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14 High Carb Foods to AVOID On A Low Carb Diet

Dr Dan Maggs

Dr Dan Maggs

Published on 11 months ago

These are the top 14 foods to avoid on a low carb diet. Avoid these common mistakes that people often make when starting a low carb diet.

I've been meaning to make this video for a while! It's going to certainly save me a lot of time helping people who are struggling to get started on their low-carb diets.

This video is a comprehensive list of all the different food groups that you should avoid on your low carb diet.

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Comments :

Dr Dan Maggs

Dr Dan Maggs . 4 months ago

Get The Free Carb Content in Food Guide Here....http://bit.ly/2VP5TCG
Inflamed Toe Juice In Harlem

Inflamed Toe Juice In Harlem . 7 hours ago

So basically you can't eat anything
Andre P.

Andre P. . 1 day ago

Thank God wine wasn't on the list.

Mystery . 2 days ago

Hi, could you please list the low carb foods we can eat every day...?
WardaRobe be

WardaRobe be . 2 days ago

I think the list af what we can eat is shorter.
Pete Burrows

Pete Burrows . 2 days ago

This list is is endless! 😂😂😂😂😂
Pete Burrows

Pete Burrows . 2 days ago

Basically only eat protein and fibre! Carbs are in everything!
Mohamed Tijani

Mohamed Tijani . 3 days ago

Doc, what left to eat? You re scaring everyone

Jellybean . 3 days ago

What’s left to eat 🤷‍♀️😫
You Too

You Too . 3 days ago

Not sure how this works but in my experience I've lost weight the easiest by not really doing low carb and all that stuff but rather not eating for several hours before going to bed. Weight loss is nearly impossible when you go to sleep on a full stomach. I know it's different for everybody but this is true for me

zengreen7 . 3 days ago

No one gets out alive, so, you might as well enjoy yourself.

zengreen7 . 3 days ago

Just run from junk food, eat everything else.
Zohair Yousuf Hassan

Zohair Yousuf Hassan . 4 days ago

With due respect, I just wanna say he just shoved off more or less every food option from a balanced diet which were deemed healthy for ages without mentioning any ALTERNATIVE options for them.
Angel Bouclin

Angel Bouclin . 4 days ago

Anand Jamunar

Anand Jamunar . 4 days ago

Eat some wind pies and nothing drops

SofaKingDop3 . 4 days ago

Why oh why where cashews on the list 😩😩
Todd Tamayo

Todd Tamayo . 5 days ago

Jeez are ppl still terrified of carbs.... fruits are amazing humans need all three macros protein, fats and carbs! Ppl are fat and unhealthy cause they eat way too much and never exercise its simple ppl!
Logan Wolverine

Logan Wolverine . 5 days ago

Can I drink sugar free Monster or does it affect my keto?
Kevin Asoera

Kevin Asoera . 5 days ago

Are u saying that the creator of these earth is using human beings as a guinea pigs? Oh no, grass is now my choice.
antoinette RICHARDSON

antoinette RICHARDSON . 6 days ago

So I am vegan what do I eat because I eat beans for protein
Bryant Whittaker

Bryant Whittaker . 6 days ago


telescopereplicator . 6 days ago

Bananas are a herb, not a fruit !! They are the biggest herb on the planet. For that reason, and the high sugar content, they must be consumed in moderation. Especially if you have diabetes and want to lose weight.

rogercook1177able . 6 days ago

Meat and veggies it is!
Rae Edwin

Rae Edwin . 7 days ago

For a vegan, this is pretty tough to hear. Without legumes, nutritional meals would be almost impossible.
Kevin snow flake hater

Kevin snow flake hater . 7 days ago

What about non alcoholic beer?
caroline natasha

caroline natasha . 1 week ago

What sweet potato 🍠 i can’t survive without it and beans
Girl Next Door Gela

Girl Next Door Gela . 1 week ago

Come on- be realistic here.
Steven Daniel

Steven Daniel . 1 week ago

I've just watched this video for the ten thousandth time!!! You are so good for me. Thank you from Georgia, USA......
Zizi Tefera

Zizi Tefera . 1 week ago

So what is There left to eat ? Am depressed
birgit mitchell

birgit mitchell . 1 week ago

RATHER THAN focusing on what we can eat, checknou labels the next time you go grocery shopping. You may be pleasantly surprised at all the foods that are low in carb. Get creative and READ LABELS.
Vishal Desai

Vishal Desai . 1 week ago

Just ignore this video.. doesn't make sense...
L Jens

L Jens . 1 week ago

Sure doesn't leave me many options to eat as I try to stay off carbs!
Ziffy Ziff

Ziffy Ziff . 1 week ago

Good grief what's left? Water?
Abil Aliev

Abil Aliev . 1 week ago

No sweet potato? Yet, Okinawan diet is 60% sweet potato.
PhiL B

PhiL B . 1 week ago

I'll eat only photons and 5G waves and all be good
Alan Blazek

Alan Blazek . 1 week ago

Thank u!!
Anna Ambwene

Anna Ambwene . 2 weeks ago

Wonderful continue to educate us
Simon Webb

Simon Webb . 2 weeks ago

So to summarize.....eating is bad for us!
E Bennett

E Bennett . 2 weeks ago

We all might as well give up on life, my family have had long lives 98, 100, 102 and they didnt know any of this about foods not to eat which I can see amounts to everything., We should just be glad we have enough food to eat .
Roberta Borg

Roberta Borg . 2 weeks ago

can low carb protein bars be consumed on keto diets?
Mahendra Choudhari

Mahendra Choudhari . 2 weeks ago

good but you mix low and high carb its cunfujsn

sylatex . 2 weeks ago

That's it, I'm giving up food
bob abraham

bob abraham . 2 weeks ago

Wrong! You can have that sweet potato, legumes if you stay say under 100 grams of carbs a day. If a person was consuming over 300 grams a day going down to 100 or less they would see results. Keep it nutrient-dense.
Shanika Myers

Shanika Myers . 2 weeks ago

Who would thumb down? This video is super informative but it just made me so sad. We were taught to eat from that food pyramid and now we have to retrain our brains and bodies

D800Lover . 2 weeks ago

Sriracha is OK when used in moderation, it is less than 1 gramme "per serve" and it is so spicy that you don't use a lot of it - it is 83% chilli and there is no carbohydrates in that.
Peter Rabitt

Peter Rabitt . 2 weeks ago

Your mistake was not eating potatoes, it was trying to eat a low-carb diet. The only thing that diet is useful for, is developing insulin resistance, high blood pressure, constipation, heart disease, and cancer, as fast as possible.

hovnanian . 2 weeks ago

This was no news for me....
Elaine Bridges

Elaine Bridges . 2 weeks ago

There are low carb foods to replace all of these items you just named. So there is a lot of choices for low carb diets. People just need to get off the couch and learn to cook. More keto/low carb foods are being sold at the stores. All the berry fruits are on the keto diet. Replace the unhealthy ingredients with healthy ingredients. Easy diet to stick with and if you like meats then you have got it made.
Lora Durling

Lora Durling . 2 weeks ago

Let’s hang around with the cows and eat grass
Lora Durling

Lora Durling . 2 weeks ago


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