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American Girl Indigo Specialty Boutique ~ Toronto Tour



Published on 6 years ago

**This was filmed on the grand opening date: May 3rd 2014.**

Here is a tour of the Indigo specialty boutique in Toronto Yorkdale shopping center! This boutique is so cute, I love it!

Obviously with the Canadian exchange rate the prices are higher.

These boutiques are NOT carrying any items that do not ship to Canada on their website. They are also not carrying the Historical line & some of the MAG dolls.

Mini Isabelle dolls sell at the front of the Indigo store.

Comments :


reaiaangela . 4 years ago


Monica Proum

Monica Proum . 4 years ago

I just went there today and they raised up the price to $154 now!

webkinzlovergaloure yt

webkinzlovergaloure yt . 4 years ago

no historicals?

Maha Dib

Maha Dib . 4 years ago

I'm getting a AG doll

Kaitlyn amorim

Kaitlyn amorim . 4 years ago

I live in Toronto and I go to that American girls store because that's the closer American girl store to my house

Vk Ram

Vk Ram . 4 years ago

Tommorow I'm going to that exact store in Toronto to get grace Thomas!!!!!

Sam Arefin

Sam Arefin . 5 years ago

i went here and i saw u and i live in Toronto!

hannah carson

hannah carson . 5 years ago

I went there also

andrea valdez

andrea valdez . 5 years ago

I went there! It was at yorkdale! I was sad they dont have historichal characters!😛😔

Brianna Cole

Brianna Cole . 5 years ago

Why are the dolls so expensive :(


Sparkagstudios . 5 years ago

LOL the grand opening was the day before my birthday

Valentina B

Valentina B . 5 years ago

i went there! but not on that day ):


savagefrancesca . 5 years ago

I was there at 4:00pm


sftby . 5 years ago

Did they have 61? I d'bout they do but just checking.

Slender Gurl

Slender Gurl . 5 years ago

Is it near yorkdale? I really want to go there! I live in canada

The Brotato

The Brotato . 5 years ago

I've been their and I will might get a doll

Savannah Dunn

Savannah Dunn . 5 years ago

Oh that's what Canadian money looks like


fawnica . 5 years ago

awww man!!!! why are the mags so much money!!!! i mean i was fine with 110(which is still alot) but 125 i mean like REALLY PEOPLE REALLY????


DeenaandBeena . 5 years ago

Great Tour!!! Your commentary is hilarious :)


pristmatic . 5 years ago

May I ask how much money does it cost to get your doll done at the boutique?

Isabela Cartier

Isabela Cartier . 6 years ago

do they sell the snack cart set???? please reply

Jessica Crocker

Jessica Crocker . 6 years ago

I'm going on June 1st

Reece Miller

Reece Miller . 6 years ago

OMG I was literally standing right were you were 2 weekends ago!


SleepyYuuna . 6 years ago

I'm going!!!


AGDollsVideoShoots . 6 years ago

I went there and got my first doll!! My doll is number 23. It was so much fun I went on Saturday night around 8:00 pm lol but love the video <3

Dolphin Dolly's

Dolphin Dolly's . 6 years ago

Do they have all the MAG dolls? I want MAG 27 and 38 :)


InfinityDollStudios . 6 years ago

Did they have the red hoodie?

ag doll dancer

ag doll dancer . 6 years ago

Do they take american dollers or no

ninja ninja

ninja ninja . 6 years ago

Cool going to the one in Vancouver somepoint this year :D

Rainbow Anna

Rainbow Anna . 6 years ago

OMG!! I was there today!! What time did you go at? I was there at like 3:40pm-4:30pm ish I think. Lol :D


StuffedforLaughs . 6 years ago

Are you still uploading on your other channel

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