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Published on 5 years ago

Please note: I am not promoting any product. This video clip was created as part of an diabetes treatment and should be treated as such. Thank you to those who have watched it and have commented both positively and negatively. It is great to see people exchanging ideas, views and opinions. This is help for diabetes food list and then the support for cure for diabetes free program
Review food. Best Nutritious Diabetic Food List program this site.

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Comments :

Dave Chmela

Dave Chmela . 9 months ago

Eggs are the PERFECT FOOD. Ya know... WE'RE ALL GONNA DIE OF SOMETHING!!! Pffffft!


mymanifesting . 2 years ago

What a load of toss! I suggest people refer to Dr Eric Berg when it comes to eating eggs; he's one of the foremost health experts in the Western hemisphere and consumes 4 eggs a day. Organic freerange eggs are one of the most nutritious foods one can eat. No wonder people are utterly confused and it's NOT good enough!

Debra Green

Debra Green . 3 years ago

When it comes to reversing diabetes and improving general health, there`s nothing better than the “fizo amazing plan” (Google it). This diet/lifestyle change is so much simpler to follow, no carb or calorie counting! I`m very happy that I’ve lost Sixty pounds through this plant-based living. It is really possible to reverse diabetes!

pavel mihai

pavel mihai . 3 years ago

hey all, The best diabetes cure that I have ever had was with Ilyanah's Advice (i found it on google) without a doubt the most useful diabetes cure that I have ever tried.

Robert Johnson

Robert Johnson . 4 years ago

*_I have type 2 diabetics for over two years now, I am overweight, and have desired to lose weight through the best natural way. Thank God for this info [Go Here=_**_**_]. It has not being easy to lose weight suffering from diabetes, but now I know that with the right diet and exercise with discipline it is achievable. Eating right is good not only for health but also for weight._*

Reza Medi

Reza Medi . 4 years ago

Hiya, The best improvement that my sister has ever had was with Freds Magic Remedy (just google it) It is the simplest program available.

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