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10 Safe Exercises to Get Rid of Belly Fat Easily



Published on 1 year ago

Do you want to end the vicious cycle of failed attempts to get rock-hard abs? Making your belly fit and flat isn’t that hard — you only need to eat healthy, which is an important part of getting in shape, and do a set of simple exercises regularly.

Leg lifts 0:43
Bicycle 2:07
Waist crunch 2:57
Reverse crunches 4:04
Bicycle crunch 5:14
Exercise ball crunch 6:28
Magic tree 7:45
Warrior stance 9:00
Awkward airplane 11:35
Sea turtle 13:49

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- Leg lifts will help you build up your lower back and strengthen your abdominal muscles. Keep your legs straight. Lift them higher!
- Based on a study by the American Council on Exercise, the bicycle maneuver holds the top spot for the most effective abdominal exercise.
- The waist crunch (or vertical leg crunch) helps build your core muscles and increases your metabolism. It also improves your posture and balance.
- Reverse crunches strengthen your lower abdominal muscles, which are the main target of this exercise. It can treat lordosis, a condition where your lower back curves forward. It’s a spine problem common in pregnant women and obese people.
- Bicycle crunches work your upper, middle, and lower abs. It’s a full abdominal exercise. If you want an 8-pack, this is the perfect workout for you. In addition to your abs, it also targets your hips, hamstrings, quadriceps, chest, shoulders, and back muscles.
- According to a study by the Department of Kinesiology at Occidental College in Los Angeles, crunches performed with an exercise ball improve abs by 38%. Certified fitness ball instructor Suzanne Deason highly recommends this exercise because you’ll feel almost no pain in your spine while doing it as opposed to crunches performed lying down.
- Magic tree exercise will challenge your balance, muscle coordination, and presence of mind. It targets your core, biceps, triceps, chest, and shoulders.
- Warrior stance is a yoga pose, and it strengthens your legs, chest, and arms. It also improves the body and mind connection.
- The awkward airplane is a yoga exercise that improves your legs, arms, shoulders, and hips. It also corrects posture and balance.
- The sea turtle is a workout used in boot camps. It targets your posterior deltoids, glutes, lower and middle abs, and rhomboids.

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Comments :


BRIGHT SIDE . 1 year ago

Is it hard to eat right and stay fit in your country? Please, tell us about that! 🙂

Ariana Ciurzenski

Ariana Ciurzenski . 7 hours ago

yes its VERY when you see yummy looking food you want it so bad but i lost weight bc of you! :DDD

claudi parijo karta

claudi parijo karta . 2 days ago

Leg raises don't just bring ur legs up and down u need to use ur stomach muscles to work on it and it will burn more but is hard

Rajbir Paul

Rajbir Paul . 3 days ago

Can i do this exercises at night after running

Lin Bell-Booth

Lin Bell-Booth . 5 days ago

I would like to see a big belly person doing this and the result as well, don’t show someone who already has a flat belly

Lexie Sawvel

Lexie Sawvel . 5 days ago

Starting today, I’m gonna keep y’all updated!! So I cut out junk and soda and bread.... Day 1: No change ofc but my stomach is on fire!!! Day 2: No change still, but still burns Day3: a little change, my stomachs still fatty but not as much Day4:My stomach is getting harder, still fatty but hey we’re getting somewhere

Broken Angel

Broken Angel . 6 days ago

relax only for 5 seconds not enough for me

Priyan Mehra

Priyan Mehra . 6 days ago

Can someone please tell me what is a 10 to 15 reps does it mean one set of 10to 15 reps?

sharifah munamasaka

sharifah munamasaka . 7 days ago

at what iam i supposed to do this


Rasika . 1 week ago

Bicycle crunch

Sunita Pradhan

Sunita Pradhan . 1 week ago

DAY - 1 ---- Don't felt anything just sweating. DAY - 2 ---- Did awesome compared to before

Sunita Pradhan

Sunita Pradhan . 1 week ago


Zora Brown

Zora Brown . 1 week ago

I've been doing this once a day for only a week now and already my stomach is flattening! My diet is still pretty bad too. Amazing!

Wajid Ali

Wajid Ali . 1 week ago

Great exercises but it seems really hard for me


Aayan_PlayzYT . 2 weeks ago

How to lose weight Have depression😐😐

Fatima Zahra

Fatima Zahra . 2 weeks ago

What is the right time to exercise? When we exercise after meal


XXLexi XX . 2 weeks ago

It’s telling me how to excersise why I’m lying in bed drinking pop and watching my IPad

Lame Loser

Lame Loser . 2 weeks ago


melissa mcwilliams

melissa mcwilliams . 2 weeks ago

(Please reply so I remember) Day 1: Alright! First I ran up and down the stairs, then I did this.

Priyanshi Chaudhary

Priyanshi Chaudhary . 2 weeks ago

I am 15 years old my weight is38 kg 😟

bsbxvxz hdhshhs

bsbxvxz hdhshhs . 2 weeks ago

the last one was the hardest one my private part hurts while doing that is it still safe?

