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5 Ways to Lose Weight in One Week (Without Exercise)



Published on 3 years ago

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Comments :

Leilani Rowe

Leilani Rowe . 1 day ago

Guys. lost tons of weight doesn't need to be hard (I used to feel it did). I will give you some tips right now. Get a popular fat loss system called Custokebon Secrets (do a google search). Thanks to it I've lost tons of weight. I probably should not even be speaking about it cause I do not want lots of other guys out there running the same game but whatever. I'm just simply in a great mood today so I will share the wealth haha.

Gloria Geronimo

Gloria Geronimo . 1 month ago

Christmas week with my new husband's family and friends from Colombia in Texas, driving to and from Tennessee, uyy veyy

Elgiza R

Elgiza R . 1 month ago

But I cant leave without chocolates😜


PAT. M . 2 months ago

I wanna lose weight because I have swimming in spring and I have that time to lose weight and if they see me with no shirt and see my fat then my life just crumbles here is what would happen ME: oh NO it's swiMming!!,😖 TEATHER: everybody take your close off it's time to swim. ME: takes shirt off slowly TEATHER: sees me. Hei you have been eating a lot. ME: Embarrassed. EVERYONE: laughs.

maik. z.

maik. z. . 2 months ago

Diet Plan known as Fenoboci Diet Plan kept showing up here on a lot of videos and I thought they were scam. However after my cousin follow it, and finally lost crazy amounts of weight by using it without starving herself. I'm persuaded. Don't take my own word for it, search for Fenoboci Diet Plan on the google search engine.

Dangelo Mateo

Dangelo Mateo . 4 months ago

I have tried countless weightloss programs already but not one of them offered me the outcomes like I acquired out of this “Yamzoko Weebly” (Google it) method. Even I am not consuming much as I was in the past, I still don’t truly feel jittery or even feel a crash Since having the solutions stipulated in this program, I lost 15 lbs currently. .

Elly Demir

Elly Demir . 10 months ago

I want a healthy lifestyle to love thyself entirely.

Joanna D.

Joanna D. . 1 year ago

I've been using most of those rules for years. 8 years ago I went down from 190 to 140, the last 10 pounds with a BMI of 22 however... I've been trying to lose those for AGES!

Damira Pevec

Damira Pevec . 2 years ago

5 ways to lose weight in a week: 1. don't eat meat 2. don't eat fish and dairy 3. don't eat pasta, rice or bread 4. don't eat fruit and veggies 5. don't eat anything and your success is 100% guaranteed... you'll lose weight , and maybe even something else (sanity and life).. but well, who needs it!!

Jim Geresy

Jim Geresy . 2 years ago

Prom is in two weeks!!

Kristyn Garcia

Kristyn Garcia . 2 years ago

I want to lose weight so I can be the person I NEED to be to achieve my goals. I want to practice discipline and good habit building, and look good while doing it!

john doe

john doe . 2 years ago

I want to lose weight to be good for summer and look healthy and more me

Emily Andrews

Emily Andrews . 2 years ago

Because I'm an insecure teenager that only had PE during freshman year. REEEEEEEEEEEE

Debbie Parzych

Debbie Parzych . 2 years ago

I babysat my grandson for 5 weeks I hardly had time to use the bathroom so I drank gnc meal replacement and are protein . I lost 17 lbs in 5 weeks. I am struggling now to eat properly because I use food as comfort and I really miss my daughter and 5 month old grand baby, by the way they are stationed in North Dakota and before that in Texas, so in 11 years I had only seen her 2xs until I went out there. I'm really lost right now and have been sober for 5 years so that's not an option sooooo.

Cat And

Cat And . 2 years ago



calonstanni . 2 years ago

HAHAHAAAA I'm actually drinking red wine from a bottle while I'm watching this. oy!

Myra Heath

Myra Heath . 2 years ago

Following this diet is so very easy and We are so pleased I have landed onto it. I am so anxious to continue this journey and to lose an additional 14 lbs. Check out “sowo hope site” on google.


Taz . 2 years ago

Cousins wedding in a week 😂😫

Marc List

Marc List . 3 years ago

Isn't tips #1 & #5 redundant? Just being tedious, great info

Patricia Jackson

Patricia Jackson . 3 years ago

Following this diet is so very easy and I am so satisfied I have stumbled onto it. Rapidly, I will lose 7 more lbs with “sowo hope site” (make sure to google it! ).

Slavko Linic

Slavko Linic . 3 years ago

The intro is so Kleane

Nikiya Jones

Nikiya Jones . 3 years ago

can preteens do this (12 and up)???

