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Published on 3 years ago

In this video I share my final thoughts on the Fast Metabolism Diet. How much weight I lost and how I'm doing now.
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Comments :

Jessica Lea

Jessica Lea . 3 months ago

So what was the final review? Positive? Did she feel better? Lost how many pounds? Continuing?


bauhaus . 3 years ago

This is a good plan imo. Starting my 4th week this Monday. This is my second cycle. I lost a solid 20# on my first cycle, from 235 down to 215. Since I was lighter, I started running and actually put on a few pounds, I guess muscle(train gain). I was doing 5 miles running, with 1.5 miles cool down walk. Did this 5 days a week for 2 weeks. I felt great but frustrated I wasn't seeing the scale move. A friend suggested since I was working out more than Halley recommends, my cortisol levels were likely elevated and this, combined with gaining muscle, may have contributed to a static weight. This past week #3, I've limited running to Mon/Tues and have been taking it easy. Weight has come down a few #s but I can tell my body needed the rest. It's healing and I'll start back in on Monday with running again. This time, however, I plan on adding a piece of fruit in P2 prior to the run, and do the same and add some grain also, in P3. This is what Halley recommends for folks who are training. Hopefully I'll see some movement this week. If not, I think I'm ok with what I'm seeing. The weight loss has slowed to about a pound a week I guess. Thats slow, but I think it's probably healthy as well. The important thing for me is I feel really great and I'm making slow but steady progress. I can't see myself going back to eating the foods I was eating before. This way just feels so much better and it's not difficult at all once you get a few weeks under your belt(for anyone considering it). If you want to be super simple, just limit your protein to chicken and eggs. Bodybuilders have been eating these two staples for 100 years. :-) I definitely recommend this to anyone wanting to get their health in order. It's not really a diet, but rather a shift in how you think about eating. I eat so many more veggies now and it's true what they say, it's almost too much food. I'm never hungry on this program.

Marsha Kimber

Marsha Kimber . 3 years ago

How much weight did you and your husband lose in the 28 days?

Laurie Helker

Laurie Helker . 3 years ago

oh my God, you are my younger sister. I have the same issues with yogurt, don't drink milk anymore, bloating, don't exercise as much as I should and fluctuate with my weight by only a couple of pounds. I weigh myself about twice a week which really does keep me on track. Love your truthfulness.

Martha Henry

Martha Henry . 3 years ago

Hi Cyrstal, your looking lovely as ever...thank you for the update, glad it's working for you & your husband. Look forward to update on Hyperthyroidism....I hear you about, changing of Dr.'s ...I'm in the process of looking for #2...Have a great day & week...Hugs :D


Melissa55 . 3 years ago

This was so interesting, Crystal. Than you so much for doing an update. You look beautiful. Much love, Melissa

Lorena P

Lorena P . 3 years ago

Hi! Can you tell me which is the brand of Greek yogurt did you find that you can have? I'm gluten and dairy free and would love to try and see if than one that worked for you may also work for me.


MQS 1 . 3 years ago

Looking great Crystal! GJ!

Alexandra Laghi

Alexandra Laghi . 3 years ago

I love how you talk to us like your just talking to your girlfriends .. I was NOT into watching YouTube at all besides the occasional how to/tutorial video UNTIL I FOUND You! I think of you as a friend and I just thought I'd let you know anytime I watch one of your videos I am sending good vibes and prayers your ways just as I would do a good girlfriend of mine ❤️

Cathy Piner

Cathy Piner . 3 years ago

You look great! Thanks so much for the update....carbs are not my friend, either. ☹️. And I dooooo love me some cheese! So that's a real problem for me....You've done very well! You have inspired me! I'm 62 and insulin resistant so it's a struggle for me with my weight. But....tomorrow's a new day so I will be gung ho to go in the morning! Thanks again for the inspiration and you really do look great! Way to go!


Madams.59 . 3 years ago

Okay, so I'm a little unclear. How much did you lose in the 28.days the diet is recommended? I started diet several times and just can't maintain the schedule. I can do it for about a week and then I don't know what happens but something always comes up...I think it's called life, which throws the who thing off. I also have thyroid issues and at 57, it's really hard to lose weight no matter what plan you chose. Let's face it, just about any diet will work if you stick to it. I don't weigh that much more than I did several years ago, .but at 5'2" and at this age, everything is distributed differently and gravity doesn't help either so 126 at 57 is very much different than it was at 27 or even 37. I just don't think 4 pounds in 28 days is worth this diet. Sorry, just my opinion of course.

The Style Chronicles

The Style Chronicles . 3 years ago

I always focus on feeling good and strong never on weight. you look awesome xx, e

Lisa Norton

Lisa Norton . 3 years ago

I find that for the most part I just try to always be cognizant of what I am eating and i try very hard to eat one "green" meal a day.. Usually lunch... either just raw veggies, or a salad of tomatoes, basil, olive oil and balsalmic and arugula. I have also cut waaay back on cheese although I can't cut it out completely. On my salads I always add a little gorgonzola. :( I also started eating one Medjul date a day and one Brazil nut a day. Years ago I started my own "diet" that I called, "one good choice a day" and by making one smart choice every day I did lose weight. Like you said, it really is a lifestyle change and a mind set that helps keep the weight off. You look great and it's never a bad idea to "think" about what you eat. I also weigh myself daily. I agree that you can catch yourself best that way.

Amy 99

Amy 99 . 3 years ago

What works for you is what does for me too.....mostly healthy with indulgences in moderation. Weight Watchers has really helped me.

Alyssa Makowski

Alyssa Makowski . 3 years ago

When is your next cruise???

Kaley Brown

Kaley Brown . 3 years ago

There are a lot of different brands of non dairy ice cream now, maybe check into one of those. I really like a coconut milk based ones

Bessie hornbeck

Bessie hornbeck . 3 years ago

Thanks for the update


JPee962 . 3 years ago

Thanks for the info Crystal, I think I will try weighing more regularly as this may give me an idea of what foods trigger a gain as I too can be 2-3lb different in a week.


boots-n-bling4me . 3 years ago

We have so many of the same symptoms and experiences. I have Hashimotos so need to be as low carb/gluten free as possible. I recently also dropped dairy and it did seem to help. As far as ice cream ... you should check out Tofutti. It's so good. The only caveat is it is made with soy, which I try to stay away from.. but it is really good. Or maybe a sherbert?

Life's Little Thingz

Life's Little Thingz . 3 years ago

I love your informational videos! I always walk away with more knowledge than I had before. Great video, as always Crystal!

melissa pintone

melissa pintone . 3 years ago

Also have thyroid issues, also limit my dairy and breads. Also find when I eat too much fruit will also put weight on. Btw you look great! You lips look great!! Do you use Juverderm? How many vials?


MissCrystal . 3 years ago

I forgot to mention that trying to eat 3 meals a day and have 2 snacks has really helped as well. Healthy snacks in-between have kept me from over eating and I think helps keep my metabolism going. I didn't always do this in the past and would sometimes even skip meals. I really try not to do that now. :)

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