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Quick look and review of the Naked and Famous Elephant 2 Selvedge denim.
22 oz Japanese raw denim, in the Skinny Guy fit.

Fit Description: Regular rise, Skinny leg
Color: Deep Indigo
Composition: 100% Cotton
Fabric Origin: Japan | Made in Canada
Button Fly
Raw, Sanforized denim
Retail $165

Size 28
Waist measures 28"
Inseam 36"
Leg opening 6.75"

Heavy af! Honestly feels like cardboard. I need a pair myself haha. No embroideries or branding, just nice and simple. That's how I like my denim.

If you have any questions, feel free to leave a comment or message.

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Comments :


TinTaBraSS777 . 1 year ago

Kriss Kross

Kriss Kross . 1 year ago

Does anyone know how heavy (in OZ) an average Levis 501 is?


SuperSetCity . 2 years ago

If you usually wear one size do you recommend sizing up one for 21 ounce that number do you wear your same size

Shawn Ling

Shawn Ling . 3 years ago

how do these jeans look like 4 years later?

Maurice Crossley

Maurice Crossley . 4 years ago

put them on you animal


XFS540 . 4 years ago

It's so weird how N&F wants to keep everything simple and understated with the design, yet they put that ugly, disgusting patch on the back. I wouldn't buy this brand just because of that patch.

John Snow

John Snow . 4 years ago

size 28??? how tall are you? weight?


MeDevious . 5 years ago


HPrieto . 6 years ago

I just ordered their elephant 3s in their weird guy fit, i cant wait to get them!!!D;

John Wall

John Wall . 6 years ago

is this dark blue or black?


RasTrent . 6 years ago

@2:40 - Indica Colorway. I prefer sativas

Doug C

Doug C . 6 years ago

Lol your lucky 28 is the size that always goes on sale because most people are 30+

JP Maguate

JP Maguate . 6 years ago

Hey Gwath you should review the obey chinos! And what size you wear mentioned In the video haha


gwath42 . 7 years ago

I am not sure about this specific model, but Naked and Famous do make size 40 in some styles, even some 42s.

ma pope

ma pope . 7 years ago

i would say more of annmuscle ass

ma pope

ma pope . 7 years ago

do these jeans come in size 40


BackwardshturT . 7 years ago

1 inch average, 2 inch if you're lucky, 2.5inch is max i'd say i got the elephant 2 weird guys, and i can wear quite skinny jeans e.g. i can wear apc ps sz 27, and have a sz 28 ele2 weird guys


KushPizzaSleep . 7 years ago

an inch in the waist and that is about it


gwath42 . 7 years ago

Haha, exactly what my brother is complaining about. How much stretching should be expected?


KushPizzaSleep . 7 years ago

these stretch verrrry slowly but..... expect bruising and pain to start tho!


ChristianW . 7 years ago

Thanks for the speedy response! Seems like I've got some measuring to do!


gwath42 . 7 years ago

The sizing differs between each of the brands, and even between each fit/model. What I recommend is to MEASURE your actually waist, and to measure your current Gap's waist. Then, determine your size based on that. If you can get the measurements, I can help you from there if you need! Good luck!


ChristianW . 7 years ago

Can you comment on how N&F, APC, Unbranded, etc. fit in comparison to the Gap's selvedge skinny? I picked up those up as an entry-level selvedge jean and I'm curious as to how they fit to the other brands.

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