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Panic! At The Disco - Into the Unknown (Lyrics) (From Frozen 2)

Shadow Music

Shadow Music

Published on 1 month ago

Panic! At The Disco - Into the Unknown (Lyrics) (From Frozen 2)

See Frozen 2 in theaters November 22.

Frozen 2 soundtrack is available November 15. Pre-order it here: https://disneymusic.co/Frozen2?IQid=dmVEVO

“Into The Unknown” by Panic! At The Disco is available here:
Wide: https://disneymusic.co/IntoTheUnknownPATD

Panic! At The Disco

Lyric video for "Into The Unknown" by Panic! At The Disco

Comments :

Shadow Music

Shadow Music . 1 month ago

Where are you from? 🌍

James & Libby

James & Libby . 23 minutes ago

Who else watched Frozen 2

Shing Gor Drg

Shing Gor Drg . 6 hours ago

There is a mistake the follow is Ollie

dominique zaragoza

dominique zaragoza . 7 hours ago

I was convinced this was Adam Lambert until I looked this up

Hiroki Mukai

Hiroki Mukai . 9 hours ago

D a m n Brendon

PepperLeafBooks Manga

PepperLeafBooks Manga . 12 hours ago

My mum: *not again* Me in my room: “INTO THE UNKNOOOOOO-AGGH-N

MinYoongi IsMyLove

MinYoongi IsMyLove . 18 hours ago

Brendon kinda sounds like a emo boi at 0:54 🤣

Sophia Rosebure

Sophia Rosebure . 20 hours ago

When I was 5: let it go let goooooo. 11:into the unkoooooooown


PhyscoEevee . 21 hours ago

Leave the singing to Idina Menzel plz

Blue Aristo

Blue Aristo . 22 hours ago

the misses the f in follow


oliver_the_geek_04 . 22 hours ago

10/11 year old me: Let it goo let it goo Me, now 15: INTO THE UNKNOWNNN

Louie Jean

Louie Jean . 1 day ago

Brendon's voice is higher than my salary.

Gaming Tube

Gaming Tube . 1 day ago

Uhm around 1:08 there's an spelling error you do not have F in your 'follow' ☺️

Isaiah Jimenez

Isaiah Jimenez . 2 days ago

Best song ever

Renan Jian Ray De Castro

Renan Jian Ray De Castro . 2 days ago

what a lover's do

Daniel Justado

Daniel Justado . 2 days ago

Can I ask Brendon Urie to compose a winning song for Tokyo 2020 Olympics that is titled "Unity In Diversity through Sports"?

Daniel Justado

Daniel Justado . 2 days ago

This is Panic at the Disco's winning, golden and victorious song that is a perfect fit for winning moments of 2019 Southeast Asian Games in my country, The Philippine Islands! This victorious moment of Southeast Asian Sports teams together with this song is an eye opener to Tokyo 2020 Olympics! Are you ready for Tokyo 2020? 🏆⚽⚾🏀🏐🏈🏉🎾🏸🏏🏑🏒🥌🎿⛸️🛷🥅🏹⛳🥋🥊🎳🏓🎯🎱♟🎮🥇🥈🥉🏅🎖️ We win (and sing) as one!

Valkyrie PhantomCain

Valkyrie PhantomCain . 2 days ago

I'm wondering if this is the original key

Hasif Ishak

Hasif Ishak . 2 days ago

I stay silence as this music plays.... coz I cant even reach those notes,,,#sad


NANI ANIMEEE . 2 days ago

At 1:04 you missed the f in follow


M A R C . 2 days ago

I can hit all of the notes except for that last fkn "Whooh!" Wth Brendon?! why did you have to add that? lol

Sophie Solter

Sophie Solter . 3 days ago

Canada. My my i saw this in birthday party at theaters. Its the only song i love

midKnightFusion 58

midKnightFusion 58 . 3 days ago

whats ollow

Vanessa Lala

Vanessa Lala . 3 days ago

Lmao she fotgot the f is like ollow

Michaela Pineda

Michaela Pineda . 3 days ago

Is suppose to be follow not ollow


DÜMB TËËN . 4 days ago

...when I was 6 I listened to let it go over and over....now I'm 11 and have a new let it go


ビンクス . 4 days ago

This gives me chills cause 90% of the song, I relate to cause I have schizophrenia.


Texanboiii . 4 days ago

It’s okay, my baritone voice can sing along to this. 😭

Aileen Jimenez

Aileen Jimenez . 4 days ago

I know this is going to sound weird l can kind of hear beast boy singing that song


Moonlark . 4 days ago

INTO THE UNKNOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOWWWNNNNN!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Me: Goes into my basement singing INTO THE UNKNOWN!!!

Adi H

Adi H . 4 days ago

My cousin tried to sing this Knowing fully that -Brendon- Panic! At the disco my favorite band

Water Ducks Official

Water Ducks Official . 4 days ago

Kids in 2013: LET IT GOOOOOOOOOO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Kids in 2019: INTO THE UNKNOOOOOOOOOWN!!!!!


MusicIsMyLife . 4 days ago

HOW does he hit those notes?!?!?!?

janet zxd

janet zxd . 4 days ago

Me: I don't like Frozen, I think it's overrated and overpaid so I'm not going to go see the sequel, I don't care if Idina Menzel is in it Disney: writes of badass power ballad... Me:.....thats not fair Disney: hires Panic at the Disco to make the pop cover Me * angrily buying movie tickets *: I hate you all

madelyn eileen

madelyn eileen . 4 days ago

Brendon is a GOD.

Leona Böhm

Leona Böhm . 4 days ago

1:20 Just something for me


Your TEACHER . 4 days ago

9 year old me: *LET I GOOOOOOOO* 14 year old me: actually knowing how to sing now *into the uuuunknoooown*

Martin Jones

Martin Jones . 4 days ago

This is Geat!

Lanie R.

Lanie R. . 5 days ago

Well I didn't expect to be able to actually hit these notes

Christopher Realizan

Christopher Realizan . 5 days ago

Me comparing 2 songs in karaoke.... Let It Go : Yes I can. Into Unkown : This is far too much. 😂😥


ThatOneHuman . 5 days ago

Bro his voice went ⬆️⬆️⬆️⬆️⬆️⬆️⬆️

Baby_uwu_ghost 0

Baby_uwu_ghost 0 . 5 days ago

6 year old me: Do you wanna build a snowman? 13 year old me: INTOOO THEEEE UNKNOWNNNNNNN!!!!

Ming Xuan

Ming Xuan . 5 days ago


Jeremiah Low

Jeremiah Low . 5 days ago

Wait did u sing the credits?


xAngelics . 5 days ago

I’m not a good singer i swear but i seem to manage to resch those high notes everytime i sing it. ;-;


Artantoni . 5 days ago

3 yr me: let it GoOOOOoOOOO 9 me: Into the unknown!


BellaGSilva . 5 days ago

10 yr old me: LET IT GOOOOOO 16 yr old me: INTO THE UNKNOOOOOOWN

Martín prado

Martín prado . 6 days ago

Who else liked this version more than the one in the movie?

Lil' Pumpkin

Lil' Pumpkin . 6 days ago

11 year old me: LET IT GO! 16 year old me: INTO THE UNKNOWN!


小蛇丸我誰 . 6 days ago

what a great song

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