting with fasting lately. I was injured for several months and had to stop working out. I picked up some weight and the injury seemed to never go away. Then I began to fast, and voila. In two weeks, my injury was completely healed. I also got back to my normal weight, and even less ( I look better now than when I trained 5x week). Fasting is incredible, and very effective for weight loss, healing, and elimination of toxins. Im not talking about Intermittent fasting, though that has its benefits as well. But real fasting, not eating for 24-48-72+ hours, is miraculous. Research about this, Elliot Hulse sells a good ebook with all the basic info you need to safely fast. If you are struggling with losing weight, or with injuries, then I highly recommend you stop eating for a while.

Autumn Galix

Autumn Galix . 2 days ago

Great video and everything, but where are the scientific articles you read and were can I find it? I feel if everyone targeted the the first hand evidence for infermation everything would be better.

Arquimedes Quintero

Arquimedes Quintero . 2 days ago

What a huge oversimplification of the scientific process. There is value in nutrition science and demonizing all of it is just wrong. Science is not to be "trusted", it is a process of ongoing discussion and discovery, not something for the layman to think they can live forever if they "eat right". What you shouldn't trust is MARKETING!

I want be a designer UK

I want be a designer UK . 2 days ago

I eat chocolate every day but still stay skinny and I think ik y When buying bread I recommend try sourdough It is the most nutrient dense food

Plus Bonus

Plus Bonus . 2 days ago

If I had an opinion; you'd have it too , so no need to comment on this. Food , religion, climate science, the middle east ! Where does it end ?

Michael Ross

Michael Ross . 3 days ago

This is so much more than just a thumbs up or down. A lot of good info here but a lot of over generalizations and even a tiny bit of straight out inaccurate statements (that one about our ancient ancestors spending all day and night gathering/hunting. In fact our hunter/gatherer ancestors are thought to have spent MUCH less time in food production/preparation than most people in most of historical agricultural society.) Not a bad message overall though. But just like your skepticism for the food you eat, keep a skeptical mind for people who make claims they don't support with sources. Yes, that includes me. No, I didn't source my h/g v. agg data. I'm writing in a youtube comment section, not my dissertation. Still, don't take my word for it but look it up before you believe something he or I say.

528Hertz Clinic

528Hertz Clinic . 3 days ago

Such an amazing eye-opener video. Thank yo for this. You are exactly on the point and information you have provided is damn right.

Diana Munoz

Diana Munoz . 4 days ago

Wow! one of the best videos about nutrition that i have seen. love it! Thank you for sharing.

NF Earther

NF Earther . 4 days ago

Can you trust science at all #nope

Grant King

Grant King . 4 days ago

In America, if you are seeking diet tips, search for a Dietitian, NOT a nutritionist. The name Dietitian is a protected name that not everyone can use. Anyone can call themselves a nutritionist. Dietitians have years of schooling specifically in food science. Also avoid dietitians that say one exclusion diet is the only way to lose weight and be healthy, for everyone's situation. Looking at you gluten and keto pushers.

Winters Kamp

Winters Kamp . 4 days ago

wife and I have been eating a ketogenic diet for 5 years now! Recently switched to carnivore (only animal products)

Fedor Vinogradov

Fedor Vinogradov . 4 days ago

Unscientific bullshit. Natural doesn't mean healthy. Botulinum toxin is very natural.


FrostyWolfZ . 4 days ago

Bananas contain phenylalanine, phylloquinone, 3-methylbut-1-yl ethanoate, palmitoleic acid, 2-hydroxy-3-methylethyl butanoate, and 2-methylpropan-1-ol. All of those ingredients are difficult to pronounce, unfamiliar, and there are more than five. So, according to this video, bananas (and all other fruits and vegetables) are unhealthy and should be avoided...

