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GTA5 | *WORKING* Bandana with ANY HAT (Female & Male)



Published on 2 years ago


*Working* Bandana with ANY HAT — also works for biker half masks 😇

Credz: gtalady

ALL WORKING Outfit Glitches Playlist: https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLy_mkCOSec92_a-lTkl1J1p1gwBI6RrE2
PS4 - Patch 1.43

1. Head to mask store to purchase desired Crime-Bandana and ANY HAT (except low beanies, bulletproof helmets, and combat helmets... different methods for those!)
2. Select Bandana first and then put on any Biker Helmet that allows you to keep on Bandana and save outfit
3. Select desired Hat but do not save
4. Open Interaction Menu - Style - Auto Show Biker Helmet - OFF (toggle between off or on if it’s not working for you) and Register as Securoserv CEO, VIP, or MC President
5. Grab a Motorcyle and a Car
6. Open Interaction Menu - Style - and scroll over the saved outfit, go up to Parachute, press to enter Car, and select saved outfit as you sit down
*If bandana and biker helmet appear, continue to next step.. if not, try again!
7. Now, go to Securoserv - Management - Style - and scroll right once to Founders
8. Press to get back motorcyle and as soon as you get on, scroll back left to none and hat + bandana will glitch together
9. Remove/change glasses and save at clothing store desk
*To reglitch on after switching sessions or outfits, simply select saved outfit as you sit on a motorcycle or in any car
Instagram: http://www.instagram.com/xtiffi
Crew IG: http://www.instagram.com/ripxcrew
Twitter: http://www.twitter.com/_xtiffi_
Youtube: http://www.youtube.com/c/xtiffi

•• Love & Thanks ••
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Emojis: http://instagram.com/zlstarfirelz

In Loving Memory and Dedicated to: Savage ❥

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Comments :


xtiffi . 2 years ago

Hi. Helmet w/Bandana & Bandana alone are already on my channel. They are the same glitches that worked for over a year. The outfit glitches playlist is in the description, on my main channel page, and the videos can be found easily by searching “xtiffi bandana” 😊 please stop asking.


Loxøng . 5 days ago

I don't understand I do exactly everything like you but when I switch back from the Securo serv outfit to "None" it put the biker helmet back. Help ?

Trinton Mozak

Trinton Mozak . 6 days ago

Does this work for the gaiter mask?

Slizz Nights

Slizz Nights . 2 weeks ago

Worked 4 me 👍

Alex Smith

Alex Smith . 2 weeks ago

Didn’t work


GhostOdd影 . 2 weeks ago

It worked first try thank you 🙏🏾

Victor j

Victor j . 2 weeks ago

Nd the glasses?


Snowyy . 4 weeks ago

Thanks this is the only video that actually helped me thanks I subscribes

Sin City

Sin City . 4 weeks ago

great video thx

BL Official

BL Official . 4 weeks ago

Nice. Thanks.

Captain OwO

Captain OwO . 4 weeks ago

I think this has been patched. Every time you make changes to your character (haircut, etc) it goes back to the normal hat and bandana. If you try to reapply the outfit, the bandana disappears.

Captain OwO

Captain OwO . 4 weeks ago

I think this has been patched. I keep trying it and it just keeps going to the spikey helmet. Edit: When I try to put the outfit on, it shows the bandana for a second before it disappears again. :(


FesXp . 4 weeks ago

This method working with new bandana and cap?


Ezbucketsboi . 1 month ago

Thank you so much I watched so many videos and this is the only one that worked God bless you

ʍʅՇ ɧȝԹՐԵ

ʍʅՇ ɧȝԹՐԵ . 1 month ago

This was recently patched with the Diamond Casino Heist.

_gruff _

_gruff _ . 1 month ago

Trying to do this with a checkered hat and outfit is a bitch

Ryan beckman

Ryan beckman . 1 month ago

Dose us work in the new patch n can u save it??


Pounc3r . 1 month ago

omg ty

lil SaVaGe

lil SaVaGe . 2 months ago

Thank you so much I really appreciate it ❤️

IlBubbz lI

IlBubbz lI . 2 months ago

Does it still work

Helena Vibes

Helena Vibes . 2 months ago

from where the cap. i dont have it

Gamers Game

Gamers Game . 3 months ago

Thank you very much it works!!

Loren Magnuson

Loren Magnuson . 3 months ago

I cannot believe that works. How do people find this stuff? Very nice. Thank you.

XDanger XD-_-

XDanger XD-_- . 3 months ago

Can we do it with the telescope glitch🤔?


Freezerio . 3 months ago

I've got it to work with every hat except the low beanie (what i want it with), damn it. EDIT: This glitch works with every hat except for the Low Beanie, rip

K. Ghamdi

K. Ghamdi . 3 months ago

Thanks a lot 👍👍


T.S . 3 months ago

I cant get this to work with a backwards hat 😔


Mikey-Whelan070 . 4 months ago

Still works September 2019


angel . 4 months ago

*when you can’t become a ceo*

xd Edwen

xd Edwen . 4 months ago

Your amazing

The Ghost From Capital Punishment

The Ghost From Capital Punishment . 4 months ago

It works, but when I switch from a different outfit, and later changed back to the bandana hat one, the bandana comes off,

Ardeth The Wanderer

Ardeth The Wanderer . 4 months ago

The section that requires you to change your organization style also works with MC style exactly the same. That makes it easier to pull up the bike, good luck finding the car for the first section

MyCole KnowBel

MyCole KnowBel . 5 months ago

I tried but what I get is the outfit without bandana


XxCrypticXx . 5 months ago

Thank you so much it worked:D

Mate Games

Mate Games . 5 months ago

Stil working Im really happy

Eminem Awol27

Eminem Awol27 . 5 months ago

It’s weird I made an outfit with the bandanna and it glitch’s with the hat and I saved it and the bandana never gets removed but just now I made one the same way but the bandana keeps getting removed.


zDrousey . 5 months ago

Think it’s patched didn’t work for me


mind5et . 5 months ago

Stupid that you can’t switch em on the go and it comes off when driving etc 👎🏾

Mr M The Red Lightning

Mr M The Red Lightning . 5 months ago

Still works thanks, I've subscribed

GravityBoy 23

GravityBoy 23 . 5 months ago

I can’t do it ):


AliceA . 5 months ago

Doesn’t seem to work properly anymore. Hat doesn’t appear, bandana does. I saved the outfit, but it resets each time I leave a lobby :(


_NORWIN YT_ . 5 months ago



HeLi0nPrImE . 6 months ago

I got the glitches right and the desired outfit. But it doesn't save with the bandana on. If you change it with another and change it back, the bandana is gone.


Eazy3x . 6 months ago

Still working ?

keegan p.russ

keegan p.russ . 6 months ago

is there way to get the bandana alone

WildRedRuby _

WildRedRuby _ . 6 months ago

I did your glitch and I did it so wrong because I have just a bandana on

briana 250

briana 250 . 6 months ago

Very helpful thank you🙂

john melendez

john melendez . 6 months ago

what if i get into a car and it takes the bandana off what can i do

finley fogarty

finley fogarty . 7 months ago

Hopefully I can get cowboy hat with it

Ashley Marie

Ashley Marie . 7 months ago

Where can I get that white and black hat? cause I looked and I don't have it and I really want it.

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