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Luke Combs Covers Chris Stapleton Tennessee Whiskey at Ryman

Jonathan Pierce Band

Jonathan Pierce Band

Published on 2 years ago

Video recorded by #jonathanpierceband of #lukecombs covering #tennesseewhiskey written by Dean Dillon made famous by David Allen Coe, George Jones, and repopularized by Chris Stapleton

Please credit: JonathanPierceBand.com
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nAsTeGaming . 5 days ago

If you have seen stapleton sing this song in the austin city version then you know whos version is better

Eric Henrise

Eric Henrise . 1 week ago

Love it! Luke Combs , you my boy! He can do just about anything!

Matthew Warren

Matthew Warren . 1 week ago

Thanks to back seat singer, ya fucked it for me.

Marcus Cordova

Marcus Cordova . 2 weeks ago

David allan Coe🤘🤘


Kdog . 2 weeks ago

I’ll be the one to say it. I think Luke can sing it better than Chris


gOOalieDude43 . 2 weeks ago

David Allan Coe*

Wendell Grizzle

Wendell Grizzle . 2 weeks ago

I love Luke's version. Hope he records it.

Danoz direct

Danoz direct . 2 weeks ago

Luke is the fuckin best


Trent . 2 weeks ago

Luke isn’t a horrible singer, but this just proves what level Chris is on

mikester #5

mikester #5 . 2 weeks ago

Everyone should go check out my version of it!! Type in “Micah Martin Tennessee whiskey”!!

Lori Carver

Lori Carver . 3 weeks ago

Favorite song

lonesome cowboy

lonesome cowboy . 3 weeks ago

The guy in the background eatin bro! Keep singing brother

Daylen Clark

Daylen Clark . 3 weeks ago

The only good cover besides Chris

Lizzie Tanner - Glamerliz

Lizzie Tanner - Glamerliz . 3 weeks ago

The guy singing in the background...😬😬😬 Dude....shut up!!!

ShockCo Truth

ShockCo Truth . 3 weeks ago

A man who is saving country music, singing a song by another man who is saving country music. Damn.

Flyover Bassin'

Flyover Bassin' . 4 weeks ago

Thanks for posting this Mr. Band.

Kenny Petrea

Kenny Petrea . 4 weeks ago

You have a great voice yourself... Great video... Thanks

William Lunn

William Lunn . 1 month ago

That would be Chris Stapleton's Tennesse Whiskey... covering George Jones' Tennessee Whiskey... covering David Allan Coe's Tennessee Whiskey. Let's at least give credit where credit is due.

Richard Mears

Richard Mears . 1 month ago

Ok. First post. I am both a Luke fan and a Chris fan. But there are just some songs for some people. Hate to say it, Luke, I'd drink a beer with you anytime, but I think this is Chris's song. Gonna post again after I hear it.

Kianna Hare

Kianna Hare . 1 month ago


Micah Lecourias

Micah Lecourias . 1 month ago

It ain’t Chris David Allen Coe wrote it

Christy Eckert

Christy Eckert . 1 month ago


Trenton Vreeland

Trenton Vreeland . 1 month ago

Good video but the guy singing in the background is trash😂😂 no offense yea maybe he had to much Tennessee Whiskey

Lane Jagneaux

Lane Jagneaux . 2 months ago

Chris Stapleton is not the original singer of Tennessee Whiskey. If you don’t know who really sings it then are you really a country fan?

Justin Calkins

Justin Calkins . 2 months ago

I love Stapleton, but u blew his song away! Love everything I hear from u luke!

Morgan Dillow

Morgan Dillow . 2 months ago

I could listen to this man sing the ABC's and still get goosebumps

Jackie Baumgart

Jackie Baumgart . 2 months ago

This song is actually a George Jones song! But I love how they sing it.

Brittany Nicholson

Brittany Nicholson . 2 months ago

Followers just suck the tail end of what society says is popular, real supporter or fans appreciate what you are doing for the sake of the soul and real music. Thank you Luke Combs for bringing your voice back to real country music, that actually has feeling. Thank you, even though you are popular, for not being pop music.

Brittany Nicholson

Brittany Nicholson . 2 months ago

Love, love, love! Who cares if the guy in the background was, singing, it meant something to him. He was having a good time. No matter how soulful singers are, if they don't bring out emotion in the crowd and hype, they are worthless. Y'all commenting on the fan in the background and downing him, just mean you have never been there yourself and wish you could have been. Find you own peace! Love everyone.

Brandon B

Brandon B . 2 months ago

A cover of a cover

Ben Gilkey

Ben Gilkey . 2 months ago

That guy needs a mucinex. And my 8 year old plays better than that guitar player.

David Lichtman

David Lichtman . 2 months ago

I know I hear this a lot but I think Luke Combs and Chris Stapleton should do a concert together that would be the ideal concert both are powerhouses both have a freaking amazing voices this is what old school country music is all about just saying


Astone_112 . 2 months ago

Chris Stapleton didn't come up with this...its originally by George Jones

James L

James L . 2 months ago

_Luke...make it happen with Staple._

Scott Hardisty

Scott Hardisty . 2 months ago

It isn’t Chris Stapleton song. David Allan Coe first sang this song in the 70s

bill blake

bill blake . 2 months ago

Neither are original, what’s the bickering. Find the original, it’s here on googles YouTube, you’ll go for the song and stay for the hair!

Proud American

Proud American . 2 months ago

This young man can sing his ass off. I like how it’s nothing fancy. Just great music and a good time.

Mr Tree

Mr Tree . 2 months ago

Dude... he’s not covering Chris Stapleton. It’s not his song. It’s a George Jones song. Wow

Scott Abbott

Scott Abbott . 3 months ago

This guy can sing, Damn. I love his music.

Hunter Morgan

Hunter Morgan . 3 months ago

luke combs cover GEORGE JONES* Tennessee Whiskey!

Igor Campos

Igor Campos . 3 months ago

I never thought anyone could sing Tennessee Whiskey better than Stapleton himself, but Combs has changed my mind. I can't believe what I listening to, damn amazed!

Cameron Stricklin

Cameron Stricklin . 3 months ago

George Jones actually did the song first and Chris Stapleton puts his twist in it

Adahrii Pfuzeh

Adahrii Pfuzeh . 3 months ago

Sounds like a black dude in the back ground


Red97 . 3 months ago

Wish it was just luke singing without the backup guy recording the video

chase Carroll

chase Carroll . 3 months ago

The dude in the background completely ruined the song

Big Toe

Big Toe . 3 months ago

That guitar player absolutely sucks! That solo was pathetic! He walked out like he was gonna play something...awful

Aaron Childers

Aaron Childers . 4 months ago

David Allen Coe is the original singer Chris Stapleton changed the melody

Jd Lawson

Jd Lawson . 4 months ago


Ram_rebel_ 805

Ram_rebel_ 805 . 4 months ago

Let’s get one thing straight Tennessee whiskey was sang by George Jones and David Allen cole did as well Chris just made it famous because of his incredible voice

Joshua Creek

Joshua Creek . 4 months ago

Guess we’re just gonna forget that this was George Jones song first fuckin stupidass new age country fans

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