Carmen Eulberg

Carmen Eulberg . 4 days ago

I recently had an interesting experience that sort of relates to this topic. I've been gluten free for about a year, ever since I identified gluten/wheat as the cause of my chronic insomnia, anxiety, and inflammation. This summer I visited relatives in a village in the German countryside. The villagers make their own fresh bread from locally grown wheat. I had been strict about sticking to my gluten free diet, but I ended up trying some of the delicious wheat bread and pastries, fully expecting to have my symptoms later on (but the bread was worth it). However, I was totally fine. No symptoms at all. No insomnia or anxiety. In fact, I felt GREAT. I continued to eat wheat for the duration of my stay and was completely symptom free. It was heaven! So, I learned that I'm not truly "gluten intolerant" (yay), but upon returning to the U.S. I had to be gluten free again. I don't know what it is, but there's something about the U.S. wheat that causes serious health issues for me, and many others. Genetic modification? Preservatives? Something they treat the flour with? I don't know what these big corporations and factory farms are doing, but it scares me. How can I be gluten intolerant in one country and not another? Has anyone else had similar experiences or have any insight on this? There's some spooky shit going on in the food industry. Stay safe my friends.

Fire Heart

Fire Heart . 4 days ago

@After Skool , if things with modern diet and pharmaceutical are so terrible, then why life expectancy has mostly been going up? )) https://data.worldbank.org/indicator/SP.DYN.LE00.IN?locations=US


Gysan . 4 days ago

Funny I got a McDonalds ad by watching this. 😏

Ossian Kihlberg

Ossian Kihlberg . 4 days ago

Well you are indeed right about the medical and food industies motivation towards money and not towards public health. But as a student of nutrition i would say that avoiding ingrediends that are; Unfamiliar, Claiming for Health Contain more than 5 ingredients are absurd. Ofcourse, fast food does apply to these criteria and it is indeed good to restrict these foods. But that doesn't mean all the good meals don't have stuffs added to them nor ingredients with names difficult to pronounce. I enjoyed this channel so far, but in this case i would say that the video has it's parts where i could agrre and some parts where i clearly do not. Hope for more good content in the future. Cheers.

Lawrence Paca

Lawrence Paca . 4 days ago

They'll never fool me. People really need to eat more vegetables.


banquo60615 . 5 days ago

So “capitalism” is to blame for pushing sugar and carbs? Are you suggesting businesses couldn’t have made as much or more profit from selling animal proteins and fats? Also, it’s mostly been government scientists, elected politicians, “non-profits” (American Heart Association, etc.), and the medical community that’s been advocating for high carb low protein diets.

jeff walther

jeff walther . 5 days ago

I completely disagree with everything this videotape says, stands for and wants to achieve in other people. I dont want to have to eat or do anything related to it as we know it, especially on the frivilous baseless basis of so-called taste and tradition. Food is fuel to DO things. Its how you use it afterall and mostofall, id like to not be bothered by it in any way shape or form from other things. Eating and defecating to me are scarcely different and, imho should be treated more rationally by NOT making more out of it than it needs to be. No one should live to eat. That's afu, imho.

Call Me Swivel Hips

Call Me Swivel Hips . 5 days ago

The one thing you got wrong was putting mono and poly-unsaturated fats. Trans fats come from polyunsaturated fats because they are so unstable...which is why they are rre in nature. They have a negative effect on your system overall when you go out of your way to eat them. The natural combination of fat in the wild, which our pre-agricultural ancestors would have been eating, is monounsaturated and saturated fats. Saturated fat is very stable and very healthy in my opinion. Think about it, what type of fat is on meat?? That's what we evolved eating. That's the food we had an intimate relationship with for hundreds of thousands of years before agriculture even became a thing.

Mat Cobb

Mat Cobb . 5 days ago

Not sure I agree with the "ignore science" premise. Not all nutritionists are funded by corporate agendas.


Pepe . 5 days ago

Generally speaking its not science that is wrong. Its the media who take scientific conclusions out of context.


Rayhon . 5 days ago

idk about limiting to 5 ingredients. Many Asian dishes include spices and vegetables that far exceed your 5 ingredient limit.

Wenders England

Wenders England . 5 days ago

I suggest closing your eyes down the first isle of Iceland then... pizza, Greggs and pies 🤣


freesk8 . 5 days ago

Obeisity is up, but this is because we are rich. Life expectancy is also up. Way up. Yes, corps have sold food that is not good for us. But overall, free markets have made us much better off. Diabets and cancer are on the rise partially because we are living longer. This video is biased. It contains some truths, and some political agenda.

