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Thomas DeLauer

Published on 4 years ago

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Dieting Tip | How to Eat Healthy at Mexican Restaurants | Low Carb | Dining Hack-
Eating at restaurants is difficult. But Mexican food has to be one of the most difficult. I also created a cheat sheet to help you order at any restaurant here:

In this video I explain how utilizing certain parts of Mexican food can actually help you lose fat and get in not only better shape, but think better throughout the rest of the day.

So many of us have to eat out a lot as part of our careers, but once you can arm yourself with what to eat at what restaurants, you can benefit from those situations, and also inspire those around you.

Mexican food uses a lot of lard. And generally speaking, it is not the best thing to eat, especially when it's combined with refined carbs... But the trick is to avoid the refined carbs altogether and opt for things like fajitas when you go out to eat at Mexican food restaurants.

If you're traveling a lot and business lunches and dinners are bringing you to restaurants, then you have to check out this video by Thomas DeLauer that shows you some of the ropes.

Comments :

SBG rules

SBG rules . 11 months ago

why does this vid have 10k views only ?

Samuel Magana

Samuel Magana . 1 year ago

Beef soup? Chicken soup? Ceviche (fish, tomatoes, onions, parsley), Steak with non refried beans? Corn tortillas with avocado? Mexican food can be some of the healthiest options if you pick the right restaurant.

Cheryl Spencer

Cheryl Spencer . 2 years ago

Great tip, I know live in the Austin area and there are Mexican restaurants everywhere and yes people love to go. So again thanks that's was very helpful


SeaworldCali . 2 years ago

I live in Texas, so I eat a lot of Tex-Mex and I always choose fajitas as a low carb option, occasionally I eat enchiladas, but Fajitas are a yummy low-carb option!

Nicholas Ferrara, Esq., Realtor

Nicholas Ferrara, Esq., Realtor . 2 years ago

I've gotten a taco salad without the shell bowl or the beans on the bottom. Just get the lettuce, a few tomato wedges, chopped onions, black olives, jalapeños, avocado slices, and grilled chicken, steak or shrimp. Sometimes you can add extra meat if you're really hungry. Then I just drink a lot of water. I'm usually pretty full and get the rest to go and eat the rest later maybe for dinner.

Nicholas Ferrara, Esq., Realtor

Nicholas Ferrara, Esq., Realtor . 2 years ago

People will say, "hey, why aren't you eating chips and dip?

saul g hernandez

saul g hernandez . 3 years ago

I am mexican an im in ketogenoc diet. I avoid all mexican restaurants almost nothing is keto friendly. There are mexican dishes you can make but they are not found in restaurants btw those tex-mex restaurants aren't authentic at all their food sucks

Egor Mrinskiy

Egor Mrinskiy . 3 years ago

You should go to Woo&Pep website if you'd like to learn more about diet mates.


RP01 . 4 years ago

Best prize fighters in the world eat tortillas during camp.

Jeremie Trevino

Jeremie Trevino . 4 years ago

Texas is the greatest state in the country


CandyisAwesome86 . 4 years ago

How to eat healthy at Mexican Restaurants: Drink a Margarita.


Brent . 4 years ago

Found this channel through sixpackshortcuts! Great information here.

Handcrafted Specimen

Handcrafted Specimen . 4 years ago

thats racist 😂😂😂

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