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Published on 3 years ago

Pregnancy with Diabetes.

1 in 4 pregnant women is diabetic!

Why is there a rise?
There is a rise because of the lifestyle changes ( diet/exercise/stress)

PR PREEXISTING Diabetes; the pregnant lady already had diabetes before embarking on Pregnancy

Detected in EARLY Pregnancy: The lady had diabetes before but it was detected in early pregnancy.

The other is the one which is detected a little later in Mid Pregnancy ( that is in 20-22 weeks, or around or after the 5 month of pregnancy.

Diabetes during Pregnancy affects:


Therefore mother and new-born care are very important. It is also important that the paediatrician that looks after the baby is aware of this condition that the mother had during pregnancy. It is important to advise young children on care and prevention against diabetes.

The Problems Pregnancy diabetes could bring are:

Structural Defects/Congenital Abnormalities
Baby growth more
Water accumulation in baby more
Prone for Premature birth
Fluctuating sugar levels towards the final pregnancy period could even cost the life of the baby.

DELIVERY ISSUES in ( Diabetic pregnant women) ;
More chances of Caesarean Section
Difficult Vaginal Delivery

Babies of ( Diabetic pregnant women);
Raised Sugar Levels
Metabolic issues
Prone to New born Jaundice

Mother Is also prone to hypertension/ PREECLAMPLASIA
However the complication and issues could be prevented and if sugar levels are maintained one can have a normal outcome.

Comments :

fouziya banu

fouziya banu . 10 months ago

Madam I have type 2 diabetic & I want to be pregnant & I have 200 range of diabetic . Is this normal

mariam nambasa

mariam nambasa . 1 year ago

Thanks for the info.... If type 2 diabetes is detected earlier in pregnancy what's the most safe medication, metformin or insulin injection?

Sharil Nathaniel

Sharil Nathaniel . 2 years ago

Hello Mam i m already diabetic n I want to reduce my blood sugar n want to know the list of good to control my diabetic

Reshma J G

Reshma J G . 2 years ago

Mam plz give information about how to control it during pregnancy if got detected

Mister - Royalty Free Music

Mister - Royalty Free Music . 3 years ago

Great content. Keep it up!

Mister - Royalty Free Music

Mister - Royalty Free Music . 3 years ago

I enjoyed your video :) Keep it up!

Mister - Royalty Free Music

Mister - Royalty Free Music . 3 years ago

I look forward to more videos

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