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Exploring With Cody

Exploring With Cody

Published on 4 months ago

Traveling from Lima to Huacachina Peru, we find this real life desert oasis that looks like it is out of an Indiana Jones movie. You can go sand boarding, and dune buggying here in the massive sand dunes.

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Comments :

Kira & Andrew

Kira & Andrew . 2 weeks ago

Love your videos! How did you get from Lima to Huacachina- rented car or bus? Thanks!

zee matt

zee matt . 2 weeks ago

Loved the video x new subscriber

Carlos Silva

Carlos Silva . 2 weeks ago

El Perú posee Costa desierto 2.500 kilómetros de largo entre 0 Y 200 kilómetros de ancho dependiendo A cuánto del mar esra la Cordillera de los Andes. Primos Sierra o montaña con nuestra cordillera negra y blanca y tenemos selva donde nace el río Amazonas

Minnesota Smith

Minnesota Smith . 3 weeks ago

Sweet life Cody...awesome production and content 👍

Jiji Miluchy

Jiji Miluchy . 3 weeks ago

happy new year pretty….


111sienna . 1 month ago

Yeah let's go get some bikes and buggies and destroy the sand dunes and anything else we can think of.........

Sia Sight

Sia Sight . 1 month ago

Great video, I really like the vibe. And what a racist name for a restaurant to have. lol jk


Travelwithchris . 1 month ago

I love that restaurant aha so happy to be going back to Peru in a few weeks!

Abdalazim Mohamad

Abdalazim Mohamad . 1 month ago

I love your vlogs so much man and I'm Egyptian by the way it will be very nice to meet you I hope that

Jitendra R

Jitendra R . 1 month ago

Huaka fucking China 😂 😂 😂

Amparo Rodriguez

Amparo Rodriguez . 1 month ago

I think the egg whites help keep the hangover at bay...

xhad xhad

xhad xhad . 1 month ago


Venenum Outdoors

Venenum Outdoors . 1 month ago

Huaca F*#king China Resto And Huacachina is born.

Jhonsien pakons

Jhonsien pakons . 2 months ago

HUACAFUCKINGCHINA.. name of restaurant

Adventures of Dao Ming Choi

Adventures of Dao Ming Choi . 2 months ago

Pobre means poor....

Mark Beltran

Mark Beltran . 2 months ago

nice bar HUACA FUCKING CHINA 😂😂😂🇨🇳

J Bayer

J Bayer . 2 months ago

Wow....The PERU IS Wonderful... is Amazing...💜😱


collectors83/2015stig . 2 months ago


Nangkiew youtube channel

Nangkiew youtube channel . 2 months ago

8:05 huaca fucking china!! Am I the only one who notice that🤔🤔

mirantha vishvagith

mirantha vishvagith . 2 months ago



LLANA TUCAN . 2 months ago


Eric Iawphniaw

Eric Iawphniaw . 2 months ago

God still Love this place cause looks dangerous when strong storm come can cover that place in 1 hour, thank to God for protecting this beautiful place 👏


Sebastian1010 . 2 months ago

It’s crazy how just east of this is the Amazon Rainforest

Donnam Pariong

Donnam Pariong . 2 months ago

Any 1 see the word fuckingchina

Jonathan E

Jonathan E . 2 months ago

This place looks so cool. Makes such an awesome place for photos, haha. Want to go!

jSon M.

jSon M. . 2 months ago

Hi cody..

Josateki Nasilasila

Josateki Nasilasila . 2 months ago

Why stand like that 😅

Never A. Z

Never A. Z . 2 months ago

Thank you for visiting my country and making it known to the world, I hope you had a great time. Greetings from Ica - Peru.

changdiar khraw

changdiar khraw . 2 months ago

Wow nice amazing place

Markus Hayden Sutherland

Markus Hayden Sutherland . 2 months ago

That's not banana. It's a plantain (platano).

Kmen Tariang

Kmen Tariang . 2 months ago

Hua Fuking China...😂


SwanDee . 2 months ago

Hi Cody...it's amazing Trip and the Video. I'm your new Subscriber, and this the 1st video traveling in Peru I watched. Do Peruvians speak English?


ZionHillCalling . 2 months ago

You should have used 0:18 as thumbnail.

Kinisho Kinimi

Kinisho Kinimi . 2 months ago

Nice place, been there twice

Tom Otero

Tom Otero . 2 months ago

Bruhh nice shot

Mehmet Gk

Mehmet Gk . 2 months ago

Qualität ist on #Top 👌👌👌👌

Dreams Tree

Dreams Tree . 2 months ago

This is a great video I love it 🥰


P4P KING . 2 months ago

you pay for that meal? or did you pull the 'im an influencer card"?

Alisa Mapperson

Alisa Mapperson . 2 months ago

Living the dream xxx

Niel hephep

Niel hephep . 2 months ago



Balakrishnan . 2 months ago

could you please let me know your camera

Mr Vio Funny

Mr Vio Funny . 2 months ago

Wow Great video Lovely place to visit

D Gilman

D Gilman . 2 months ago


Malaka Dharmasiri

Malaka Dharmasiri . 3 months ago

How is the weather over there?

keke liams

keke liams . 3 months ago

Sure it's not plantain ?

lomasdulcedelplacer 25

lomasdulcedelplacer 25 . 3 months ago

This is no the original patatas a lo pobre


Ogi_Gaming77 . 3 months ago

Liat di insta langsung cari..siapa.??

Jojai TV

Jojai TV . 3 months ago

Wow it is amazing wonders made by God.

Alfredo felices guerra

Alfredo felices guerra . 3 months ago

buen video gracias x compartirlo,a los k no le gusta simplemente asi como entraron sin k nadie lo vieron asi tambien se van,sin necesidad de poner el dedo abajo la proxima vez les quemo el dedo avisados .


IOXAN PHENOMENON . 3 months ago


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