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Indigo Airlines - worst(shittiest) customer service - Part 1

Pagal Aadmi

Pagal Aadmi

Published on 5 years ago

This was the night of 27th-Oct-2014. We landed at 09:20PM and we haven't got our luggage till 11:40PM. And when we ask them about our luggage, they have no answer for it, they themselves dint know if our luggages were on the flight or they came from the next flight. The reason they gave us was that it was raining heavily so they could not put our bags on the baggage claim belt. BULLSHIT!
And top of that, that female from the Indigo staff was shouting and screaming at the passengers itself when she was asked about the luggages, I mean WTH!
This is the award winning service which Indigo gives to their passengers.
I am NOT flying with Indigo ever again in my life. Such disastrous management they have.

Watch all the other videos regarding the mess which was created on the Bangaluru Airport.

Please share all these videos to as much people as you can, and spare yourself from the trouble which we all had.

Comments :

Ashwin Rai

Ashwin Rai . 6 months ago

passangers are mc

Darshan Kanth

Darshan Kanth . 10 months ago

pagal aadmi u should actually have some gratitude for them.....u fuckers act like u were born in first class on a plane.....just because u travel on a plane doesn't mean u behave like u own it

Bhupender yadav

Bhupender yadav . 11 months ago

chutiye passenger

Shiva Gola

Shiva Gola . 1 year ago

Jisne ye video banaai h...saale aise log aate kahaan se h....camera khol k suru....kahin bhi...ek hi tareeka h....sale saare video youtube pe upload kr

nicholas roy

nicholas roy . 2 years ago

Why ask for manager? Why can't they go to Supreme Court?

nicholas roy

nicholas roy . 2 years ago

Why can't these passengers go to MD of the airlines? Do they have the guts?

Baka Lee

Baka Lee . 2 years ago

Brainless and misbehaving Indians as always.

Thisis My World

Thisis My World . 2 years ago

हम भारतीयों को हिंदी बोलने में शर्म आती है...........अबे हिंदी में विवाद करो न......... सब साले इंग्लिश में अपने आप को स्टैण्डर्ड का समजते है...

Surojit Dhar

Surojit Dhar . 2 years ago

Indigo's plz take care of the laggies bkz yesterday upeople had torn my sis laggies that is red skay bag so plz take care.


Sid IND . 2 years ago

bags came in the flight which was scheduled to arrive after your flight. you guys flew without your baggages .... i wonder what was inside the baggage compound of aircraft.

Seema Das

Seema Das . 3 years ago

Being a part of Indigo airlines I must say that it is the best and cheapest airline for everyone who always try to provide the better services to their all valuable passengers.

Raj Das

Raj Das . 3 years ago

Indian passenger. Are the worst no manners . Most uneducated, indigo is a low cost airline cheap fares most of the loosers have never been on a plane before.. They think because the staff is lol women they can be rude and treat them like they do their wife's and daughters ..

rulez rulez

rulez rulez . 3 years ago

bow bow wow bow wow meow meow bow wow

Ankur Vish

Ankur Vish . 4 years ago

they all are ass holes, even they don't have brain fucking

Ankur Vish

Ankur Vish . 4 years ago

Chutiyo ko Chillane ka mauka chaheye,

Ankur Vish

Ankur Vish . 4 years ago

fucking Uploader

Aviral Pandey

Aviral Pandey . 4 years ago

The passengers should coorporate


ninuxy . 4 years ago

Why on earth do these people speak English rather than Hindu? Hahaha!

preet singh

preet singh . 4 years ago

these fucking guys who try to create scene and prove they are most intelligent and i was also expierences the educated peoples are bullshit their is any reason by which bages are not out fucking people

sushant seth

sushant seth . 4 years ago

people buy a f..kn ticket... they think they have bought the whole Airline... bastards of the highest order


jc2971 . 4 years ago

Shitty people. Go eat a cow you idiots.

dennis jacob

dennis jacob . 4 years ago

Thats y I fuckin choose train...


still_toilets_less_india2019 . 4 years ago

yeah indigo is india's best airline, my ass they are all the same shitty service, curry smell in plane and ridiculous flight attendant behaviour.............indian airlines they just are 100 years behind other airlines

Glorious Victorius

Glorious Victorius . 4 years ago

Indian air companies, like most of the other companies in this nation, working on the Third World Standard Time, and people are no different.

Jeffrey Supit

Jeffrey Supit . 4 years ago

It all comes back to the management. Bad management.

Kimneo Leithang

Kimneo Leithang . 4 years ago

this passenger are fucking idiot... .


