Let's Talk About Math Rock

Let's Talk About Math Rock

Published on 3 years ago

Hey, Steve here. In this video I'll show you 5 essential guitar chords that are very useful for writing math rock, midwest-emo, and post rock styles of music. These are chords that I have used for a long time a really like, so I want to share them with you.
Lesson materials: http://wp.me/p7Z0rC-sU

Wolves Flying Kites (full chords example)

Intro song: https://mountainssk.bandcamp.com/album/catskill-ep

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Comments :

Doug Clark

Doug Clark . 2 years ago

I love your videos - I've stumbled across them several times - but you use the term "position" all wrong. For example, take that Bm7 with the root on the low E. That's 7th position. The one with the root on the A string with the open D - that's open position (not 5th position). Position is not what string the root sits on, it's the lowest fret that your hand is over in order to play notes in a key. A three note per string G major scale, starting on the 3rd fret of the low E, is 3rd position. That same G major scale, starting on the same note, but this time using open strings (basically the Em Aeolian starting on the m3) is open position. Just thought I'd bring that to your attention.

Curtis Newton

Curtis Newton . 1 month ago

dude, tune up your instrument first ;-)

Michael Craig

Michael Craig . 2 months ago

Why do you say "post rock"? Rock and roll was here since 1954, and it will last forever..there is no such thing as "post rock" It just sounds like something some jealous geek would say, jealous that he did not invent rock and roll, so dont say it. Get out there and party some and meet some hot chicks, jeez dude!


sashad60 . 3 months ago

6:54 the first 4 chords are those and played exactly the same way in an animal crossing new leaf track, I just can't remember which


Lalairu . 4 months ago

I am learning music theory again, from thr begining... This videos help me to learn new things. You have a really nice content. Thank you!

Carlitox b

Carlitox b . 5 months ago

can you please explain where the last square root came from?


follyador . 5 months ago

Gracias amigo buscaba estos chords.


ExpTube1969 . 6 months ago

you can use it in any music genre

Matías Villalba

Matías Villalba . 7 months ago


Chef Craig Orrell

Chef Craig Orrell . 7 months ago

Once again, you killed it. My favorite new channel on YouTube.

Luis Rodríguez

Luis Rodríguez . 7 months ago

Math rock and your videos are giving me interest in play guitar again, and im having fun like when i was just starting

Paul Isbell

Paul Isbell . 8 months ago

You sound like the newscaster in the OG Willy Wonka movie.

sr thompson

sr thompson . 10 months ago

you're the man!.. thanks for sharing your knowledge!


HappyTreeFreak666 . 10 months ago

Wow. I've been using that stripped down sevenths shapes in basslines for ever and didn't know how they are called

Vince LeJeune

Vince LeJeune . 11 months ago

Does anyone know the intro song

Juanma Blanc

Juanma Blanc . 1 year ago

Love you dude!! Gettin into the genre composition for my band, these are so useful <3


kimseniorb . 1 year ago

great channel my friend, subbed


0Tuma . 1 year ago



Nanoc . 1 year ago

i already give up

james Doctor

james Doctor . 1 year ago

Hey man, could you do a video talking about some of the concepts in sharks keep moving’s music? I noticed you mentioned minus the bear a bit. Great content by the way!

Stanislaw Frey

Stanislaw Frey . 2 years ago

What minus the bear song are you talking about? i really like the sound of the fingerpicked maj7 chord


daniel . 2 years ago


mac guinto

mac guinto . 2 years ago

I just got into math rock recently. What really got me is their chords voicing and arpegiated licks and riffs of these jazzy chords. This video is a good starter lesson even if you're not into math rock, these chords voicing are really cool to learn and to play. Subbed! Cheers man!


WEARETHEACTION . 2 years ago

Big fan of Mountains

pablo segura

pablo segura . 2 years ago



daniel . 2 years ago


Will Taylor-Benett

Will Taylor-Benett . 2 years ago

im pretty sure the 6th string maj 9in the diagram is a maj7sus2??

Jaymin Goodson

Jaymin Goodson . 2 years ago

Hey man what kind of amp do you use?


Elephunn . 2 years ago

Hey Steve! Great video! It'd be nice to have a lesson on how to write some of those picking riffs to use between chord changes


C A . 2 years ago

I started following your channel recently and its really got me into match rock. Thank you for uploading these, theyre great content for those looking to learn something new.

Johnny Aiko

Johnny Aiko . 2 years ago

soooo R&B?

AG Drummer

AG Drummer . 2 years ago

hey man I really like your lessons. Im primarily a drummer but I noodle around on the guitar usually daily as well and I learn a lot from your vids. Also I just wanted to say whenever you play an idea you have written its always really cool. I dig your style man keep up the good work!!

Devan Prince

Devan Prince . 2 years ago

Idk where those chords are on the fret!!! Plz help.

Rahul Ahir

Rahul Ahir . 2 years ago

Aren't you playing a Cminor add 9 not a Cminor9 because you aren't playing the 7th note?


sotomercado3 . 2 years ago

i can hear daphne loves derby used all of this chords

charles thomas

charles thomas . 2 years ago

Hey Steve, I want to say thank you for all of your hard work and effort. I'm not sure people understand how much time and effort go into making a quality tutorial video. You also include tabs as well. Anyway, thank man. After watching your videos I've decided to start playing again after years..

Петр Исаченко

Петр Исаченко . 2 years ago

KFC major

Suchitha Dehigaspitiya

Suchitha Dehigaspitiya . 2 years ago

I use the min7 and maj7 as variations for power chords when playing acoustically or clean but I had no idea that they were min7 and the maj7, nice video

Alberto Peinado

Alberto Peinado . 2 years ago

Hello Steve, thank you for your lessons. Quick fix: in the Wolves Flying Kites tab, Emaj7 is wrong tabbed (7697 instead of 7687). Regards! Hope to see more lessons :)

The Melon Man & The Pumpkin Kid !!!

The Melon Man & The Pumpkin Kid !!! . 2 years ago

Hey!!! Steve!!! Who are your favourite math rock bands/musicians?

Lucas Arcega

Lucas Arcega . 2 years ago

Thanks for sharing! I hope you keep doing this excelent job dude. Cheers

wiktor pieseł

wiktor pieseł . 2 years ago

Great lesson! It would be awesome if on these chord diagrams you could show their structure, like root notes etc. Once again great channel,very helpful :3

Aaron Cannada

Aaron Cannada . 2 years ago

This dude is a blessing

Matthew Kreider

Matthew Kreider . 2 years ago

well I've been playing FCPREMIX wrong my whole life

Vadim SW

Vadim SW . 2 years ago

Thank you for doing this! Really helpful. But why there's no maj11, only minor?


9UWEEO NCBMD . 2 years ago

I cannot thank you enough for these lessons. Thank you so very much for them.

Martín Silva

Martín Silva . 3 years ago

You were right, this lesson is even better :P

Zachary Lee

Zachary Lee . 3 years ago

Cmaj9 in the fifth position is the best guitar chord.

Mak Ka Hei

Mak Ka Hei . 3 years ago

Can you explain more about the chord progression of the Full Chords Example 2. The key is G major?


Jon . 3 years ago

For the third form of the major7 you show, just root it from the D string and skip the lower two strings that make it impossible to play. This turns the shape more into an alternative of the 4th shape you use. I first learned these chords in the context of Jazz lessons, but since I was a post-hardcore kid I put them in more rockin' songs and the resulting sound was almost mathrock. Jazz vs. math drums are definitely more distinctive than jazz vs. math guitars.

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