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I drank CELERY JUICE for 7 Days and this is what happened...

Arshia Moorjani

Arshia Moorjani

Published on 10 months ago

♥ OMG Celery juice! It is literally everywhere! This is suppose to be the newest superfood and juicing it is the way to go... so I did! For 7 days, this is what happened!

For anyone interested in learning more about celery juice, I HIGHLY recommend reading and watching Medical Medium (Anthony William):

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My juicer (its the best!!!):

The Productivity Project:

Sweet Chef vitamin C serum:

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Comments :

Lexi Ehle

Lexi Ehle . 2 hours ago

I wish I had my life together like this. perfect skin, eating/drinking healthy, reading a book every morning!!!

Alicia Alicia

Alicia Alicia . 2 hours ago

So much prettier with natural face.

Joe Zyzyx

Joe Zyzyx . 2 hours ago

taste better if milk or cream is added and a bit of salt. If on keto diet, then best approach is just eat the celery, dipped in sour cream or mayo, which is delicious. That way you get ALL the juice and the fiber too.

the raging laotian

the raging laotian . 8 hours ago

late to the party but next video "hot dog water"

Michael Tegner

Michael Tegner . 18 hours ago

Your stomach might not be bloated, but your upper lip is 😂😂

grill fried chicken

grill fried chicken . 18 hours ago

Without make you look gorgeous. I think you r lazy to wash juicer . Just tell your husband he can do it for you

David Oldenburg

David Oldenburg . 21 hours ago

So awesome that you read each day!

Holy Thor

Holy Thor . 2 days ago

Here ist what happend... . And I See a 13 min Video length????? Sorry but wtf...

Carla Veronica

Carla Veronica . 2 days ago

What a beauty! Thank you for sharing your experience! I know this is not a makeup video, but I need to add my two cents, this young woman doesn’t need makeup 💄. She is beautiful!

chris ddoorrss3ch

chris ddoorrss3ch . 2 days ago

Try adding some scientific data like checking your blood pressure or cholesterol your weight your energy things like that. go to the doctor and get blood work done once every few days for a week before you start the juicing. Do the same while you are juicing. Do the same for a week after you were juicing. etc etc etc on other tests and so on. That way you have actual data on what's going on inside your body and you can inform your audience to where it's educational and not just you talking about waking up early and getting used to drinking juice

K.D. Og Boss

K.D. Og Boss . 2 days ago

Everyone is like oh it's miracle juice it's fucking celery any green vegetable will give you the same results.

Arks Ekrem

Arks Ekrem . 3 days ago

Wow...very pretty.

random Videos

random Videos . 3 days ago

You could also use a NutriBullet!!

John Thang

John Thang . 3 days ago

Your skin is so clear and beautiful!!!!

Sue Tilton

Sue Tilton . 3 days ago

Can you use reg.celery? I just bought everything to start .

Flowers and Birds

Flowers and Birds . 4 days ago

There's no magic green juice or drink, its consistency that gets you there. Replacing fats and salts in food with fruits and veggies will always make you feel and look better and smoothies are a great way to do that.

Lucy Apple

Lucy Apple . 5 days ago

Do you recommend adding green apple juice into the celery juice?


RAch711baby . 5 days ago

What’s your juicer called?

Edward Dean

Edward Dean . 5 days ago

Only juice organic celery. Non-organic is loaded with pesticides and herbicides aka roundup. Very toxic.


narko . 6 days ago

Why does it take 15 minutes to explain what happens? Jesus.....

Vanessa lov3

Vanessa lov3 . 1 week ago

Did you loose any weight or see weight changes ? Drinking that ?

alpho j

alpho j . 1 week ago

I realize that beauty sells. Sad to say, as informative as this video is for people seeking healthy insight, vain people are caught up on pretty??? Why? If she had pits and pimples, would people be turned off? Sad


unleasheth . 1 week ago

Add ginger green apples and green grapes to it. Celery apples grapes and ginger = kidney cleanse

Barbara Dominick

Barbara Dominick . 1 week ago

what difference does it make how it tastes...the key is the benefits!!!

Claudia Medina

Claudia Medina . 1 week ago

Your face is glowing n it looks slimed by the 7th day o wow I got to try it I get to bloated hopefully it works for me ❤️‼️

Amber Richardson

Amber Richardson . 1 week ago

You look like Courtney Kardashian


DominiqueCalique . 1 week ago

Omg... I was watching the vid and was like "her kitchen looks exactly like my kitchen.. Wait.. does she live in the same apartment complex as me?!" Lol. If you're still at the same one that's crazy!


B G . 1 week ago

You are a fucking twit

Ronnie Spain

Ronnie Spain . 2 weeks ago


Rui Cabral

Rui Cabral . 2 weeks ago

A slow juicer is much better to keep the nutrients.

OldMan River

OldMan River . 2 weeks ago

I try this and got pimples

Stillman In Motion

Stillman In Motion . 2 weeks ago

Do people know what the word literally actually means?


Dr.'sorders . 2 weeks ago

Wow first impression her skin is amazing

Rokas Sidlauskas

Rokas Sidlauskas . 2 weeks ago

https://gumroad.com/l/rEAXN recommend this book You’ll will get Helpful Facts on wheatgrass , Juicing , Sprouts and More

Miha Anam

Miha Anam . 2 weeks ago

Naturally beautiful 🥰


AniBey . 2 weeks ago


Susan Olsen

Susan Olsen . 2 weeks ago

Wet a piece of paper towel and place it under your cutting board. It will keep it from slipping while you’re cutting - and you can use to paper towel for a quick counter cleanup after you finish cutting.

Piper Tobin

Piper Tobin . 2 weeks ago

“it doesn’t taste how I expected it to” “it tastes like grass” 😂😂

rahim qutwshi

rahim qutwshi . 2 weeks ago

Without makeup you look like chicken that run way from Farm

oink oink

oink oink . 2 weeks ago

this whole time i thought she was already wearing makeup omg


EJAZ AHMED . 2 weeks ago

What is celery india me milega kya ye or kya bolte hindi me


LiLLy H . 2 weeks ago

I really enjoy your informative videos and your great personality and I'm in my 60's but learn much from you <3

Live4aPurposeHigherThenYourself 11:11

Live4aPurposeHigherThenYourself 11:11 . 2 weeks ago

I think drinking it on an empty stomach first thing and first time in the am was why you didn't feel so hot, I'm going to make some today...I thought I put some Himalayan salt in it just to flavor it more and maybe add a little water to it ....

Cheryl Kane

Cheryl Kane . 2 weeks ago

Nausea is caused by the detoxing effect the juice has on your gut... try a little lemon juice and a dash of cayenne to the mixture..

Ana Lèmon

Ana Lèmon . 2 weeks ago

love you without makeup

Qu Artz

Qu Artz . 3 weeks ago

If you are planing on starting with celery juice just make sure that you dont do nothing that day cause you will have diarrhea

big time reviews!!

big time reviews!! . 3 weeks ago

So its to like to clen ur system out not like not lose weight

Krystal Favourite

Krystal Favourite . 3 weeks ago

What happened/how she felt: No bloating/bloating greatly reduced More energy Less Cravings for junk/caffeine

Liz Morgendorffer

Liz Morgendorffer . 3 weeks ago

El jugo de apio no sabe mal, no se debe tomar en ayunas así como lo estas tomando, el apio así no se lava, se debe desinfectar, ademas hay que agregarle más vegetales verdes, como brócoli, acelgas, cilantro, perejil entre otros.

Booger TB

Booger TB . 3 weeks ago

Wow your beautiful

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