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Cookie Diet & Diabetes Story on Today Tonight



Published on 6 years ago

Order at http://cookiediet.com.au/
or Call 1300 077 707

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Dr. Siegal's Cookie Diet is a diet that was designed by Dr. Sanford Siegal who has been treating obesity for over 50 years, then while he was writing a book on what natural foods suppress hunger, he decided to formulate a food, and the best vehicle he thought would be a cookie, as its portable, convenient and doesn't need refrigeration. He has been using this diet for the last 37 years in his medical practice and has treated over 500, 000 patients successfully. Initially it was only available from 100s of doctor practices in South Florida, till son and CEO Matthew Siegal, brought the cookies to the world through the internet in 2007, since then the diet has taken off, celebrities have been using it and there has been amazing results that have changed many peoples lives. It has now come to Australia through OzHealth Pharma, an Australian company owned and operated by Australian Pharmacists. OzHealth has a sound reputation for having quality products and has selected to bring Dr. Siegal's Cookie Diet to Australia as it is based on over 37 years of medical experience and because the diet is physiologically sound. OzHealth has tested Dr. Siegal's Cookie Diet on 10 Australians before the launch and found an average of 7.6kg loss within the first month. Now there are thousands of success stories all over Australia! More info on ozhealthpharma.com.au or easy to remember url cookiediet.com.au.

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Lea Rene`

Lea Rene` . 2 years ago

Its not the food your eating, its the food you've STOPPED eating that makes you loose weight.


247addiction . 2 years ago

Whenever u restrict calories u will lose weight no matter what the food is.

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