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T.I. Dresses Like Tupac And Gets Destroyed On Social Media | TMZ TV



Published on 3 years ago

Tupac was inducted into the Rock & Roll Hall of fame and to honor him T.I. dressed just like him! Although the look worked for Tupac back in the day sadly T.I. couldn’t quite pull it off.

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T.I. Dresses Like Tupac And Gets Destroyed On Social Media | TMZ TV

Comments :

Tha Real Mccoy

Tha Real Mccoy . 2 months ago

TI lame as fuck for ripping off 2pac's outfit, and then hell go on and bitch and wine bout "cultural appropriation"

Emerge Matic

Emerge Matic . 3 months ago

If he's not a snitch as hard as he rode on Gucci and Sambos he is a Ryder!

BigDaddy 671

BigDaddy 671 . 3 months ago

"And the wierd psycopath"😂😂😂

Charles B

Charles B . 4 months ago

Black people are lame. End of story.

LowRidah 64

LowRidah 64 . 5 months ago

Why is it that the narrator has an annoying voice?

President King

President King . 5 months ago

Beer belly ass, Tupac was kinda ripped.

Chaser 0015

Chaser 0015 . 5 months ago

what ????????????????

No One

No One . 6 months ago

Why it's the same B's😇

Deontaye Johnson

Deontaye Johnson . 6 months ago

We over here talking bout t.i when we should be worrying bout these guys wearing dresses


CAPITAL S.O.Z . 6 months ago

Tight wearing mothafucka he should've worn wide jeans and the bandana wasnt really tied like tupac pac ties it with one tie

Bryan Moreno

Bryan Moreno . 7 months ago

tupac would of never said "TIP" to the police ✊🏽

IntR Gold

IntR Gold . 7 months ago

Wtf t.i. Did it in memory of pac

Trevon Brown

Trevon Brown . 8 months ago

Oh when pac wears it it's a weird sort of pac vest thing but when T.I wears it it's a corset fuck outta here it's a corset no matter who wears it bro but wearing a corset that's gangsta right? Only in a haymo thug universe.

Rick Mendez

Rick Mendez . 9 months ago

So out of all the west coast rappers, they picked this lame fuck to pay tribute?! Fuck TI

Betty Boop

Betty Boop . 9 months ago

Waist trainer tho

Jay McA.Projects

Jay McA.Projects . 9 months ago

Nobody cares

Ebony Benford

Ebony Benford . 9 months ago

It looks bad on both of them

Keara Chandler

Keara Chandler . 10 months ago

This Is Too Damn Funny Bruh, They Said It Look Like He Has On A "Waist-Trainner"😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂 Damn Why Yall Do Tip Like That Tho?!?!?😆😂😛😅😱

Matthias Horne

Matthias Horne . 1 year ago

Tip just paying homage

Damian Quintela

Damian Quintela . 1 year ago

T.I looked like aunty with her hair not did rag on head and some none sexy get up

Tiara Wetland-Dooley

Tiara Wetland-Dooley . 1 year ago

Why would people talk bad about him doing that

Paul Douglas

Paul Douglas . 1 year ago

Whether PAC wore it then, or Tip wore in now. That shit may be the most sus thing I have ever seen a man wear. Dennis Rodman looked more masculine in his wedding dress and wig.

Young S

Young S . 1 year ago

Pac makes it look good! T.I just makes it look awkward!

Aylene Perez

Aylene Perez . 1 year ago

He ain't even close to being pac

Tenochtitlan El Imperio Azteca

Tenochtitlan El Imperio Azteca . 1 year ago

After this, I'm pretty sure TI's will never impersonate Tupac once again! LOL

Bigboy 12

Bigboy 12 . 1 year ago

Isn't that woman's clothes , illuminati makes blacks wear woman's clothes,kanye and the kilt. But no one noticed ,how smart they were

dragon slayer

dragon slayer . 1 year ago


Aayan Russell

Aayan Russell . 1 year ago

"How it looks online vs how it looks when it arrives!" LMAO TI lucky this episode of TMZ didn't kill his career n I'm over here 💀💀💀😂😂😂

Janola Bleach

Janola Bleach . 1 year ago

You can tell TMZ had to fill a minority quota. Fucken hippies.


Ramirez . 1 year ago

Why does T.I. look like a sassy black woman in the thumbnail? No hate on him though.

Lil zumu lll

Lil zumu lll . 1 year ago

Lookin like a tornado of PACS RANDOM STAGE OUTFITS HIT U

Lil zumu lll

Lil zumu lll . 1 year ago

He got the whole outfit wrong on top of that the reason why it look cool on PAC cuz that was the fuckin 90s people would respect u more if u got the whole outfit right

Lil zumu lll

Lil zumu lll . 1 year ago


Zap Rowsdower

Zap Rowsdower . 1 year ago

"If you a old head"... STFU BITCH


C F . 1 year ago

Tupac looks like a boss, TI looks like a bitch.

Andrade __O

Andrade __O . 1 year ago

He fuck up by wearing tight pants


A J . 1 year ago

Funnee... TI giving homage to somebody..... Showing up is homage enough to anyone....


A J . 1 year ago

TI. should NEVER be a follower of anyone.

Yusuf Ayaz

Yusuf Ayaz . 1 year ago

That Hamlet reference tho!

Tanell Hendrix

Tanell Hendrix . 1 year ago

Yeah no T.I.

YBN Gaymir

YBN Gaymir . 1 year ago

*Both look gay with it* 😂😂

Marc Rose

Marc Rose . 1 year ago

He chose to wore😂

blair pelletier

blair pelletier . 1 year ago

Pacs the only man who rock them

Britt Britt

Britt Britt . 1 year ago

Wtf😂😂 whoever let him wear that shit needs to be fired

Dulmi Diid Media Group

Dulmi Diid Media Group . 1 year ago

Chose to wore!!!! Huhuhuhuh


SatansSacc . 1 year ago

I see nothing wrong with it.

wonder childd

wonder childd . 1 year ago

Chose to wore😶

Yashaar Chazaaq Yasharahla

Yashaar Chazaaq Yasharahla . 1 year ago

That attempt went from 100 to 0 real quick.

Grim Reality

Grim Reality . 1 year ago

Only 2pac can do it

Popa Stoppa

Popa Stoppa . 1 year ago

Wtf going on lol caught me off guard

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