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How to Increase Your Breast Milk Supply | Easy & Cheap | 8 Tips



Published on 2 years ago

Hello Everyone!!

I hope you find this video on how to increase your breast milk supply helpful. Please leave a comment on what has worked for you on increasing your breast milk supply. Thank you for watching and please subscribe!

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Thank you!

Comments :

Yarizel Berrocal

Yarizel Berrocal . 5 days ago

Thank you 🙌

Bella Guzman

Bella Guzman . 5 days ago

Love this thank u 🙏🏼

Rahewa Desta

Rahewa Desta . 3 weeks ago



M DOZA80 . 1 month ago

Thank you for the tips. I've been stressing . I will definitely try this . My son is 2 weeks old 😊

Leonard Wong

Leonard Wong . 1 month ago

Rule of thumb..... Just eat meat. You'll produce more. nuff said.

Sabaritha Jayabalan

Sabaritha Jayabalan . 1 month ago

I’m making only 18ml of breast milk per session !! Is it possible to increase the production ..

Sabaritha Jayabalan

Sabaritha Jayabalan . 1 month ago

Is it possible to increase the milk production after 7 weeks of delivery?

Gloria Katulanya

Gloria Katulanya . 2 months ago

Thanks very much I have a 3 months old baby and my supply is decreasing

Jieron Estandarte

Jieron Estandarte . 3 months ago

Thank you for giving as a tips

Napashah Lahat

Napashah Lahat . 4 months ago

Oats/ Oatmeal = ESTROGEN deposits = more milk supply from the woman.

Rebecca Smith

Rebecca Smith . 4 months ago

look at the views on this video go girlll!!!!


dhvani . 5 months ago

I am eating oats 3 times a day, drinking 12 glasses of water, eating fenugreek seeds, pumping every 3 hrs yet my supply has stuck to the same. Im producing arojnd 1 oz per session while my boy needs 4 oz every 3-4 hr. Can amybody help? (My boy is 1month n 3 days old)

mheanlex haylin

mheanlex haylin . 5 months ago

I breastfed for a year. My only regret was taking fenugreek and other supplement. My milk dries up and I felt really bad because I was not able to sustain my milk for more years.

bakmen rani

bakmen rani . 6 months ago

U are too much talking just show it is good enough

kristina swabb

kristina swabb . 6 months ago

Do u have a recipe for the lactation cookies?

Dulce Duarte

Dulce Duarte . 6 months ago


Priya Takiya

Priya Takiya . 6 months ago

Thank you soo much!!

keyonna street

keyonna street . 6 months ago

You gave me an amazing tip. I'm going to try and get up in the middle of the night when he wakes to feed to ser how much of a difference it would be in my milk supply.

Amanda Banana

Amanda Banana . 6 months ago

So how often would I have to pump in a 24 hour period?

U And Me planet

U And Me planet . 6 months ago

Lovely #uandmeplanet #stretchmarkskyuhoteh#byuandmeplanet #onerequesttopmmodiji#byuandmeplanet

Brenda Ascencio

Brenda Ascencio . 6 months ago

Thank you for your tips! I look forward in trying them out.


FKA T . 7 months ago

I use only one silicon pump so I lose a lot of milk throughout the day. Would I get more milk with electric pump?

Poonam Singh

Poonam Singh . 7 months ago

i hope this helps me too... i will try all these with very imp" being consistent ". thanks Christa 😌

Ina O'Connor

Ina O'Connor . 7 months ago

Best not to worry about loosing weight while working on increasing your milk. Many cases of low milk in the afternoon are improved by eating a better breakfast and lunch.

Maegan Bowden

Maegan Bowden . 7 months ago

Ladies be careful, fenugreek can dry you up!! I almost lost my supply from taking fenugreek.

Seeking Truth

Seeking Truth . 7 months ago

Thank you for this video it was very helpful

Shazana Khan

Shazana Khan . 8 months ago

I just brought 5 boxes of these online omg the shipping n import duty to the uk killed, rip off £90!!!! Well that’s 10m supply. My sons important giving him 60-80ml a day isn’t enough I have to sort this.

Angel Carroll

Angel Carroll . 9 months ago

This was so helpful but it is so hard to get on a schedule when your baby is colicky and working. Any helpful hints for that.


dreb2g . 9 months ago

Is chicken a whole food???

lora lopez

lora lopez . 10 months ago

I love this!! Thank you so much for your tips.

Victoria Luna

Victoria Luna . 10 months ago

Thank you for this!!!:)

mama bear Baker

mama bear Baker . 10 months ago

I love oatmeal so im down for that :)

Alisha Myers-Carr

Alisha Myers-Carr . 10 months ago

Omg thank you so much!!! I felt so lost. This video is a life saver ❤

Mona Fawzy

Mona Fawzy . 10 months ago

GOOD Video, but how you keep your weight, i drink water but my weight is increasing

christelle i

christelle i . 10 months ago

you are sooo clever! thanks for this it really helped me big time!

Cabrino Phillip

Cabrino Phillip . 11 months ago

You people talk too much just get to the point

Pamela Mulucto

Pamela Mulucto . 11 months ago

Thank you. I’ll try eating oatmeal 😄


PearlyJamx . 12 months ago

WATER WATER WATER WATER WATER WATER WATER WATER WATER WATER WATER WATER 😂😂😂 Love the text this girl added to the video. Point taken! You are definitely growing on me.

Daisy Koske

Daisy Koske . 12 months ago

Wow such an amazing video,thank you!

P.Y.T. latina

P.Y.T. latina . 1 year ago

Your awesome Thank you Thank you Thank you!!!!


EnlightSociety . 1 year ago

Thank you!! I’m expecting in March and I want to make sure that I’m a milk making machine!

Iesha Hudson

Iesha Hudson . 1 year ago

This is one of the best video's I've watched for breast pumping tips. Thank you so much for making it. The last tip though... I was squeezing water in my mouth each time you said water haha.

Miss Powers

Miss Powers . 1 year ago

When babies are 0-4 months they will nurse more frequently than 3-4 hours . You can’t overfeed a breastfed baby . Both my kids nursed evert nourish until 4 months sometimes going threw and are very healthy

mona roy

mona roy . 1 year ago

Hi..i have a month old baby girl. I want to increase milk supply since it is going down. After watching your video I am trying these tips. Just wanted to ask you... how long did it take to increase your milk supply after trying all these? I have lot of hopes on this tips and waiting for a good result.

Christine Szymczak

Christine Szymczak . 1 year ago

Once u started pumping more did u still nurse the baby at all? Im trying to get my milk supply back up, my baby is 3 months but since going back to work i wasnt pumping at work only at home and i regret doing that! I can still get him to latch tho which is awesome so i really wanna increase my milk again.

Candice Dixon

Candice Dixon . 1 year ago

Thank you for such an awesome video!! It was truly helpful!

Pavana h m

Pavana h m . 1 year ago

Now i have two month old baby ,if i start to use healthy nursing tea does it increases milk

Hailee kroner

Hailee kroner . 1 year ago

I am new to this whole breastfeeding and pumping thing because I am a young mommy (19 almost 20) to be mommy. How did you know when to pump and more it’s such an awesome concept but I’m afraid that I will ether pump to much too little or mess up etc

sam sami

sam sami . 1 year ago

I used to drink an herbal tea healthy nursing tea in order to increase my breast milk supply,

Tai-Lena Suggs

Tai-Lena Suggs . 1 year ago

I've heard fenugreek dries people out, I'm so scared to try it

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