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How To Make Keto Pasta | Keto Pasta Recipe

Black Sheep Keto

Black Sheep Keto

Published on 1 year ago

Tired of zucchini noodles? Konjac noodles too expensive? Satisfy your pasta cravings with this simple, easy recipe! This keto pasta not only has the perfect macros for a ketogenic diet, but it also mimics the texture and taste of fresh pasta. This keto pasta is going to help you stick to your goals and enjoy your favorite comfort foods! Next time you need pasta, try these keto noodles!

*Note* depending on your husk powder, the noodles can look a bit purple/gray after cooking. Different brands of husk powder experience it differently. They are still perfectly fine to eat and taste the same. I've noticed that cooking it in butter instead of boiling cuts down the color changing affect slightly if it bothers you.

Makes 4 servings.
Macros for 1 serving:
Calories: 229
Fat: 17g
Carbs: 13g
Net Carbs: 2g
Protein: 9g

Pasta Recipe: https://www.ketolifefitness.com/recipes/keto-pasta
Check out my amazon store: https://www.amazon.com/shop/ketolifestyle
Recipes can be found at: https://www.ketolifefitness.com

Tom: https://www.instagram.com/ketolifefitness/
Olivia: https://www.instagram.com/burgers.and.bikinis/

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Business Inquiries ONLY: ketolifestylefitness@gmail.com

Disclaimer: I am not a doctor and am not giving you medical advice. You should consult your doctor before starting any new diet or exercise plan.

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Comments :

Black Sheep Keto

Black Sheep Keto . 9 months ago

THIS RECIPE HAS BEEN UPDATED! Click here for a Dried Keto Pasta Recipe: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=tJrZHn2_M4E

zakiah tukes

zakiah tukes . 4 days ago

I swear I love YouTube they show you how to make everythingggg

Carmen Graur

Carmen Graur . 6 days ago

I'll try to dry them. Or refrigerate.

fofo Alanzi

fofo Alanzi . 1 week ago


Jewel Bonaparte

Jewel Bonaparte . 2 weeks ago

Now im mad at myself...I found this right after I ate some regular noodles I was craving. Definitely gonna try this one.

Jewel Bonaparte

Jewel Bonaparte . 2 weeks ago

Hey can I use a chia or flax seed egg instead?

Tammy Ligocki

Tammy Ligocki . 2 weeks ago

I’m going to give this a try today!


canadiancatgreen . 2 weeks ago

Looks great

Dannie Daniell

Dannie Daniell . 2 weeks ago


LowCarb Practitioner

LowCarb Practitioner . 3 weeks ago

can I use coconut flour with this?

Deborah Dewi

Deborah Dewi . 3 weeks ago

Can I skip xanthan gum?

Kathleen Norton

Kathleen Norton . 3 weeks ago

Tom, maybe you sell the noodles. It would be nice to have a low carb noodle that wasn't price gouged.

Keepin' It Keto!

Keepin' It Keto! . 3 weeks ago

My God you talk fast, but this looks like a great recipe :)


dialynn44 . 3 weeks ago

I'm a NEW SUB because I am NEW to Keto, and don't want to use Shirataki Noodles! People say funny smell when they are packaged in Lime water! I have made noodles in the past with regular flour, and so this is no big deal, and they won't taste funny or smell 'earthy' as others have said.....I'm going for MORE of your recipes, and thank-you for haing me as a new sub and for making REAL pasta! gonna check out your other recipes as I am just getting my feet wet at this, but since October 1st, have lost 52 pounds and feel GREAT! And I am 71 years old! Been a yo yo dieter all my life....Diana in Milwaukee, Wisconsin.....

Mary Duff

Mary Duff . 4 weeks ago

Just watched a video for chicken noodle soup ... I asked about using almond flour and xantham gum and bam here's your video!!! YES!!!

Maya Razima

Maya Razima . 4 weeks ago

Great video! Short and simple! Love it! ❤️

private joker

private joker . 4 weeks ago

Ok but what was the point of doing it in the counter...

Emaan Sadiq

Emaan Sadiq . 4 weeks ago

What is the second thing he added? Please someone tell me as I couldn't understand that.

Becky Rodney

Becky Rodney . 4 weeks ago

Great recipe! I tossed in some dried herbs and turned it into a pizza crust. It was is the easiest and best keto pizza crust I've tried. Many thanks!


Raskolnikov . 4 weeks ago

What is the max amount of net carbs I can consume in a day to reach ketosis?

