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Best Diet For Weight Loss!?!

Fat Meets Fire

Fat Meets Fire

Published on 4 years ago

After losing 100lbs, I am always asked, what is the best diet to do. I explain exactly my take on that in this video!
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Comments :

Judi Shields

Judi Shields . 3 weeks ago

Diet Plan called Fenoboci Diet Plan kept showing up here on many youtube and I thought they were scam. However after my cooworker follow it, and finally lost a lot of weight by using it without starving herself. I'm persuaded. Don't take my own word for it, search for Fenoboci Diet Plan on google.

Andy Allen

Andy Allen . 2 months ago

I love the quote you used! It reminds me how attainable our goals are. Also, it reminds me when I was a missionary (Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints) because that’s where I first read his quote. He was an Apostle haha.

Lilu Koyen

Lilu Koyen . 4 months ago

Thank you

Nauman Ashraf

Nauman Ashraf . 5 months ago

2 cut for sleeves hahahaahahahaha

Lucas Johnson

Lucas Johnson . 7 months ago

dog i eat like 800 calories a day for a week and i drop hella weight

Kiko The Slaying Bxtch

Kiko The Slaying Bxtch . 8 months ago

Bro u cant even imagine how much you help me with my weight loss I fucking love you


mrraamsridhar . 8 months ago

Thanks a lot for this!


MILE HOBBS . 9 months ago

Perhaps THEEE MOST HELPFUL video I've watched on the topic. Straight to the point. Broke down the numbers. And got out of there. Much respect to this guy.

Brady Ray

Brady Ray . 10 months ago

Mine said 5744 calories a day. I can't eat that much and lose? I did like you said my weight 446 times 14 minus 500. Help! I'm confused.

Audrey Teague

Audrey Teague . 12 months ago

While on the "fetching tuti space" (Google it) program, a few of my workmates lost over 13 lbs! Learning about this engaged me to Google such plan as well. After trying it, I was also able to achieve weight reduction. It has been a week ever since I used it so I still have more to point out regarding its efficiency..


BlueKiller128 . 12 months ago

Hey I started working out at my home doing push-ups , running in the garage , lifting some weights and alot of small exercises like this i wieght 110kg I wanna lose this and get a good body how should I start what should I do and eat I didn't understand alot of the video please help


Mokonachan92 . 1 year ago

I wish someone has told me about “fetching tuti space” (Google it) a lot earlier! I would have shed this weight years back. This is the sole product I tried that truly gets results. I lost 5lbs in two weeks! For best outcomes, use this product along with a good eating routine..

Tyler Sloniker

Tyler Sloniker . 1 year ago

Ok so I know I'm late to this party but I am doing research to get back into that lifestyle. I wrestled for 6 years including one season in college before I sustained an injury which put me out the rest of the season. In that time I became depressed and in that time I put on about 45lbs while at school. After I left college I continued on my lazy, glutton filled ways and got to my max weight ever at 415lbs. (i wrestled 220 in high school and went to 285 for college) I am currently sitting at about 390. I still have a lot of my strength from before I just added a substantial amount of fat to it. According to your math I would need to eat about 4960 calories per day. 390x14. Not only is that a lot of calories but the cost of me eating that would be insane. Simply put I would like your input on my situation and what you think I should be doing. I started working at a gym as a rec assistant so I really dont have the i cant afford gym membership excuse anymore. I plan on working out before or after work everyday I work. Thank you.


TrainingAngell . 1 year ago

You still alive bro ???


L C . 1 year ago

does 2000 calories sound good for me at 160 lbs? im an 18 yr old guy and in 5’7 and look pretty flabby. i wanna cut down and then gain muscle

Ty Dy

Ty Dy . 1 year ago

I am a 15 year old freshman in high school and I have been playing baseball consistently for 9 years. I’m trying to make the baseball team but I weigh around 200 lbs and I am 5’7. I thought I had a good chance because I’m the best hitting freshman in my class but the coach says I am not making the team if I don’t lose at least 30 lbs by the first week of January. I was wondering if there was any tips you could give on losing weight efficiently because I have lost weight before I just can never keep it off


JayJayLux . 1 year ago

Just found your channel love it. Now I'm late for work lol!

Shahid Rafique K.

Shahid Rafique K. . 1 year ago

Waste of time


rop . 1 year ago

I've been eating 1500 calories for like 2 months and have lost 12 lbs in total

Palash Vadnere

Palash Vadnere . 1 year ago

Weight in kilos or pounds?

Michael Maese

Michael Maese . 1 year ago

Great vids

Makea Kuwimb

Makea Kuwimb . 1 year ago

Hey what app do you use to track your calories?

