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How I Lost My Pregnancy Weight | Susan Yara

Susan Yara

Susan Yara

Published on 1 year ago

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I get a ton of questions about how I got my body back after having a baby! I was hesitant to do this video because having a baby is an incredible experience and every body is different. That said, there were things I did that helped me get to a place where I feel confident and comfortable in my body, so I'm sharing with you. Tell me your pregnancy weight loss tips in the comments!

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Comments :


redhatgnome . 3 months ago

How tall is Susan?

Viola A

Viola A . 4 months ago

Thanks for the commercial

Jane Diaz

Jane Diaz . 4 months ago

Totally agree with working out while you’re pregnant. I exercised till I was 39 weeks and I’m bouncing back pretty fast. My girl is 3 months old and I plan to kick up my workouts next year. It’s sooo hard to work, care for yourself and your baby at the same time.

Vicky Vicky

Vicky Vicky . 5 months ago

Hi Susan, please do a video of your hair care routine, what you do for your thick hair. And also about your daily makeup routine.

Sarah 1010

Sarah 1010 . 5 months ago

Grateful for your honesty :)

Kimberly Kirsch

Kimberly Kirsch . 6 months ago

I really liked this video, thank you Susan!

Alicia Smith

Alicia Smith . 7 months ago

Thank you for your honesty! I watch a lot of your videos and I just appreciate how candid you are!

Oriana Shamoun

Oriana Shamoun . 7 months ago



cat . 7 months ago

Personal experience: i ate extremely healthy throughout my whole pregnancy and post birth and was a gym junky, loved doing as much training as possible that was safe. I lost weight in the first few weeks but as i got into the rhythm of breastfeeding even if i wasnt eating as much i still gained the most i have ever gained in my life! People kept telling me it helps lose weight, mainly from women who never breastfed! Please never have any high expectations of yourself, Everyone is different and loving what you have is the best way to go!

Destiny Rose

Destiny Rose . 7 months ago

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Stephanie Huff

Stephanie Huff . 9 months ago

Love your videos and down to earth attitude Susan! <3


Persephone . 10 months ago

I'm overweight to begin with and through each of my pregnancies I gained between 7-10lbs, but I was healthy and so were all my babies. I weighed more pre-pregnancy than post-pregnancy! It made me motivated to lose more weight to get to a healthy BMI after birthed them. Then breastfeeding came, which I've done for more than 5.5yrs between 3 kids and the weight just would not come off! I doubled down with my youngest and managed to lose some weight, but it was a struggle for each and every pound. When she weaned I was finally able to lose weight more easily and I'm down 40lbs in 1 year! Mamas, you are doing a wonderful thing by supporting your babies by breastfeeding, so give yourself some grace if it's a bit of a struggle to lose the weight.


PradeepaPrasath . 11 months ago

Love your top details please...


PearlyJamx . 11 months ago

You're beautiful, Susan. You remind me of (a better-looking) Shannen Doherty. You even sound like her a little bit, haha. Regardless of whether you have a strategically-placed baby in front of your tummy or not, you are gorgeous 😍


PearlyJamx . 11 months ago

Sigh. I adore Susan Yara, but I'm starting to feel like all her videos are just long commercials.

Parker Dowse

Parker Dowse . 11 months ago

As a soon to be mama I found this video to be really comforting and honest. Thank you! I really enjoy watching your videos!!

Karen L

Karen L . 1 year ago

Love this. Breastfeeding actually helped me lose weight quickly. I was drinking a lot of water. Not a juice person so water was always on hand. Sorry it didn’t work for you lol. Love how you’re so honest! I these kinds of mom videos!

Tonmoy Hossain

Tonmoy Hossain . 1 year ago

I always liked you but now a days you are videos are annoying AF. every video you are trying to sell something!! i totally understand this is what you do but dont do it so much that we stop believing you!!

vismita chauhan

vismita chauhan . 1 year ago

I have watched your videos before and have had helped me in many ways raising my son who is 8 months now.and realised I didn't subscribed you(which obv I did now).loved your honesty!thanks

Eman Taha

Eman Taha . 1 year ago

Hi Susa, thanks for the honest video! However, did you notice a change in breastfeeding and milk supply when you started working out and cutting things out of your diet? I tend to hold onto weight and even gain weight while breastfeeding too!


mhmai9 . 1 year ago

Thank you so much for being so true❣

Ashley Em

Ashley Em . 1 year ago

I gained 18 pounds while breastfeeding..... I was so upset but I’m just a person who also gains while breastfeeding. It has mostly come off since. Good job!!! You look amazing.

Natalie Davis

Natalie Davis . 1 year ago

This is really helpful! Thank you!

Go Big

Go Big . 1 year ago


Shellyann Bennett

Shellyann Bennett . 1 year ago

Gr8 video Susan. May I ask also did ur baby ever get eczema. If yes what did u use?

Meagan Agnew

Meagan Agnew . 1 year ago

I love that this was more about being healthy than dropping pounds. Although your lifestyle is vastly different from most, you make nearly all your videos so relatable and don't push things normal mama's can't afford.

Shaimaa Deebes

Shaimaa Deebes . 1 year ago

So after 2 years, what is your weight now? B pregnancy I was: 65 kg A pregnancy I became: 80 kg No my son is 5 months. I'm breastfeeding. I follow clean diet, I workout occasionally and am no 76 kg.


carolohhsoto . 1 year ago

I strictly breastfed and got serious hot flashes while doing it and for some reason my body only wanted water. I lost the weight in a month exactly. Now I've had my second and I've already lost more than half the weight in one week. Breastfeeding is magical for a snapback.

Carly Rivlin

Carly Rivlin . 1 year ago

So beyond gorgeous!! You're #goals Susan!

