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How many CALORIES DO I NEED DAILY? (Hindi / Punjabi)



Published on 3 years ago

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An often asked question, what is calories? and how do we calculate how to take it.

In this short tutorial we talked about how to count your daily calorie intake.

Note: 50g Sugar is 210 Calories.

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MY BOLLYWOOD BODY . 2 months ago

For high quality protein powders and supplements I highly recommend MY PROTEIN Click on the link below, use code iKNOWSUNNY to get 25% to 40% off!! http://tidd.ly/cea109bb

Saira Begum

Saira Begum . 2 days ago

Mast ho bhai tum..


MY ZONE . 1 week ago

Bhai wo measure kaise kare ki 100 gram hai ya 200 gram?? Please reply..... This is my request......

Simran Mehra

Simran Mehra . 2 weeks ago


Amit Kumar

Amit Kumar . 2 weeks ago

are bhai calculate kaise kare

Group Tution Centre U.K

Group Tution Centre U.K . 3 weeks ago

Calori needed for weight losss bhi bata dain

Nitin passi

Nitin passi . 3 weeks ago

sugar 210 ana tha bhai😅😅

Himanshu Choudhary

Himanshu Choudhary . 3 weeks ago

Bhai sugar ka calculation glat h AAP ka

Zeeshan Ali

Zeeshan Ali . 1 month ago

Bohat ala brother 🤗

Mohammed Salahuddin

Mohammed Salahuddin . 2 months ago

Hallo sir its fine enough.

santhosh naidu

santhosh naidu . 2 months ago

Khamaal hey bhai...

ShArAt Siddharth

ShArAt Siddharth . 2 months ago

Paaji agr 55kg h prson ki to use kithni gm calories leni chaiye daily ke weight gain. Krne ke liye plzz reply????????

job purpose

job purpose . 2 months ago

Weight 78 age 27, im on cuting i use iso dymatize after gym evening n morning after breakfast n i use bcaa during workout n lippo6 so can u say how much proteins i need to take for cuting n how much calroies i need to take or defect?

Rishab Rajput

Rishab Rajput . 3 months ago

What if I take 2000 calories a day..but I am exercising and burning many calories so actually total calories I got in a day would be less than 2000 calories..so 2000 calories as a total or 2000 calories irrespective of workout??

Harshal More

Harshal More . 3 months ago

Thank you sir for your awareness 👌👌👍👍

GK Brian

GK Brian . 3 months ago

50 gram of suger wtf.the daily reccomendation for a male is 35g

DreamIt AchieveIt!

DreamIt AchieveIt! . 3 months ago

Sir i have a doubt .. if I'm doing an intense workout and BMR comes out to be 2500 calories.. and with exercise i burn 500 calories.. so do I need to take fewer calories in diet also to lose weight? But reducing calories in diet will also cause weakness..and i wouldn't be able to workout with such low calorie intake.. please clear my doubt..

Rajat Jaiswal

Rajat Jaiswal . 3 months ago

Paji my weight is 70 kg kitna protein lu kitna carbs, fat, calorie lu reply 🙏

musterios mystery

musterios mystery . 4 months ago

You are punjabi or hindu


MOHANA BHUAA . 4 months ago

Bhaji cal count galt aaa eh pura 1860 cal bni aaa not 2070 cal

Pandit Sanju

Pandit Sanju . 4 months ago

Bro ur punjabi very good

Mansi Tomer

Mansi Tomer . 4 months ago

View nice information

Apurva Sarkate

Apurva Sarkate . 4 months ago

Sir I am using healthyfyme aap since a year it allows me to hv 1450 calories a day...but average I hv 1100 calories ...fir bhi fat hai mere thighs me or belly area Mai workout bhi krti hu pr koi result nhi dekh pa rhi hu...or ha I am suffering from pcod...plz reply n suggest me something

