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Intermittent Fasting for Weight Loss (Full Plan)

Gravity Transformation - Fat Loss Experts

Gravity Transformation - Fat Loss Experts

Published on 10 months ago

This is a Full Intermittent Fasting Plan for Weight Loss. If you're wondering how to do an intermittent fasting diet plan then this video will help you set one up for FREE. It's great for both beginners and advanced. Learn how to free up your schedule while getting all of the benefits of fasting. You'll know how to set up your own warrior diet, one meal a day diet and alternate day fasting diet by the end of this video. ENJOY!

πŸ”₯ FREE 6 Week Challenge: http://bit.ly/lose-fat205

πŸ“² Fat Loss Calculator: http://bit.ly/gt-calculator5

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Eating Pattern: 0:42
Benefits of IF: 1:25
What You Need to Consider: 2:01
Conditioned Hunger Responses: 2:35
16/8: 3:18
Macro Calculator: 4:24
Prevent Overeating: 6:02
Warrior Diet: 8:19
OMAD: 9:15
Muscle Loss: 9:58
Alternate Day Fasting: 11:27
5/2 Diet: 11:54
Breaking the Fast: 12:25
Fasted Training: 13:08

I have great news! This is going to be the last intermittent fasting video that you have to watch before you have everything that you need to start a customized intermittent fasting diet plan as early as today. As long as you simply follow along you'll learn guaranteed methods to start losing weight and burning fat with fasting protocals like 16/8 fasting, alternate day fasting, the 5:2 diet, the warrior diet, and even the one meal a day diet. The best part is that I'm gonna give you guys this complete step by step guide for free, and I'm not gonna hold anything back because if I can help you start losing weight with intermittent fasting today you're probably going to subsrcribe to this channel and tell all your friends. So with no further ado let's get started. First you should know that intermittent fasting isn't as much of an eating plan as it is an eating pattern. This means that there is no approved and unapproved food list, no specific calorie recommendations, and no macronutrient targets. Instead you would take the intermittent fasting eating pattern and apply it to any kind of diet plan that you like best whether that be paleo, keto, atkins, vegan, vegetarian, carb cycling, or an old school bodybuilding 40/40/20 split. The point of intermittent fasting is to make all of these eating plans fit into your life in an eating pattern that's convenient for you. And don't worry if you're a little confused right now, by the end of this video you'll know exactly which eating plan and which eating pattern is best for you... So besides convenience a couple other benefits of intermittent fasting include improved insulin sensitivity which will help with fat loss, increased levels of the muscle building human growth hormone, an enhanced repair process for old and damaged cells through something known as autophaghy, increased productivity, more mental clarity, and of course weight loss. Out of all the different intermittent fasting protocols, they all have one thing in common - there's a portion of the day spent fasting where you don't eat anything at all and there's another portion of the day where you're allowed to eat which is known as the "eating window." When first choosing the right intermittent fasting plan you want to consider 2 major things - which one will fit your lifestyle and preferences the best, and which one you're currently ready for, because you'll definitely want to ease your way into tougher and tougher fasting protocols with time and practice. That means that if you've never fasted before you don't want to start by planning to fast 3 days in a row because you'll find it almost impossible to manage hunger. You see, the hunger that you feel at the moments of the day where all you can think about is food isn't necessarily caused by a physical need to eat. Instead a lot of that hunger you feel comes from conditioned hunger responses that are created after years of practicing a certain eating pattern until it becomes a habit. Once established, these eating habits aren't just reinforced by your mind, but they're reinforced by your whole body down to a microscopic level. For example your stomach...

Systematic review: Intermittent fasting just as effective as other diets for fat loss and muscle preservation:

6 Months of Intermittent Fasting - Comparable Fat Loss and Muscle Loss to Standard Dieting

Alternate Day fasting has no negative effect on muscle mass:

Protein breakdown drops to 70g/24h when fasting and after fasting for 3-4 days drops further to only about 20g/24h:

Growth Hormone peaks at a 1250% increase with prolonged fasting

Fed vs Fasted Training

Comments :

Gainzz Gangg

Gainzz Gangg . 10 hours ago

Here's what intermittent fasting has done for us: Myself- 73 lbs in 5 months My Mom- 9 lbs in 6 weeks My Twin Sister - 17 lbs in 8 weeks my mom and sister just started at the beginning of the year in January,it doesn't happen overnight, but stay consistent and it will happen

Rug . 1 day ago

i was preparing guacamole for my eating window and I tasted a little to see if the taste was there and I ingested just a little bit.will this have fucked up my fast?
Mike McGillis

Mike McGillis . 1 day ago

Quick question, to see results of intermittent fasting, do you have to do it every day or can splitting the week work as well. I do 12hr shifts and trying to use my work days as fasting days while my days off to do the workouts. Is that doable or should I fast everyday?
Alejandro Padilla

Alejandro Padilla . 2 days ago

This is probably a stupid question but is it pointless to fast from 6pm to 12pm only to have the rest of that next 12 hours as a regular non fasting day? I heard you can fast one day and not fast the next. Then fast only every other day
Dillon Mitchell

Dillon Mitchell . 5 days ago

I play football, wrestling, and lacrosse so the matador diet thing won’t be able to help. Is there a diet that can help me while me still playing those sports?
loredana petrica

loredana petrica . 6 days ago

Thank you for being here and share with us all these information! πŸ€—πŸ€—πŸ€—

shamu2789 . 1 week ago

The fat loss calculator is really a promotion for program enrollment
FafA mnzm

FafA mnzm . 1 week ago

Can we eat vegetables during the fast time or nothing but water and tea?!

