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John Rose Juice Feast Update Day 15



Published on 3 years ago

I know I said I would vlog each and every day/meal but I didn't... sorry :) This was filmed over a month ago. I will be filming a new updated video showing the "final results" in the next couple days.

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Comments :

The Anti Vegan

The Anti Vegan . 5 days ago

Drewwwwww, man your energy levels...been there

MarioLuis Barrera

MarioLuis Barrera . 2 months ago

That fkcin intro lol


Haleman . 2 months ago

Lol when you look back at this.

Solitude is a Blessing

Solitude is a Blessing . 2 months ago

How much a day does it cost to juice.

can can

can can . 3 months ago

lol love the da da da at the beginning


eandatoo . 4 months ago

I've noticed solids coming out even though I'm juicing. Must be the intestinal plaque flushing out.


TATTOEDWOMAN . 4 months ago


Zombie Mukbang

Zombie Mukbang . 6 months ago

omg. this just came up in my suggestions. you sound so low energy and look miserable. if i didnt know better i wouldnt even think this was you.

Emoji King

Emoji King . 6 months ago

You’re in for a treat. πŸ– πŸ‘‘ \_πŸ€“_ 🍎 \πŸ‘‰.....πŸ‹ / \ πŸ‘Ÿ πŸ‘Ÿ


nellies11 . 7 months ago

Awesome! I’m on a jf right now. Been doing them for years and they’ve helped me so much. I’ve done three 60 days at separate times. You’re very lucky to have access to fresh oranges! Things I’ve read say do a lot of greens but I always gravitate towards OJ


infinitea . 8 months ago

Has your thoughts changed about juicing? I know your meat based but would u ever fast again??


VIOLENT VICKIE . 9 months ago

What kind of juice are you using? I find the citrus press to be a lot easier and faster than the electric citrus juicer that I bought

Teesha Renee

Teesha Renee . 10 months ago

The intro sound. Lol, I cant!!! πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚

annupamaa krishnaswami

annupamaa krishnaswami . 1 year ago

isnt orange juice of such large amounts very high in sugar and elelvate your blood sugar?


queenbeethatme100 . 1 year ago

1 cup of orange juice and I get terrible heartburn. Green juices are more nutritious. I have done .inths long juice and water fasts. For optimal health, AND dental protectiin, I juice leafy greens for most meals with a noncitrus drink for breakfast. Plenty of water too and a beet/gut tonic. I glow from this!!


TallAndThin123 . 2 years ago

where do you get your jars from? can you send us a link or something , i got juice ingredients i just need the jars to store my juice lol

boris kvas

boris kvas . 2 years ago

Hi How many days was your orange juice feast?

Joe Crockenberg

Joe Crockenberg . 2 years ago

Now being done and looking back do you recommend this?

Michael Greeley

Michael Greeley . 2 years ago

Hi, was wondering where I can find John Rose's 92 day protocol...thanks--


coelhinhos1 . 2 years ago

diarrea feast


sowhat . 2 years ago

lmao dude your Law and Order intro had me in tears!

John Thomson

John Thomson . 2 years ago

These kinds of diets to work there's nothing that disproves proves that, but they are and have been proven to be very dangerous and or deadly, you're much better off having a raw vegan diet

Mark Tassi

Mark Tassi . 2 years ago

I just made a video about this.


Abcdenizz . 2 years ago

Thanks for sharing! Do you mix the oil with the juice or just drink the oil seperately?

Mindful Herbivore

Mindful Herbivore . 2 years ago

How much did It cost all together when you did your juice feast


Bodhiboy91 . 2 years ago

How much fruit/veg a day for 3-4liters of juice and doesn't it cost a shitload?

Timothy Smit

Timothy Smit . 3 years ago

Thanks for sharing this! I'm preparing for a John Rose juice fast. Did you ever feel you had to drink more than a gallon? and do you know where I can find a more detailed document for this specific protocol? I want to do this right..