Anna Fryxell

Anna Fryxell . 1 year ago

You look amazing!!

stephanie villasenor

stephanie villasenor . 1 year ago

Thank you so much for this video everyone looked at me funny when I told them that breastfeeding made me gain weight then when I stopped I lost weight quickly I am still not in shape but I am working on it

Agnes Tse

Agnes Tse . 1 year ago

Thanks Susan to remind us as a mom, our body has done an amazing job already. Don’t push too hard to ourselves and learn to accept it. I have done few months exercise and try to cut carbs in dinner time. Now i lost 7-10 pounds but still i cannot get back the exact shape before but i feel good already as i have try my best. Love your video always❤️

Alice Ding

Alice Ding . 1 year ago

Just bought it! Looking forward to trying it out! Thanks for the suggestion :)

Radika Lal

Radika Lal . 1 year ago

Hey Susan...thanks for such an honest video...I am a new mom of 3weeks old baby boy. I m so so concerned about my weight. Your video really motivates me. Hopefully I wil loose few of my weigh.😊


plugrapls . 1 year ago

I would love to hear more about your food changes and diet. I'm still trying to lose the baby weight and my son is 20 months old. Dietary changes are the easiest for me to sustain. Thanks!


TamiShey . 1 year ago

Can you do video about nutrition plz would love to learn from you 😍

Krystal Godwin

Krystal Godwin . 1 year ago

Susan I love this video soo much! It’s reality but it’s helpful. And it takes the pressure off women that you don’t have to go back to the way you were before and that you will look different but it can be a comfortable, healthy place to be and to not feel bad about the new body you might have. 😊♥️

Laura's Natural Life

Laura's Natural Life . 1 year ago

I was so annoyed that I didn't lose weight breastfeeding! I'm so sick of people saying that it's effortless if you breastfeed. I was also the same way. I worked out as long as I could through pregnancy until bedrest and then wasn't allowed to start up again til 8 weeks PP. I worked out 5 days a week religiously, but didn't lose much weight until I changed my diet. I lost the rest super easily after switching up my carb to fat ratio! Like you, my stomach is not where I'd be thrilled about it being, but I'm really happy with my body now. I was happy with it right away PP and then after 6 months of carrying around an extra 15 pounds I just felt so bad about how I felt in clothes and had to try something different.


wickandde . 1 year ago

I really love your honesty Susan! xx

Stefanie Medina

Stefanie Medina . 1 year ago

Such a great perspective on weight loss after pregnancy! I gained a lot of weight while breastfeeding. I had two babies in 3 years, so I focused on losing weight after I stopped bfing our second. I got down to my wedding weight by using the myfitness pal app to track food, exercise and water. But my body is not the same. I had 2 c sections and bfing really affected my breasts but I am so grateful to have healthy children!

Cindy Rule

Cindy Rule . 1 year ago

Thank you for the video and the code for the scale! I am also 2 years post pregnancy and I think the scale will help me get a better picture of my overall body situation.


cgkitti . 1 year ago

It took me almost 2 years to get back to a comfortable spot as well. My hips may never be the same though!

Noor Ibrahim

Noor Ibrahim . 1 year ago

Should you do the normal intensity or should you work out less intensely in that first trimester?

Lauren Insley

Lauren Insley . 1 year ago

Thanks for sharing and being so honest. So many people think breastfeeding is the weight loss answer and it is for some but most it isn't. I am eight months postpartum and a breastfeeding mama and have a ways to go to get more fit. I also have minor diastasis recti that I have been seeing a physical therapist for and it feels like I will never fuly recover. The hardest part of that is needing to modify workouts so they are dr safe. I would love to know what core exercises your trainer had you do. Thanks agajn.


Coolbabymama . 1 year ago

I love this video! You are so honest and I love how candid you are about retaining weight while breastfeeding. That’s exactly how I’ve been with breastfeeding and I found out a couple of things. One was that breastfeeding makes people with hypothyroidism gain weight, because it impairs the absorption of synthroid (especially if you take fenugreek or even domperidone). The next thing I found was with the calorie burn of breastfeeding, comes the hunger (that you mentioned) & that tied with a slow metabolism from the hypothyroid, causes weight gain too. I’m weaning now at past a year and as I’m weaning I’ve lost 10lbs without doing anything at all. Can’t wait to lose the rest :) this was exactly the video I needed to see/hear right now. Thank you 💗

seth zuka

seth zuka . 1 year ago

thanks Susan. God bless you for your honesty. our bodies were made to do exactly that, bringing life to this world. and that right there is the bigger picture. great testimony on food. i fully agree. thank you so much for being practical and aligning the important things

Rubia afza Shariff

Rubia afza Shariff . 1 year ago

Hey Susan!! Thanks for the awesome video!! I felt great after watching this, I am a first time mama like you with a 8 month old boy, I was under constant stress and scrutiny that being a doctor and a yoga expert how I am still not able to lose my weight and that belly and love handles I am still finding it hard though, but the reason being is inconsistency and trying to juggle things. But looking at the span that took u for 2years makes me feel that I can do it and that I shouldn’t give up soo soon!! I feel motivated to go out n try again!! I have also landed up with worst stretch markes n a bit of lose skin, if u got any tips on that it would be great.


Erendirajasmin . 1 year ago

I needed to see this! ❤️ My daughter is 4 months old and I’ve been starting to feel that body image slump >.< I feel so much better to know I’m not the only one who feels this way!

Anaam Hafeez Ur Rehman Qureshi.

Anaam Hafeez Ur Rehman Qureshi. . 1 year ago


Ravin Simone

Ravin Simone . 1 year ago

I love how honest you are in your videos.. my baby is 4 months now and I’m feeling the same way you were. This helped me not feel alone 💙

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