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Free Food!!! Walden Farms top 5!

Dustin Chronister

Dustin Chronister

Published on 2 years ago

Walden Farms low Calorie Syrup! What's your favorite?

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Vegirobin . 9 months ago

If you mix 1:1 their grape jelly and their bbq sauce, it makes a sweet and sour sauce that’s better than either the grape jelly or bbq sauce on its own.


RLucas3000 . 1 year ago

Just found this video! I too love their blue cheese dressing! Also a huge fan of their caramel dip (on apples). I find their honey Dijon dressing a bit weak. But I mix it with some Texas Pete honey mustard dip for a much tastier version that’s still super low calorie! I’ve also used it occasionally as a pasta sauce or over stuffed shells (instead of tomato sauce), for a different, tangy take on pasta! I love their Jersey sweet onion dressing over mashed potatoes, like a potato pancake. And their 1000 Island is a perfect replacement for Big Mac special sauce. I enjoy their creamy Italian on a burrito with mild hot sauce. Lastly, I enjoy their raspberry vinaigrette or super fruits balsamic sweet dressings occasionally on a savory salad. Their pear balsamic did not taste good to me though. Their honey balsamic was too sweet for me, but adding some red pepper flakes and a little salt turned into into a perfect Asian sauce for me. Overall, I don’t care for about 60-80% of their product line (their jams, jellies, ketchup, pasta sauces), but the items I do like, I love!

Kameran Puster

Kameran Puster . 2 years ago

I like the peanut butter

Ashlie Hill

Ashlie Hill . 2 years ago

Did not know they had a blu cheese flavor! I must find it!!

Casey Lichenstein

Casey Lichenstein . 2 years ago

Thanks for this! My favorite Walden farms product is also the original syrup. I tried the maple walnut syrup but didn't enjoy it as much. I'll definitely be trying the two dressings you mentioned. I currently rotate between the thousand island and honey Dijon dressings.

Jillian L.

Jillian L. . 2 years ago

Have you tried the BBQ sauce? I just did recently and I like it!

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