Abby David

Abby David

Published on 2 years ago

What I eat in a day as a vegan, low carb type 1 diabetic. Follow me on my journey. If you have any questions comment below.

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Thanks guys :)

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babz anderson

babz anderson . 1 week ago

Finally an honest video by someone not selling books or diets .. I'm a t2 diabetic and going wfpb was the best decision I ever made... congratulations on your success so far keep up the good work 😍😍😍

zack dasheeky37

zack dasheeky37 . 9 months ago

damn u fine! ill be your nurse.

Saba Beauty & Life Style

Saba Beauty & Life Style . 10 months ago

Wow very helpful video thanks for sharing stay connected be happy always 😍😍😍😍

Saba Beauty & Life Style

Saba Beauty & Life Style . 10 months ago

Like #63

She's Diabetic

She's Diabetic . 11 months ago

Ah! I loved this!!! I’m a vegan diabetic too and I’m always curious of how to work more low carb options into my morning routine especially so I’m def gonna try that cereal mix out as well as that protein powder (fermented YAH!!) Thank you for making this and I can’t wait for you to make more videos!! πŸ‘πŸ»

The Diabetes Daily Hustle

The Diabetes Daily Hustle . 2 years ago

Wassup Abby! Didn’t know you were on YouTube til today!

Sam V

Sam V . 2 years ago

check out most reduce their carb to insulin ratio to 20:1 (20 grams carbs needs 1 unit insulin). very stable energy, lowering A1c, etc. most videos are free, huge amount of science,

Michelle Lord

Michelle Lord . 2 years ago

LOVE this! It's amazing to see how stable your blood sugars are. I feel like you have figured out the perfect T1D diet. I'm definitely learning a lot from you. Keep making videos :)


JesusMyBeauty . 2 years ago

I saw your sisters video. My son is 7 and was diagnosed with Type 1 a month before he turned two. I will totally watch your videos and read your blog. I am actually excited about hearing your discoveries. My son wears the Omnipod pump and Dexcom.


AntiIronic . 2 years ago

Do you have links to these recipes on instagram or a blog? My memory from video just isn’t going to cut it haha. I am just beginning my journey of following my blood sugar levelsβ€” well just thinking about it at all really.

Barbara Mead

Barbara Mead . 2 years ago

I came from your sister Rachel's video and am very glad I did. Cool video. Very informative. Looking forward to more! :)

John Williams

John Williams . 2 years ago

I came from your sister Rachel's channel and loved the video


AcidGlow . 2 years ago

*Welcome Abby. That food at **9:03** looks good! Have a great day. βœ…πŸ˜*

Juliaa Corona

Juliaa Corona . 2 years ago

Great video , I'll love to see more of you. All the morning juices looked so yummy (:

Tyler and Mela's Journey

Tyler and Mela's Journey . 2 years ago

Great video, thanks for sharing! Good to see people taking care of themselves and the planet with nice nutritious meals. My wife and I also make lots of vegan food for our channel. Let's support each other on our vegan journeys! Subscribed! :)

Jasmine Taylor

Jasmine Taylor . 2 years ago

You're so pretty! I love that you're vegan like me! Hope you keep posting cause really like this video! 😊

Health Coach Kait

Health Coach Kait . 2 years ago

Great video! This was interesting to watch with your blood sugar levels included. I post healthy recipes on my channel, check it out if you're interested! :) PS shoutout to Toronto! I am from Toronto but have been living in Australia for the past year. Can;t wait to see more from you!

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