Abby Pollock

Abby Pollock

Published on 2 years ago



What’s up What’s up! Today we’re talking muscle growth - how much you can gain, how long it takes, and how fast it can be done. This topic is SUPER IMPORTANT to me as I feel there are a lot of misconceptions about it and since I personally transformed my body by building muscle.


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Comments :

Annika Orne

Annika Orne . 3 days ago

That clip of you doing lunges is hard to watch... you’re going to destroy your knees!!


RKELLYSCOCO . 3 weeks ago

Ma’am where’s your waist?! 😮🤔 3:20

Brenan Kimani

Brenan Kimani . 3 weeks ago

you are my namesake i am still trying to beat ya


CristinaTheGem . 4 weeks ago

And here I am, eating Captain Crunch at least I used almond milk. One step at a time.😂


Satan . 1 month ago

im ftm so i need to build muscle so i can pass well😂😅

Liz D.

Liz D. . 1 month ago

I really like this, bare bones good common sense with research to back it up without any weirdly specific diet or workouts.


TipZiiy . 2 months ago

Good way to overcomplicate everything to the point we don't even know what world were on

Jason Todd

Jason Todd . 2 months ago

But how do I know when to add more weight or increase reps?

Aurora Penner

Aurora Penner . 3 months ago

im superrrr skinny and I really have been wanting to build muscle but I’m terrible at eating enough! I’m going to try now<3

Azathoth Hastur

Azathoth Hastur . 3 months ago

lipo and roids nonstop


mzaprilmae . 4 months ago

I love this stuff though!

Corinna Gonzales

Corinna Gonzales . 4 months ago

Lol her dog😂

Boonyavee Chollada

Boonyavee Chollada . 5 months ago

Your dog is cute

Kristina Zielinski

Kristina Zielinski . 6 months ago

Love your frenchie pup. Does he shed?

Jose Octavio Vera Cervantes

Jose Octavio Vera Cervantes . 6 months ago

That studies looks suspicious. The first one does not talk too much about the people. The second one could have been influenced by feminist ideology. I will try to read both studies later.

Ville Lindblad 7B

Ville Lindblad 7B . 6 months ago

0:11 do you REALLY call that lean muscle? you just got a big butt...


Tor . 7 months ago

God thank you for this video

Mighty Red Filly

Mighty Red Filly . 7 months ago

3:13 There you go guys.

Camille Kristen

Camille Kristen . 8 months ago

I'm here for the lisp again Abby.😔😍


kevin15776 . 8 months ago

Has your dog been through your program and what improvements/gains has he/she had?

Shoto Todoroki

Shoto Todoroki . 8 months ago

Omg this is awesome!!

Beautiful flower

Beautiful flower . 8 months ago

Great tips

Kim Seulgi

Kim Seulgi . 9 months ago

What if I have low estrogen? (So low I don't have my period)

Big Chungus

Big Chungus . 9 months ago

Lol i don't workout but i have mucles for some reason 😅

Patricia Albornoz

Patricia Albornoz . 10 months ago

Lol the salad goes everywhere with her

Erica Luis

Erica Luis . 10 months ago

Your Dog!!!! I love him😘😘😘

MauriceGauthier 64

MauriceGauthier 64 . 10 months ago

You are like a female jeff Nippard


AJ . 10 months ago

0:10 clearly this girl was only worried about her butt. Sad 😂 Also, white chicks clip killed me

Andy 13

Andy 13 . 11 months ago

Okay, I want to grow my glutes and legs , but i’m afraid that if i work them everyday, they’ll shrink instead of growing due to not proper muscular regeneration, what should i do?

simply sarah

simply sarah . 11 months ago

That's fuking bullshit! Her booty don't even look like that now!!

H-Milch !

H-Milch ! . 11 months ago

Good, im a man. What you achived in 3 years, i got in 3 months 😁HAA

Aiko Galuh

Aiko Galuh . 11 months ago

Thx for defeat bully

Dan Schmitz

Dan Schmitz . 12 months ago

Hey there girls... I know that not only men wanna transform there body into a machine. Sadly for girls its a lot harder. But i can help you. I can give you a few awesome tricks and tipps. If you wanna know please write me a DM message.

Ashley marie

Ashley marie . 12 months ago

Damn!!! Good work!!

Nidhi Kaza

Nidhi Kaza . 12 months ago

I eat a lot, s lot more than the people around me. But I am very underweight because I can’t gain weight. :(


christina . 1 year ago

“Getting into a regular nighttime routine” *is watching at 1 in the morning* *but it’s an upgrade because yesterday I fell asleep at 4 am :)*


ARUKYAN . 1 year ago

I’ve been doing the McDonald’s way for 5 years and I just gained a lot of fat🙁

Aurelie Muntzel

Aurelie Muntzel . 1 year ago

omg your dog! so cute! i want

Egidijus M.

Egidijus M. . 1 year ago

But... You didn't even answer the question "HOW to build muscle". What reps and sets should be done?

Miss A

Miss A . 1 year ago

I love how your salad just balances on ur bike 😆

Ellen Peacock

Ellen Peacock . 1 year ago

Your channel is one of my faves for getting info on fitness. Straight to the point and so informative

Tirzah Mcafee

Tirzah Mcafee . 1 year ago

I need to start my journey workin out im very very thin almost 5 4 weighing 97 pounds but dont matter how i vastly have gained weight i always loose it from eating. I need to gain muscle

Shaurab Das

Shaurab Das . 1 year ago

yes i'm in.

Grace Schelby

Grace Schelby . 1 year ago

How do i found out what my diet is supposed to be like


pipo . 1 year ago

females have less muscle fibers in the upper body EVEN THOUGH the legs have often more fibers as some of the males ..female bodybuilder here btw chesbo28 insta . but yeah just trying to share why females often have less upper body mass

Stacy Robinson

Stacy Robinson . 1 year ago

Wow. An easy to understand, science based, relatively short video that I enjoyed. Well done!!

Alyssa 123

Alyssa 123 . 1 year ago

I know you said programs, so what did you mean by that? It’s very good educational value, thank you

renjun enthusiast

renjun enthusiast . 1 year ago

i just need stronger legs since mine are skinny and weak


Nagutama . 1 year ago

I wanna build muscle but im still too fat to stop with my deficit...


LadyFerenczy . 1 year ago

You look ripped on those photos, perfect <3

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