Marley Grenada

Marley Grenada . 2 weeks ago

Day 1: So this is the first day of doing this and I’m in pain because I just did this but I feel confident that I can remember to do this everyday Day 2: so this is the next day it kinda hurts but I can feel my muscles burning! I don’t notice any changes yet... but that will change if I remember to do these excersizes everyday! Day 3: so ummm I kinda forgot to do this day sorry .-. Day 4: so I uhh had some Doritos 🙄😂 but atleast I remembered to do my excersizes :D Day 5: I’m visiting my family for thanksgiving so I kinda forgot to do my excersizes 😟 Day 6: Happy thanksgiving! 🍁 I’m about to eat food with my family and don’t worry I remembered to do my excersizes 😂


ahree . 2 weeks ago

my pe teacher says it’s more effective if your legs (for the first 2 exercises) are more to the ground tho or else it’s not really doing much

sukanya pai

sukanya pai . 3 weeks ago

What if we don't have exercise ball?? What to do?

Shinchan P

Shinchan P . 3 weeks ago

I feel like I ran a marathon 😩

Jenna Melton

Jenna Melton . 3 weeks ago

If anyone is seeing this plz reply to keep me on track I will update every day😁 oh and...... Day 1: I definitely underestimated these exercises 😂 Day 2: I didn't do it because I had an event to go to and got home late 😣 Day 3: well I thought it would be important to mention I don't have an exercise ball so I tried using my bed idk if it worked but yee I tried I didn't do the last 2 "exercises" because I felt like they went doing much I don't feel any skinnier yet but this is only my second workout sesh.... good luck me 😁

Generexxx 286

Generexxx 286 . 3 weeks ago

My cat ripped my exercise ball........

Argoth The 1st

Argoth The 1st . 3 weeks ago

0:45 2:07 2:58 4:05

King Cash

King Cash . 3 weeks ago

I'm gonna keep you updated Day 1: I'm starting to feel motivated. I couldn't do the ball ones cause I don't have one. Day 2: I'm feeling a little pain in my legs whilst doing some of these. I'm also feeling pain in my stomach.

Tripti Mitra

Tripti Mitra . 3 weeks ago


Super _s

Super _s . 3 weeks ago

I don't want to look more slim... I just want to get rid my extra belly... U knw... Ur body is already ok.. Slim but u have a big belly ... Still u can't wear sexy dress.... Is this exercise ok for me. ? Can someone answer .. Im afraid because i really don't want to be more slim.

Rabiul Alam

Rabiul Alam . 3 weeks ago

Relaxing 5 seconds is the easiest part of the exercise......

Ayesha Siddiqua

Ayesha Siddiqua . 4 weeks ago

The dedicated Me! Day 1: I wanna slim down. Resolution: I'll exercise and avoid junk food. Day 2: Strenuous exercise, only healthy food. Day 3: No exercise due to pain. Roll in bed watching TV. Crave for junk food. Day 4: Cuddles in bed eating all the junk food. Day 5: Forgets the resolution "Exercise and No junk food" Few months later someone remarks on my obesity and the history repeats itself. Who else in the Gang?

livinlikeacutie TM

livinlikeacutie TM . 4 weeks ago

When you really want to get rid of your fats but you can't stop eating😑

Sangita Thapa

Sangita Thapa . 4 weeks ago

Thank u mam

Thiya Caballero

Thiya Caballero . 4 weeks ago

Did anyone else did it on bed?

Rubeena Sharieff

Rubeena Sharieff . 4 weeks ago

Did any body get good result from this workout?

Rubeena Sharieff

Rubeena Sharieff . 4 weeks ago

Is this really effective?

Pete Miller

Pete Miller . 4 weeks ago

I did all of them and now I am looking more into labor before thank you

s Mirza

s Mirza . 4 weeks ago

Sea turtule I enjoy most

Adrika singh

Adrika singh . 1 month ago

I enjoyed the 5sec breaks the most 😀

Sandra A QUEEN

Sandra A QUEEN . 1 month ago

Wonderful 💖💖💖

Sharmila Kumari

Sharmila Kumari . 1 month ago

If we don't have a exercise ball then?

Ishita Tomar

Ishita Tomar . 1 month ago

Junk food kha skte h ?

Rishi Raz

Rishi Raz . 1 month ago

is it good to lose love handles by your 8th no. exercise

Reyna Kwak

Reyna Kwak . 1 month ago

I’m eleven...

Reyna Kwak

Reyna Kwak . 1 month ago

Who else kept losing balance?

Khadija Fati

Khadija Fati . 2 months ago

Gut danke

oluwafikun oguntunde

oluwafikun oguntunde . 2 months ago

we people in Nigeria find it hard to get some vegetable and food stuff. please do some research on the healthy food that could by found around here

Masood Ahmad

Masood Ahmad . 2 months ago

As you recommended 10 exercise do all with the same time or to choose any one of them

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