A Brown

A Brown . 5 days ago

Fallacy #1: Because the general public is not as healthy as an imagined ideal, science doesn't know what it is talking about with respect to nutrition. The fact that a healthy person today (who follows the sound advice in a biochemistry textbook) is WAY healthier than a healthy person a hundred years ago is not to be admitted. The fact that every year the athletic records of the past are broken; in no small part due to better understanding of how to optimize nutrition is not to be considered. But since these advances only occur in those who discipline themselves to make use of them and has not been generalized to the public at large, it follows as the night the day that it must be due to failure on the part of nutritional researchers. Fallacy #2: The western world is unhealthier than in the past. Ignore that in reality, it is unhealthier in different WAYS than in the past. (When preserving food with salt was displaced by refrigerators, stomach cancer rates plummeted for example. A lot of things that used to kill people did so when they were fairly young, and did so quickly. We can now keep ailing people going for longer, so of course certain ailments are seen more than in the past. Heart disease is the number one killer in the western world - true, but...as opposed to what? The fantasy of living forever? What would you prefer to die of?) Ignore, also, that the production of calories is pretty much a solved problem, which it WAS NOT before the modern era. The health problems of starvation are irrelevant to this world view. Fallacy #3: The cockamamie conspiracy theory that Bayer bought Monsanto in order to make people unhealthy (so they would need medical products). Need I say more? Little known fact: The aluminum foil hat industry secretly controls the internet. Its true. Don't be naive. Fallacy #4: Don't buy any food your grandma wouldn't recognize or that you can't pronounce. Because obviously your ignorance of college chemistry is a better guide to what is healthy than other people's knowledge. Definitely. It's obvious when you think about it. I mean, REALLY, REALLY think about it. While thinking, enjoy some nice, fried, sticks of poly-α(1→4)-glucan, fried in triacylglycerol and covered with a thick solution of lycopene. But tell grandma to hold the "salt". That one really is bad for you. Fallacy #5: Don't "deconstruct" food into calories and nutrients. If you do you'll miss out on the deep insight the vitalists have to offer. Really, it's the spiritual essence of the broccoli that is missing from the "Western Diet" what with its crass materialistic capitalistic bourgoise abandonment of its heritage of druidic connection to nature, and all.

Emma Lewis

Emma Lewis . 5 days ago

Keepin it whole food plant based. ✌️

Run Run Shaw

Run Run Shaw . 6 days ago

Allow me to help all the people with average metabolisms, no matter how much you workout the more processed regular or diet/low fat foods you eat the harder it will be for you to lose weight or be healthier. Eat whatever you want but make it yourself at home, it will take time and discipline but you are worth it.

Sakaki Senpai

Sakaki Senpai . 6 days ago

follow the shekels if you know what i mean.

Micha Schmidt

Micha Schmidt . 6 days ago

Erm. No. Not really. When it comes to nutrition and the science behind it, I agree to you that when a great sugar company funds a study you should be more suspicious about this particular study due to a possible conflict of interest but that does not mean that this study is automatically wrong. If you claim that then you should reconsider your definition of science. The major problem is that the average person has no touch with the real science that is happening so most people can't evaluate whether the claims of food companies or diet advisors are true or not. So the real problem with food science is not that it is rotten in its core (which it is not) it is rather the poor education of the people and the fact that way too much people are bad at critical thinking. And please, if you are talking about science and how it may be corrupted , give sources to your claims.


ArmouredAlmond . 6 days ago

More like why you shouldn't trust misinformation of the corporate industries that cherry pick legit info and make it fit their agenda. A ton of studies are done but only peer-reviewed ones matter.

slave No. 4028

slave No. 4028 . 6 days ago

funny, i only eat my Kellog's with animal protein

slave No. 4028

slave No. 4028 . 6 days ago

i still don't get why they go though the hassle to edit in that drawing hand with that damned ever-black pen?! like, it would be just as good of a video without it, and its kinda pointless to fake-speed-draw imo

Fawndolyn Valentine

Fawndolyn Valentine . 6 days ago

You can replace the ABC rules with just "eat mostly whole foods," which of course, I try to follow to the best of my ability. But the short version of the ABC rules you have definitely need expansion. My great gran would never recognize tofu as a food. But I'd be okay with food that contains added vitamins, like ergocalciferol and cyanocobalamin - both unfamiliar and hardly pronounceable, yet I'm often lacking in those despite dietary shifts within my ability. I've also made my own seasoning with dried food flakes. There's more than five ingredients, though: Apium graveolens , Daucus carota, Umbellularia californica, Solanum lycopersicum, Allium cepa, & Allium sativum. That's celery, carrot, bay leaf, tomato, onion, and garlic. And what about those who CAN pronounce big words?