Kay Nicole

Kay Nicole . 3 years ago

I'm going to drink on the toilet


Sydfishes . 3 years ago

I just want a jump start that will encourage me in forming healthy habits. In the beginning, Its hard to try all week and bearly see the scale move, and then still want to keep going. I hate the "dont drink your calories" tip though. I always get that advice but I stopped drinking caloric drinks a long time ago. I only drink water and tea (no milk or sugar) and here I am, still chubby.

Adelene Fenelon

Adelene Fenelon . 3 years ago

So true about the alcohol part! Especially beer. Lost so much of weight once i gave up beer.

miko adu

miko adu . 3 years ago

awesome video 💜


splijter . 3 years ago

i'm running a 10 k race in 11 days, i'm in good shape so i can set a personal best but i think two or three kilos lighter would help some as well. my issue is how can i lose the weight THIS week and train full on? the last 3 days i have to eat quite some food for racing energy but these days i might eat less. think i'll go for the intermittent fasting and a couple days with smoothies.


AshleySaidItBest . 3 years ago

Why was #1 and #5 the same basic tip? Why was there a picture of calm if u didn't talk about it?

Quarter Life

Quarter Life . 3 years ago

great tips! in addition to those, herbal "cleanses" supplements seem to be growing in popularity with many positive reviews (with blends of herbs like senna, dandelion, etc) as well as magnesium supplements (mainly oxide) i love IF, and the "nutrient bomb" in the morning is a great idea. certain "greens powders" are incredibly convenient and naturally detoxifying and could also be of benefit...esepcially at curbing the appetite as well, from my personal experience. =)

grace maia m

grace maia m . 3 years ago

i tried to repeat the video 3x and still couldnt hear it well, did you say that liquid carb doesnt include fresh fruit juices? or it does? thanks

Gil S.

Gil S. . 3 years ago

It's extremely refreshing to see some "lose weight fast" tips that aren't actually detrimental to your health, some of which could actually be used as just part of a change to your diet, thank you!

Nour !!

Nour !! . 3 years ago

my only barrier in losing weight is SUGAR!!! I am addicteddd to sugar any help plz😢😢😢

Ethan Hagedorn

Ethan Hagedorn . 3 years ago

I want to not only lose weight this week, but next week & more. I want to lose my bad habits, and create more healthy habits. Thank you for this video!


xRivers2Allen . 3 years ago

My crush's birthday is next Sunday & we going to chill so I needa look my best


schrodingerzcat13 . 3 years ago

Mr.Monk, can you please comment on the Ketogenic diet. I did do my research on it. But I'd like to hear your views if you've tried it.

Mohan Krishna R

Mohan Krishna R . 3 years ago

I always try some or the other thing to lose weight but only to drop the plan after 2-3 days..! I'm basically skinny fat, and very badly want to be lean.. I did not find a proper plan or schedule to follow, So please help me!

Akshay Rajendran

Akshay Rajendran . 3 years ago

one of your best video .keep it up


HonduranGent . 3 years ago

Your small habits and tips really are useful. I always end up quitting but with your way i seem to be more focused. Thanks man.


Robert . 3 years ago

What about tea and diet soda?

Jonathan Duran-Rodriguez

Jonathan Duran-Rodriguez . 3 years ago

I'm going to vacation in Puerto Rico in 8 days

Aditya Sasidharan

Aditya Sasidharan . 3 years ago

The first and last points are literally the same

Angelo D.

Angelo D. . 3 years ago

I can only see 4 packs of abs, and I'm hoping to get up to 6 soon. I'm hosting a pool party in a few weeks, and Im inviting a girl that I like. All of these methods look very promising!

Paula Burke

Paula Burke . 3 years ago

I'm going to try removing all liquid calories with my children. Thank you!

Wilhelm Friedrich

Wilhelm Friedrich . 3 years ago

All of this advice is very good :) Only intermittent fasting is just not for me; I am hungry and feel crappy ;)


Randrew . 3 years ago

I stopped eating bread and noticed changes almost immediately, i also started to drink green teas and that helped me a lot too

Pol Subanajouy

Pol Subanajouy . 3 years ago

Lol at the wine + toilet gag.


Eustace . 3 years ago


atul pinheiro

atul pinheiro . 3 years ago

I've got my farewell coming up in about 2 weeks from now I'd love to join the Facebook group you have...I don't see the link?

jj Atkinson

jj Atkinson . 3 years ago

Keep up the good work, very informative videos. 😊

Rajipoo *.* Idgf

Rajipoo *.* Idgf . 3 years ago

being vain,need to head back to school soon that's the main reason I want to lose weight

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