Ed Baird

Ed Baird . 1 year ago

Good advice. I'm a big guy. I'm 51 yr old, 6' -265, active UPS driver. I got called grossly obese by a DOT DR. They said I should be 186. I'd be dead at that weight! But I feel at my healthiest at 245. so I need to get back down. Your vid helped. I downloaded the calorie APP and I started it up. Thanks.


PAPU DE PAPUS . 1 year ago

I am 6'4 and I weight 290lbs and I only eat like 500-600calories

Clarity Vortexx

Clarity Vortexx . 1 year ago

i was 308 pounds and I am 5'8 feet tall I was in rotc for 2 years then I got a bit depressed and starting gaining weight and watching your videos has inspired me to workout again so thanks I am know at 282 in just 2.5 weeks

Ahmad Alshibi

Ahmad Alshibi . 1 year ago

I am 79 kg can someone help me how much pound

Barry Richardson

Barry Richardson . 1 year ago

Some people drink green tea to help them lose weight; has anyone tried this RED tea for fat loss? -- https://bit.ly/2Lfx5YD

Romeo WaVy

Romeo WaVy . 1 year ago

Bad advice.

David Maxwell

David Maxwell . 1 year ago

I have spent weeks studying christian detox books and discovered a fantastic website at Monas Miracle Fix (look it up on google)

Trenton Link

Trenton Link . 1 year ago

It said I should eat 1100 i think that’s not enough

Hektor Valdes

Hektor Valdes . 1 year ago

This is glorious, I've been looking for "diet plan foods to eat" for a while now, and I think this has helped. Have you ever come across - Reyvery Monrayden Release - (just google it ) ? Ive heard some decent things about it and my brother in law got amazing success with it.

KING Aavashism

KING Aavashism . 1 year ago

weight body weight units? do i use kg or lbs?

regan dyer

regan dyer . 1 year ago

To the woman constantly giving in to her hunger cravings: Discover the Secret West African Red Tea Proven to Stop Hunger Cravings in Their Tracks & Help You Shed One Pound of FAT every 2 choursccick here for more informations link will take you there https://bit.ly/2znEVe2

The Dark Side Of CHINA

The Dark Side Of CHINA . 1 year ago

I am eating 400 calories in a day wtf

Boris The Bear

Boris The Bear . 1 year ago

I do IF on top of caloric deficit as well as Keto. It's worked for me . Monitoring my caloric maintenance as I've gone down in weight (289-216 currently) but just like you said this works for me and I have changed my lifestyle to help me sustain these methods.


Autumn . 1 year ago

Actually pretty useful. I've been looking for a diet that I can do at home but also easily do while I'm away at college. I get the counting calories thing but I don't know what to eat.

Triplets talk

Triplets talk . 1 year ago

Doctors around the world are telling you to eat more of this strange fat-flushing "fruit"... Hollywood's A-list celebrities eat it before hitting the red carpet.... And an overweight mother of 2 named Geri used it to melt away 61 pounds in her mid 40's! All you have to do is eat this one fat-flushing fruit no one ever talks about... Here it is: 61Lbs GONE Eating This One Fruit https://tinyurl.com/y7edzkml

Michael Narup

Michael Narup . 1 year ago

Got an ad for Pizza Hut right before this video Haha

Hasdi Azwar

Hasdi Azwar . 1 year ago

the best way to loss your weight and became beautiful in a couple of weeks .. https://bit.ly/2t7Paxg

lawrence michau

lawrence michau . 1 year ago


James George

James George . 1 year ago

I've never heard of that formula before:  your weight times 14 - 500 calories.  Can this really be true?  GREAT if it is.


mandavaler . 1 year ago

376lb x 14 is over 5000 cal. Doesnt seem sound to me tbh

midnight assassin

midnight assassin . 2 years ago

So instead of eliminating calories what if i just added vegatables to the amount i ate


MOHD ADIL . 2 years ago


grace h

grace h . 2 years ago

120 x 15 - 500 = 1,300.. that's not okay i workout daily as well


motorhead213 . 2 years ago

Ok I’m helping my friend who is 393 and I’m pretty active in the gym so I decided to help him loose some weight get on track and I came up with 5,002 ? That’s a lot in a day

Utpal Paul

Utpal Paul . 2 years ago

better exercise and with better nutrition weight loss product that helps our body fitness and lean: check the link> *http://bit. do/egjYG*

red rose

red rose . 2 years ago

yep he is right... It goes like this. Buy my diet, you can eat what you want, when you want,you don't need to exercise, never be hungry.And in just 3 months you will have the body of your dreams.Ha Ha Ha.

Yeetus Feetus

Yeetus Feetus . 2 years ago

If im only like 5 pounds overweight will this work for me?

Connor Mitchell

Connor Mitchell . 2 years ago

Just use a tdee calculator... Thank me later

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