Rabia Younus

Rabia Younus . 1 month ago

Thankyou you saved my taste buds 😋

Colleen Beavers

Colleen Beavers . 1 month ago

I am going to try this. Hope it taste like pasta

Red Panda

Red Panda . 1 month ago

Except Almond Flour is also ridiculously expensive.

Bettye's Cooking Channel

Bettye's Cooking Channel . 2 months ago

Thanks for sharing your keto pasta recipe.

Breanna LaVaughn

Breanna LaVaughn . 2 months ago

Do u need to use husk powder?

Breanna LaVaughn

Breanna LaVaughn . 2 months ago

What's in that powder

rollie cruz

rollie cruz . 2 months ago

what if i dont have xanthan gum? will it work?

Kayt C

Kayt C . 2 months ago

I tried so hard to like it and I just couldn't do it I even added bacon and mayo to it and i don't know of its because I did it wrong or I have texture issues with it sorry! I tried!

Just here for The music

Just here for The music . 2 months ago

THANK YOU ☺️ for your recipe and videos

Julian Child

Julian Child . 2 months ago

Okay, so ..... I have a couple of weeks before I have a guest coming to me house, for a week, who has diabetes II and I LOVE to make everything from scratch. I'm researching different pasta recipes because I intend on making a lasagna and I'm wondering ... in regard to lack of toothsome-ness ... have you attempted drying these noodles? Might that give it the texture of "real" pasta?

Janet Miller

Janet Miller . 2 months ago

Made it and it tastes just fine! Thank you for sharing!

Jessica Rose

Jessica Rose . 2 months ago

Bro u got a new subscriber 🌟

Stephane Godito

Stephane Godito . 2 months ago

New subsriber..thanks..this is a big help

Meshal Saad

Meshal Saad . 2 months ago

i love you man give me hug


Zwordsman . 2 months ago

Now I kind of want to see if this version can be made into lasagna.

Brandi Edstrom

Brandi Edstrom . 2 months ago

really great video. Thank you

ᴛᴏᴍᴍy ᴠᴇʀᴄᴇᴛᴛɪ

ᴛᴏᴍᴍy ᴠᴇʀᴄᴇᴛᴛɪ . 2 months ago

Isn’t the almond taste a bit overwhelming?


guibox3 . 3 months ago

I tried this recipe but it was a disaster. It just did not work out well at all. My noodles were falling apart and it was bland and tasteless even with a spiced up marinara. Perhaps I will have to try again.


seoreh . 3 months ago

I followed the recipe exactly and it fell apart, not too badly just into one inch pieces when I boiled it. I also think I rolled it out too think, it had more of a soup dumpling like think consistency. But it Was still good, I served it with a mushroom cream and butter garlic sauce. Maybe have to try making it with a pasta maker.

De Ville

De Ville . 3 months ago

Btw konjac is pronounced con-yak (like the liquor). Blew my mind.

Ashlei Johnson

Ashlei Johnson . 3 months ago

How long can you store this for in the fridge??


Brigitte . 3 months ago

I just subscribed - looks good!

A Miffed Cuttlefish

A Miffed Cuttlefish . 3 months ago

Ugh! Yes! Finally! Pasta other than cream cheese noodles!

Dillon M

Dillon M . 3 months ago

Why didn’t you just mix everything in a bowl then throw it on the counter

Joaquin Garcia

Joaquin Garcia . 3 months ago

Can this recipe by dried?

Bosco William

Bosco William . 3 months ago

I tried this recipe. I did not have xanthan gum. I used 2 teaspoons chia seeds instead of xanthan gum. It did not work so well. the dough stuck to the parchment paper. I guess the substitute did not work. would you know what substitutes there are for xantham gum? Corn starch? Chia seeds?

Nonya Bidness

Nonya Bidness . 3 months ago

I wonder if you could dehydrate these noodles and if that would give them the al dente texture after cooking...

Fabulous Sierra

Fabulous Sierra . 3 months ago

I made the recipe as instructed. I rolled the sections thinly so dough would fit in the pasta maker. Dough fell apart while going through the pasta roller. I ended up cutting the flattened dough with pizza cutter. Taste is very bland. Need ideas to improve this recipe please. Thank you.

Shea Shea

Shea Shea . 3 months ago

Wow, great recipe!!

Mahal Mahal

Mahal Mahal . 3 months ago

this is too helpful! thank you so much. 😊

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