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What makes muscles grow? - Jeffrey Siegel



Published on 4 years ago

View full lesson: https://ed.ted.com/lessons/what-makes-muscles-grow-jeffrey-siegel

We have over 600 muscles in our bodies that help bind us together, hold us up, and help us move. Your muscles also need your constant attention, because the way you treat them on a daily basis determines whether they will wither or grow. Jeffrey Siegel illustrates how a good mix of sleep, nutrition and exercise keep your muscles as big and strong as possible.

Lesson by Jeffrey Siegel, animation by Brett Underhill.

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蕭宇 . 1 hour ago

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cizzle nizzle

cizzle nizzle . 2 days ago

Eccentric muscle contractions do not yield more hypertrophy compared to concentric ones.


KINGZz MRpro . 4 days ago

No pain no gain

Neel Adke

Neel Adke . 1 week ago

Is that Thanos?

SXT Wellness Coaching

SXT Wellness Coaching . 1 week ago

Amino acids are LEGO they are he building blocks that when stepped on cause you to yell ouch!!!

Rishu Yadav

Rishu Yadav . 2 weeks ago

Meaning full growth requires challenges and stress😊


nabzguitarist . 2 weeks ago

i wonder how much they paid tyson fury for this demonstration

Hermione Tobias

Hermione Tobias . 2 weeks ago

This guy is a mix between Kratos and Thanos

Drinking expired milk at 3 am

Drinking expired milk at 3 am . 3 weeks ago

So I would become thanos if I continue going to school? Awesome!

Space God

Space God . 4 weeks ago

whats the limit on muscle growth? Why cant we build muscle forever? What gene or cells limit the amount of muscle growth and strength one can acquire?

Sniper Gawd

Sniper Gawd . 1 month ago

2:57 hips don't lie lmao

jacobe nixon

jacobe nixon . 1 month ago

So nice and composed.. Informations to the point.. Great work who ever made this. Thanks

How the fuck Did I

How the fuck Did I . 1 month ago

I’m training while watching this

Ahmad Fitness

Ahmad Fitness . 1 month ago


Brad Doan

Brad Doan . 2 months ago

"Gender and age affect this repair mechanism." *VIOLENT SHAKING*


Kj16V . 2 months ago

Haven't watched yet. Better not take them 4 minutes and 19 secs to say "exercise!" -EDIT- It IS exercise! Tell us something we don't know!


808BAMFasian . 2 months ago

“Hyper trophy” really lol

Jaime Cruz

Jaime Cruz . 2 months ago

What about wolverine doesnt he have super healing then he can work out


UhmKay? . 2 months ago

The video is 4:20 minutes long *HMMMM*


Qieri . 2 months ago

Imagine getting big muscles by opening doors


plejaren1 . 2 months ago

Protein. Amino acids. hormones and rest. testosterone.


Venicouse . 2 months ago

can I get jacked by opening slightly strong doors over and over again

Player 1

Player 1 . 2 months ago

The best bodybuilding video ever.

Matthew Needham

Matthew Needham . 2 months ago


Matthew Needham

Matthew Needham . 2 months ago


Fuck Alone

Fuck Alone . 2 months ago

What is their profession and expertise??? Tell me plz

Digital Bliss

Digital Bliss . 2 months ago

Wanna increase your muscle recovery? Use a voltacious massage gun to relieve yourself of aches and pains. Voltacious.com

Octoking 1273

Octoking 1273 . 2 months ago

But what if the door is made out of salt and iron * Minecraft zombies*(oh no our only weakness)

Belia Krouse

Belia Krouse . 2 months ago

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Belia Krouse

Belia Krouse . 2 months ago

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Priyanshu Prajapati

Priyanshu Prajapati . 2 months ago

The last line 😶

Alexander Marsh

Alexander Marsh . 3 months ago

1:06 bro just craft a button

viru kumar

viru kumar . 3 months ago

you have given stumendous exercise tips to grow muscles. l am following regularly vedios of you. It helped me a lot.know iam completely fit by your vedio and Bodyprocoach https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=yzXy38YpDJg

Lucas Acoustic Covers

Lucas Acoustic Covers . 3 months ago

I stabbed my arms 3 times to increase injure and hypertrophy

kya axcel

kya axcel . 3 months ago

To all small YouTuber out there, Let's play a game You sub me and I sub you back Game?

good content

good content . 3 months ago

So basically when you workout you damage your muscles, and when you rest they grow. I should be jacked by now lol

Reid Hufham

Reid Hufham . 3 months ago

Ted Ed spoiled the entire infinity saga 4 years before it ended

kalyan 2494

kalyan 2494 . 3 months ago

Simple way to understand..tq Ted ed

Anubhav Kushwaha

Anubhav Kushwaha . 3 months ago

So we Should stopp masturbation?.😅 That seems almost Impossible?😏

Corey William Kessler

Corey William Kessler . 3 months ago


Chris George

Chris George . 3 months ago

I have to rest more 🤔

Callihan Hopwood

Callihan Hopwood . 3 months ago

I like guides from Unflexal Workouts . I learned a lot of new workouts practices there

yuka coon

yuka coon . 3 months ago

So if I open stronger doors everyday I will be BUFF? Ok see you later I will open a cardboard door now.

Akash Sadhu

Akash Sadhu . 3 months ago

So, basically this purple person is Thanos??

LargePear 937

LargePear 937 . 3 months ago


Mr. Gara

Mr. Gara . 3 months ago

شكرا فيديو جميل

KentuckyFriedStalin #USSR

KentuckyFriedStalin #USSR . 3 months ago

0:23 am I the only one that heard a Doom damage sound effect here? Just me? Oh, okay

ahmad ahmed

ahmad ahmed . 3 months ago



Andra . 3 months ago


Don Dominic

Don Dominic . 3 months ago

Meaningful growth requires challenge and stress!

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