Thewalkingkissofdeath . 4 years ago

indigo give cheapest ticket and other cheap people ask more and more

raju dhanaraj

raju dhanaraj . 4 years ago

indigo is the number one fucking service,

Parth Kulkarni

Parth Kulkarni . 5 years ago

Okk Mr. "Bakkchod Aadmi" so you think you are too great? For your info, Indigo is one of the best airlines in India as well as the award winner for the best low cost carrier in south Asia. You buy a ticket for barely 1500 and then you condemn the airline? I've travelled with Indigo many times and the flights are exceptionally on time, the fares are low. I salute to Indigo!! No other Indian airline is so much on time. I guess you deserve to be hanged for posting such a video. So fuck off asshole

vishnu narayanan

vishnu narayanan . 5 years ago

I disagree with who says good about indigo i am a victim of baggage delay i traveled from Bangalore to Mumbai and the stupid lady who did the baggage check in for me send that to Hyderabad ,besides she typed the wrong boarding pass for my fellow passenger as well , i don't know how they search and recruit this dump headed staffs;  the subsequent day i had to travel to Addis Ababa(Ethiopia) with out my luggage , till the date i have not received my baggage ,they promised that they would send that to Addis but still it is held up there in Dubai.....tell me mates what you have to say about this ,its not comparison on other airlines but clear example of  disorganized functioning

mohammed khan

mohammed khan . 5 years ago

Worst airline


sunny20rocky . 5 years ago

delay is going on ????  ha ha ha

Abhishek Senthil

Abhishek Senthil . 5 years ago

What the fuck do you people expect when you purchase air tickets for Rs. 999???   Customer service like Emirates and Qatar Airways???  this is what people can expect from budget airlines....  next time you want good service, then don't fly these low-cost carriers..

Vaibhav Shete

Vaibhav Shete . 5 years ago

The Fault lies with the Passengers as they are shouting like hell!

Dwayne Chauhan

Dwayne Chauhan . 5 years ago

Why are passengers so damn stupid these days

Cyrus Loves India

Cyrus Loves India . 5 years ago

Indigo is one of the better airlines in India....way better and one off incidents do happen...passengers just become so irritated these days...I too travel about 45- 50 times in a year and have faced baggage delays and other stuff but just be thankful to almighty that you have reached home safely....thats it...Bakkchod Aadmi perhaps you need to be on the a flight which has turbulence then you will forget abt the luggage and start praying to your deity... have some sense of patience... I mean nothing is pefect in this world..do you get a 100% in your appraisal and boss yells at u in your face, etc etc.....intolerance, road rage has become a trend and that's when nature then strikes and when it strikes it strikes hard!!  and ya Indigo will be better off flying without a jerk like you......

Akshay Modi

Akshay Modi . 5 years ago

ye sab bhenchods ko english nahi aati to kyu bol rahe he...desi saale

srinivasan venkata subra manian

srinivasan venkata subra manian . 5 years ago

The middle aged guy who fingered a young girl sitting in the front row has brought shame to men. He seems to be an educated man from upper middle class and ironically has a daughter as well. Strange that he failed to think of his daughter while indulging in the repulsive act. The girl was smart to record his visually embarrassed shameful face along with her pointed questions which he could not face. His wife, daughter, relatives, friends and contacts would hve watched this You Tube video repeatedly and some of them cud hve questioned him too. I can easily guess his common reply to every one concerned on these lines - That lady made a big fuss over my fingure accidentally touching her body just for sensationalising the non event and for publicity. I feel sorry for his wife and daughter. Such a perverted senior person could be even a divorcee or widower given his perversity.

sharad kumar

sharad kumar . 5 years ago

Intolerence.....Our society is doomed.Lowering the ticket prices has its side effects.

Vamsi Krishna Reddy

Vamsi Krishna Reddy . 5 years ago

Poor guys behind that desk. The general public suck. Seriously.. I pity the Indigo guys to have taken all that shit from the people there.

Lady Raleigh

Lady Raleigh . 5 years ago

The amount of failure from the PASSENGERS in this video astounds me. This is why I couldn't do customer service anymore. The general public SUCKS

sreedhar sri

sreedhar sri . 5 years ago

 All uneducated shameless bloody passengers who doesnt have brains and manners at all,who ever has posted this, he is one of the biggest fool on earth, come on bad weather you cant help if the weather is bad..unless and until passengers understand the situation they wouldnt shout or taken this video and a passenger who has taken this video and if he go to different airline it will be same.. i pity indigo staff...THUMBS UP TO INDIGO CUSTOMER SERVICE


Mattaviation747 . 5 years ago

it is against all airlines policies to load/unload baggage in heavy rain. if there was heavy rain with lightning all ground crew have to take refuge from the lightning if it is sighted striking the ground with a 5km radius around the airport. this is not INDIGO airline's fault. plane are allowed to take off / land in heavy rain with lightning due to there navigation equipment guiding them. stop blaming INDIGO.. BLAME THE WEATHER!!!  OK


Antarctica . 5 years ago

Actually every airline in the world will not offload bags from the aircraft if there is heavy rain. It is a safety precaution in case of injury to the aircraft baggage and cargo handling crew.

Vaibhav Shete

Vaibhav Shete . 5 years ago

Passengers are shouting like they have plenty of gold in their luggage

Vaibhav Shete

Vaibhav Shete . 5 years ago

Good Staff! Bad Passengers 


ANUP SHENOY . 5 years ago

It happens! U being an educated fool should know this other than cribbing. So our nation s not growing coz this fools around

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