Fiza Naeem

Fiza Naeem . 5 months ago

Sir mera wait 76kg ha or hight 5 inch ha age37 ha 3 operations hue hn last baby 3years ka Ha phly mera wait 55 pH 60 tk rha ab km nhi hu rha plz koi diet plan btaen Ma boht zyada workout nhi kr sakti, plz ans

Raj Choudhary

Raj Choudhary . 5 months ago

Sunny 22 m 52 kg ka hu mujhe daily kitni calories ki need h

Aslam qureshi

Aslam qureshi . 5 months ago

Very nice explain brother 👌👌 i feel very easy .before i am somuch confused

Aiman Hub

Aiman Hub . 5 months ago



NIRMA KUMAWAT . 5 months ago

HerbaLife products for calories management If you need :- 8690249295

Vishal Chaudhary

Vishal Chaudhary . 5 months ago

Gjjb bhai

jeet shekhawat

jeet shekhawat . 6 months ago

Bhai 50 4.2 time count krenge to 210 calories honi h 420 nahi

Sonu Verma

Sonu Verma . 6 months ago

Paji mujhe daily 5km running aur 1 hour gym me lagana hai lekin mai wait lose nahi karna chahta mujhe kitne calories ki jarurat padegi.


SUDIPTO AZIZ . 6 months ago

Thanks thanks thanks 🌍🌍🌍

Geet kaur

Geet kaur . 6 months ago

Sweat is fat crying 👌😆

Faizan rxb

Faizan rxb . 6 months ago

love from Pakistan veer ji🇵🇰❤

Manish own- Lifestyles Lifestyle

Manish own- Lifestyles Lifestyle . 6 months ago

Appke lye kya bolu no words u great

Fresh mind

Fresh mind . 7 months ago

50kg weight aa veere mere weight gain nhi hunda piya .veere main pehla khula saman khada c ode nl mera 10kg gain hoya c .ode nl manu side ect ho gya sara wait loss ho gya pehla jina hi weight ho te meri bhukh bilkul band ho gyi kamjori bhot aa gyi yr bhukh nhi lgdi pura din gym v chad ho main bimara vangu piya huna ghar .veer ji hlp plse..

Darshil Rana

Darshil Rana . 7 months ago

Bhai sugar mein bhi to carbs Hain na wo to bataya Nahi.

Maisam Abbas

Maisam Abbas . 7 months ago

Frst we buy weighing machine... To calculate 100gm or 50gm... Sir plate ya cup hi btadty..

kalsoom sheikh

kalsoom sheikh . 7 months ago

Good g chaa gye hn ap is se achi vedio ni bn skti thi lv from Pakistan


Srinivas . 7 months ago

Nice info bro

Robin Gosain

Robin Gosain . 7 months ago

That's what teacher taught us in highschool, but we forgot as we grew up.

Fareen Khan

Fareen Khan . 8 months ago

How many calories do i have in a day? My weight is 61 kgs..i have to lose 8 kg in 2 months.

Aakash Salve

Aakash Salve . 8 months ago

bhai kitne Wight ke liye kitni calories kitne protein kite carbs etc lene chahiye

ever guitars

ever guitars . 8 months ago

Already getting carbs why again sugar. Do u mean fructose


SOUMITRA SAHA . 8 months ago

Badhiya hai bhai, sarey confusions clear ho gaya. like ,subscribe aur share nhi kar liya. thank you..

Naveen Bahadur

Naveen Bahadur . 9 months ago

Kaash paagi Shcool m koi aise padha deta 😂💪🏻

sano 111

sano 111 . 9 months ago

I devided my ideal weight with 4 but im stil confusd anout fat consumption kindly tell hw much fat n sugr do i need to los weight

Ashish Chhari

Ashish Chhari . 9 months ago

baahiyad info,tell us acc to body weight

Rabia Imran1234

Rabia Imran1234 . 9 months ago

Sir i wanna ask u something.. actually i have count my daily calories that are 1559. But how much i should burn from this? Actually m confused between total needed and burnt ones..plz help

Kwizera Norman Chris

Kwizera Norman Chris . 9 months ago

English please

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