Mr. Unknown

Mr. Unknown . 6 days ago

Processed Foods = A revolving door of patients ! Thank you Big Pharma

Mr. Unknown

Mr. Unknown . 6 days ago

Rule #1 Do not believe Corporate Scientists #2 Eat unprocessed foods that aren't GMO'S and listen to your body. #3 Sugar is Poison ! 👍

Richard Gates

Richard Gates . 6 days ago

More misleading information: the "Nutrition Science & Health Claims" described are really marketing and advertising which are always lies and deceptions because it's necessary in order to sell you something you had no want or need for. It's not the science you can't trust, but the marketing. Marketing creates the need for health and nutrition, and then sells you the claim to the means to that end.

Richard Gates

Richard Gates . 6 days ago

We aren't getting more intelligent - our knowledge is growing, that's all. We store knowledge. I would argue that humans are getting less intelligent, but learning more earlier in life.

Marie Ji

Marie Ji . 6 days ago

Stop eating fake foods and move every once in a while.

Mikiness Analog

Mikiness Analog . 6 days ago

Follow the money a study is funded by, that will direct you to a motive for the study. If a study truly is for real health, no one will benefit except the public, poor and rich alike.


Cincin . 6 days ago

So. This was just one big advertorial for Pollan's book? Sneaky & deceitful.

Little Monster #1

Little Monster #1 . 7 days ago

This video needs some scrutiny... Especially the last "simple rules": Avoiding food products that contain Unfamiliar, Unpronounceable or are more than 5 in number is such an ambiguous and unreliable way to go about things.


N0Tgod . 7 days ago

Nice how you wrote "Justuce von Leibig" instead of "Justus von Liebig" :D


Killerean . 7 days ago

In ancient times, people would live up to whopping 28 years of age on average. And I really wouldn't trust long dead people who died of various diseases with their expertise on food. Nowadays we reach some 80 years on average, we're taller, stronger and faster then ever. So yes, we are super humans. Obesity is millennia old problem as well as cholesterol. In fact, Leonardo da Vinci was the very first man to identify it as a cause of death in a human. Back then of coarse, he had little idea on what he's looking at, when examining a dead body. Diabetes is an issue with insulin production and resistance to it. No.1 cause of diabetes is overfeeding with sugar. Reason for why sugar harms us is simple - we have never evolved to have that much of it. Small amounts are ok, in fact, even necessary. In nature this resource of pure energy is scarce and our brains are programmed to love it. Warnings are on every corner, nobody listens. Not as long ago as da Vinci goes, Thundef00t have done an experiment on MC Donald's food. And while eating exclusively MC Donald's food, he managed to loose weight and get in good form. All based in counting of calories. So the simple formula is - If you eat only the amount of calories you can burn, while the food is varied and also contains necessary vitamins and minerals, while it's not giving you overdose of these, you're fine. After all, top athletes are listening exactly to the food science claims their trainers give them and what a surprise, it works! Today's health issues are linked directly to people ignoring the warnings and eating garbage. At the same time they avoid any type of reasonable exercise to burn off excess calories and build muscles. The warnings are everywhere. In tv, radio, the internet, everywhere.


Fox . 7 days ago

This video is very patronising, everything in this video is already common knowledge. I don't understand what the point of this video was.


ZodiacProd . 7 days ago

Easy to know what to eat. Is your food made by man or by earth? Does your food have a tv commercial? Can you pronounce the ingredients?


Travis . 7 days ago

Organic is natural. Natural is that which exist naturally. All chemicals exist due to natural chemical reactions. So all chemicals are natural! Look, I can tie bs together to make any nonsense point too! Can I get rich on YouTube now?

Jake Broussard

Jake Broussard . 7 days ago

Seriously, dude. There's real information out there now. Some people just don't know how to cut through the bullshit.

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