Prusi1995 . 1 week ago

I notice lots of people keep on talking about Custokebon Secrets (just search it on google). But I'm uncertain if it is good. Have you ever tried using this popular fat loss system?
Typical Maggie

Typical Maggie . 1 week ago

I already trained myself to hunger for the past month πŸ˜‚ I think I’m ready
Hala Hassan

Hala Hassan . 1 week ago

I’m doing 21 hours fasting and 3 hours eating and i feel amazing mentally and physically i used to love eating but now i don’t crave unhealthy food and i only eat healthy things ❀️ really recommended
Shane Jones

Shane Jones . 1 week ago

the 16/8 option tho is this everyday? How long and often do you fast?

OsamaBinGlockin . 1 week ago

5:41 apparently you can eat from 4pm until noon the next day πŸ˜‚ you only can’t eat from noon to 4pm πŸ’β€β™‚οΈ

omardi . 2 weeks ago

Can i sleep my way through the fast? Like sleep for 12hrs a day?
Ronel Zamora

Ronel Zamora . 2 weeks ago

Is the weight loss just due to you missing calories? Btw I just started an instagram page about keto recipes and stuff. Please let me know what you guys think! @healthy.ntasty
Liliana Santiago

Liliana Santiago . 2 weeks ago

Thank you! New subscriber πŸ™‹β€β™€οΈβ™₯️

9birdstyle . 2 weeks ago

Thanks, really informative!
adam pilget

adam pilget . 2 weeks ago

If u started ure breakfast at 8 am how many hrs to fast skip lunch and eat dinner at 8:00 pm

Coquete82L . 2 weeks ago

Thank you for breaking it down like this. I’ve just started IF, and this helped a lot.
Manuel Almodovar

Manuel Almodovar . 2 weeks ago

I am trying the 16/8 plan. Trouble is I work nights. Thinking 4am-12pm.
Devan Abraham

Devan Abraham . 2 weeks ago

Are protein shakes allowed during your fasting window?
fernando g. aguirre

fernando g. aguirre . 2 weeks ago

Nothing new.........

Deutch . 2 weeks ago

Am I the only one who noticed 4pm to 12pm?

TheMajorMemes . 3 weeks ago

So in the 8 hour window will I have to eat my calories to lose weight which is 1900-2000 or just eat whatever?
Derrick McRae

Derrick McRae . 3 weeks ago

I’m doing a 7 day fast right now and after this I will do the 16/8

KENYA SORRELL . 3 weeks ago

I’m currently doing a 18/6
Shilpa Patel

Shilpa Patel . 3 weeks ago

Best IF video and I have watched way too many.
Tom Soup

Tom Soup . 3 weeks ago

Super great info however little bit of cream in your coffee πŸ€¦β€β™‚οΈ sugar =break -fast
Dheeman01 Nasrudiin

Dheeman01 Nasrudiin . 3 weeks ago

From Somalia thanks thousands for your nice video
Dheeman01 Nasrudiin

Dheeman01 Nasrudiin . 3 weeks ago

I'm 27years my weight is 80 now but before now my waigth was 92so I want to ask you how many kg I lose my weight according to my age ?now I'm 80

Danielsan . 3 weeks ago

This can trigger anorexia for some individuals....
luis ayala

luis ayala . 3 weeks ago

Can u drink prework out before your first meal?
Arlene Sauder

Arlene Sauder . 3 weeks ago

Another counting calorie diet
Zola Mvelase

Zola Mvelase . 3 weeks ago

Thank you
Michael Shea

Michael Shea . 3 weeks ago

Are there any resources that may talk about Intermittent Fasting and the Carnivore Diet?
Ken Vinculado K

Ken Vinculado K . 3 weeks ago

Can someone explain this to me? What is I. F?

Immortal! . 3 weeks ago

So for people with πŸ’° IF diet is a lifestyle. But for the economic challenge people they would say, β€œ I don’t have enough πŸ’΅ to buy food , I only eat once a dayβ€πŸ€©πŸ˜«πŸ˜Š
Over 40 Squad

Over 40 Squad . 3 weeks ago

Great video Max! Been learning a lot about IF for a while now, there still seems to be a lot of different info out there! *Thanks for clearing a few things up :)*
Lax God

Lax God . 3 weeks ago

You kind of look like Paul rabil
Lax God

Lax God . 3 weeks ago

I will add this with my daily jog and workout Edit: 20-4 btw
marsha k

marsha k . 3 weeks ago

You cant eat what you want I tried

StandupGirl1981 . 3 weeks ago

Can you seriously do an IF schedule for night shift workers? Please! I work 11pm to 7am! Should I be fasting while I'm at work or should that be my eating window??
Connor M

Connor M . 3 weeks ago

Coffee breaks the fasting period
Yukhihira Soma

Yukhihira Soma . 4 weeks ago

I am a teenager I don't have any income or knowledge about workouts
Yukhihira Soma

Yukhihira Soma . 4 weeks ago

Do you need to exercise as well for weight loss
Tracy G

Tracy G . 4 weeks ago

this video’s fun level made it easier to comprehend!πŸ˜ƒπŸ‘
RONAN cebola

RONAN cebola . 4 weeks ago

I'm at 16/8 fasting
You Smile We smile

You Smile We smile . 4 weeks ago

Wake up at 8 allowed to start eat at 4 pm till 2 am comon this aint healthy no mater what you tell me cant convice me this is normal .

MichaelZockt . 4 weeks ago

I have no problem with the 16/8 fasting plan. I did it unintentionally when i'm at work. I'm currently on a Low carb diet with 1.500 cal. per day. My height is 1,80m and my weight is 107 kg at the moment. So should i do a fasting plan or stick to my low carb diet?
Vinouel John Lim

Vinouel John Lim . 4 weeks ago

This is by far the best video I've seen about IF. Thanks!

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