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Ways to wear Bandana Neck Ties

Sharaye Thomas

Sharaye Thomas

Published on 4 years ago

Description will be updated later today, I am currently out filming outfits in the sun :-)

Comments :

Ali Gungor

Ali Gungor . 17 hours ago

Dammnnnn 🔥

Taylor Beynon

Taylor Beynon . 5 months ago

I would wear the choker one

DinoSheen The cat

DinoSheen The cat . 11 months ago

Me As A Grownup: And that Kids is the cowboy choker??? GET IT???!!!

Raj Singh

Raj Singh . 1 year ago

How do you do the tied knot at 0:58?

Owen Hesketh

Owen Hesketh . 1 year ago

Omg you have such a great channel and I love this video, great job editing. Keep up the amazing work!

Ruby Chan1

Ruby Chan1 . 1 year ago

anyone gonna comment how she is just in her bra


DenPie . 1 year ago


ItsZayZack -

ItsZayZack - . 1 year ago

0:58 told me much

Lil Boy

Lil Boy . 2 years ago

Хах подрочил спс тебе сучка

Rebecca Ryan

Rebecca Ryan . 2 years ago

Sharaye Thomas,,,,Hello i hope you can answer my question please ,,,,excellent video,,, thank you,,,,,, can i ask where you got the neck chief as i haven seen that pattern

Niki Numamoto

Niki Numamoto . 2 years ago

Why didn’t you show how to fold it?

Amira Maki

Amira Maki . 2 years ago

Gurrll u r hot tho , but i am not lesbian , but u deserve more than 1000 subs


jaideee. . 2 years ago

In the us they cost 1$

Gauri Sharma

Gauri Sharma . 2 years ago

Lipstick is on point gurrlll


Lily . 2 years ago

Gurl I got the EXACT same bandana rn.


markbra . 3 years ago

They cost 10sfr. in Zürich, what a scam !

Diana Torres

Diana Torres . 3 years ago

They are 1.00 dallar in the us

Working Look

Working Look . 3 years ago

Cool vid! You've given me some fresh inspiration. Totally off topic, but your lips are out-of-this-world gorgeous. The framing of many shots in this video really highlights them.

Amy pham berthod

Amy pham berthod . 3 years ago

addicted to neck scalf this winter. thank you


MariaTeresa_Andreacchi . 3 years ago

So cute! Love the way you pieced this video together.

Nicole Makóová

Nicole Makóová . 3 years ago

I love ur hair 😍😍😍 ur videos are great I don't get why u don't have more subscribers, keep up good work!!

Amadeus tentacle Bts

Amadeus tentacle Bts . 3 years ago

your videos are so good I dorm know why people don't subscribe you? you deserve that


SNO DOG . 3 years ago

you hella kute tho

Sabrina C

Sabrina C . 3 years ago

so pretty!

Precious Moyo

Precious Moyo . 3 years ago

Loved the video! You always have such a great filming and editing style!

Nicole Aa

Nicole Aa . 4 years ago

the comeback definitely surprised me and when i saw asos selling them for £5-8, i was even more surprised! love the styles girl! 💖

mónica vieira.

mónica vieira. . 4 years ago

Nice quality video, great lighting :) keep up the good work

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