TimmyTheSnail . 3 years ago

Lol as if there's an advert below this video for "Arthritis Research" πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚

Rahhfael PC

Rahhfael PC . 3 years ago

i'm on day 15 right now thinking to break it. i still feel like i would want cooked food :( not anything crazy but like baked potatoes, quinoa, and plantains. I was gonna try to bake the plantains. and i still feel like i would want sauteed veggies ugh. Should i go longer until im only craving raw foods?


N7 . 3 years ago

Did you do any enemas or colonics during your juice fast?

Lauren Cannon

Lauren Cannon . 3 years ago

Thank you so much for your honesty regarding BMs.. most people don't talk about it. So you drink fruit juice during the day and do green juices at night? Sounds good.

Gray Murillo

Gray Murillo . 3 years ago

When you had tape worms or whatever came out of you. Did they just come out clean? Or did they come hanging out and you had to pull them out? (Sorry need a little detail in case I see it myself don't want to panic haha)

Junes Lorry

Junes Lorry . 3 years ago

Hey. Do you strain you juices?

Stellar Ashley

Stellar Ashley . 3 years ago

Do you take any multivitamins or any other supplements while you juice feast?

Heal Nurture Transform

Heal Nurture Transform . 3 years ago

Yay this is great. I'm going to do a juice feast for the first time. I'm on a budget but I live in Southern California and I have some friends with tons of oranges I can pick for free :) so excited

Bobby's Perspective

Bobby's Perspective . 3 years ago

Bro I didn't even know that you have your own channel lol! Subscribed.

Joe Grant

Joe Grant . 3 years ago

Grains ? Tapeworms come from pork!


Oyinbo . 3 years ago

thanks. what kind of juicer do you use? I have a masticating juicer, would that be okay? I have been watching many John rose videos and it's good to see your results from his work

Juice Doctor

Juice Doctor . 3 years ago

Juice juice baby πŸ‘ fruits are gods food for life β˜οΈπŸŒπŸ‰

Sophie Astrid Rooth

Sophie Astrid Rooth . 3 years ago

Isn't the clay too harsh on the body? I heard that activated charcoal is better.. great work thoughβ˜ΊπŸ–€

Chris Legaspi

Chris Legaspi . 3 years ago

I love the orange juice too but dang that sugar crashing/insulin roller coaster is brutal. I'm on day 12 now and I don't think I'll make to 15.

Alexandra Audrey

Alexandra Audrey . 3 years ago

Really helpful thanks :) about to start a juice feast after eating raw til four so good to know what I'm in for. Keep uploading please! Do you have Instagram?


robsonic . 3 years ago

I hope you don't mind answering personal questions. do you have before and after pics? what kind of work do you do? are you single/are you bi?

Djenmusic Jenny

Djenmusic Jenny . 3 years ago

Thanks for uploading!! Very helpful. I started with the juice fast today!

Mikkel Fruergaard

Mikkel Fruergaard . 3 years ago

What is the benefits of consuming all juiced produce instead of normal raw fruits and vegetables?


Twistedhippy . 3 years ago

I can't get passed the diarrhoea phase, it makes me depressed and anxious. Also if I eat less than 2000 calories per day I start to feel tired and can't concentrate. I'm going to give it another go, maybe over Christmas or I might take a couple of weeks off.


Venicestu . 3 years ago

Thanks for putting the vids up, it's helpful to know, Gonna start one end of this week, gotta get over to the LA Wholesale produce market, Oranges & grapefruit are in season and reasonable

oliver paul

oliver paul . 3 years ago

Cool stuff bro, that orange juice must really give your cells some nitrous BOOST , it's like rocket fuel for your body man, damn you should have Sunday freak out days and just let out all the energy and do flips and run around with your dog and throw huge rocks around and have a good time, but yeah man anyway I've been raw for a few weeks and did a 7 day juice fast a while back, vegan for a year, I'm thinking of doing a long juice fast and really clean out my intestines, I'll probably be surprised haha good luck on your journey, thanks 4 givin us the scoop, John rose has some pretty cool ideas/experiences

KoalaMama 2.0

KoalaMama 2.0 . 3 years ago

Are those four jars all you need for a day?

peter micic

peter micic . 3 years ago

Just another thing not relevant with your vid. Bananas. Have you eaten lots of ripe bananas in the past? I have issues with both bananas and avocados.

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