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Master Cleanse Lemonade Detox Recipe: HOW I MAKE MY GALLON MIX

Vana Supernova

Vana Supernova

Published on 2 years ago

💗♡ OPEN ME! ♡💗


Thanks for joining me for another video. Today I'm going over my master cleanse lemonade detox recipe where I'll explain how I mix and make my master cleanse lemonade.

The goal is to drink 6 to 8 glasses per day for 10 days! LET'S GET IT!

- 1 gallon water
- 2 cups lemon juice
- 2 cups maple syrup
- 1 tbsp cayenne pepper powder

► Hair 💆🏾
- Bonnet - it was early, let me be great. lol

► Outfit 👠
- PJs because life, thats why.
📍 The Master Cleanse Book: https://amzn.to/2O6rj9N

🔸 My 10 Day Detox Results: https://mp3download.xyz/watch/DTbW0ILcbHA

🔸 Mastering The Master Cleanse Playlist: https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLfWg38Lske0HVcHsqZOUd-qWTCVlmhJ8e

🔸 How I Make My Master Cleanse Detox: https://mp3download.xyz/watch/3h2BNfbNSdw
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- Microphone: MOVO VXR10
- Tripod: Sirui 3T-35K
- Editing Software: Final Cut Pro
- Details on filming equipment: https://mp3download.xyz/watch/8KKHK133-uE

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Comments :

Vana Supernova

Vana Supernova . 2 years ago

Hey there! So I'm not too happy by that number on the scale. Let's see how we can fix that! Bikini body loading...

Carla LB

Carla LB . 1 week ago

Does the maple syrup have to be grade A?? It’s sooo damn expensive 😏 What’s the salt water flush and what’s the receipt and when to drink it? Thank you for your time

My family Nd I

My family Nd I . 2 months ago

hey im not trying to loose weight but i do want to cleanse my system can i do it one time will it still work

Preeti G

Preeti G . 2 months ago

Hi! Can i skip Cayenne Pepper Powder ? Pls help 🙂

aliyah abdullah

aliyah abdullah . 3 months ago

Fyi. This sounds very weird but place lemon in microwave one at a time for 30 seconds. The juice will be overloaded and lemon will be very soft ez 2 squeeze. Yayyyyy

Nathania Ramsay

Nathania Ramsay . 3 months ago

My mom gave me a sip it made me cough

wendy pope

wendy pope . 4 months ago

Can you do the detox just for 1 day because 10 days seems intense😖

Gabriella KV

Gabriella KV . 5 months ago

Can I use grade C for my maple syrup

Stephanie M

Stephanie M . 5 months ago

I have only ever seen people do one cup of lemon juice and syrup to one gallon

Megan Porier

Megan Porier . 6 months ago

Am I able to eat anything while doing this?

Robert Marshall

Robert Marshall . 6 months ago

Can I do the lemonade cleanser, also the Hawaiian sea salt together?

Life With Lynne

Life With Lynne . 6 months ago

What kind of maple syrup did you ise


Miathegr8 . 6 months ago


Iris Eiselt

Iris Eiselt . 7 months ago

Can i use instead of Mapel syrup. Huney?

Iris Eiselt

Iris Eiselt . 7 months ago

Thanks for the video God Bless

Taylor Sloane

Taylor Sloane . 8 months ago

I'm drinking a gallon of water a day, but I'm going to start this cleanse tomorrow morning with the salt water flush and the tea at night time. Should I continue the water on top of this gallon? I'm curious.

Year of the Author

Year of the Author . 8 months ago

I did the cleanse years ago for 45 days and lost 45 pounds. I felt like I was going to die the first two weeks then a switch was flipped because all of a sudden I felt great. I'm going to try to do this again but I'm dreading the first two weeks because I just remember how bad it sucked. Any tips?

Luopu Mckay

Luopu Mckay . 8 months ago

What kind of team can u have during the cleanse and how much through the day

Tikqua Johnson

Tikqua Johnson . 8 months ago

Is it ok to premake it

Crystal Egg

Crystal Egg . 10 months ago

Can I drink about half gallon lemonade ? And the other half just plain water ? I don’t think I can drink a gallon of lemonade and more water on top of that 😫

Tomiwa Olaniyan

Tomiwa Olaniyan . 11 months ago

Instead of lemons, can u just do lemon juice?

Natasha Van

Natasha Van . 1 year ago

How necessary is the salt water flush? Any tips on how to make it taste better? Just the thought of it makes me gag 😷

Sharon Whiffen

Sharon Whiffen . 1 year ago

Okay I can get with this cleanse my only thing is what's up with the syrup I can't do the syrup I had bariatric surgery and I'm only allowed three grams is sugar a day and my second question can you just use lemon juice instead of squeezing all them lemons LOL



Using a funnel is easier to pour in

Chanel Vyntageè

Chanel Vyntageè . 1 year ago

Can you refrigerate this or would you suggest drinking it at room temperature?

Freya Jones

Freya Jones . 1 year ago

So we drink a gallon of the juice a day plus extra separate water then the tea? love the video x x

Breonna Walker

Breonna Walker . 1 year ago

does it matter what syrup is used?

Queen Bee

Queen Bee . 1 year ago

If that's was no syrup, can I used honey?

fancy cannon

fancy cannon . 1 year ago

How long did you do this cleanse for?

What did you say?

What did you say? . 1 year ago

Another awesome video. Thank you :-) * Be mindful of the BPA using plastic jugs.

Dora Hernandez

Dora Hernandez . 1 year ago

I love how u explain...good job...very patien and nice 👌👍


PRETTY AZJ . 1 year ago

Does the maple syrup have to be organic or can I just use the regular one ?

Laura Fandino

Laura Fandino . 1 year ago

Do you eat?

Joseline meza

Joseline meza . 1 year ago

Hey so I started the challenge yesterday and it was tough today I lost 4 pounds but I ate pineapple and cereal and the same time and got my weight back which sucked but I’m still going strong

Joseline meza

Joseline meza . 1 year ago

Wait so to lose the weight all we drink is the lemonade and water


Nyiaaa . 1 year ago

So how much are we supposed to drink a day..the whole gallon? Pleas reply

janessa torres

janessa torres . 1 year ago

can I do the lemonade cleanse without putting maple syrup? or do I have to include it?

Aracely Castillo

Aracely Castillo . 1 year ago

Can you use lime?

Jenn Ruiz

Jenn Ruiz . 1 year ago

Hi, should I be drinking a gallon per day or several glasses per day?


k . 1 year ago

Why syrup though?

Vanessa Hernandez

Vanessa Hernandez . 1 year ago

Lost 10 pounds in a four day period. Verrrryyy easy!


uhhbebe . 1 year ago

Can I use tap water ?

Wigena Clervil

Wigena Clervil . 1 year ago

Can it still work without the maple syrup

emaza xiix

emaza xiix . 1 year ago


iauna nickens

iauna nickens . 1 year ago

If i feel hungry can i eat fruits? With it ..

Danielle Fedrick

Danielle Fedrick . 1 year ago

I kinda skimmed the video so I’m sorry if you mentioned it but I’m just curious as to how tall are you

90_90_proof No Absolutes

90_90_proof No Absolutes . 1 year ago

Hey loved it... what editing app do you use

warrior4 Christ

warrior4 Christ . 1 year ago

Do you drink that tea at night ?

Katana Carter

Katana Carter . 1 year ago

Is that gallon for 1 day?

lenei malepeai

lenei malepeai . 1 year ago

How much do you drink a day and when are you supposed to drink it?

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